Busy Morning: 6 OBEs

Active morning from 4am to 6:30am. I had 6 OBEs one right after the other.

Lucid to OBE: Ghost Feet

I was sitting at the foot of my bed looking at my own feet but they were see through, like ghost feet. I was laughing about this and putting my hands through them. At the time I was semi-lucid quickly gaining lucidity. I then stood up and my bedroom transformed into a garage. I was standing next to a car. I took a cloth in my hand and gently wiped the hood in a circular motion, like I was waxing it. It began to hum like a crystal singing bowl. Delighted, I pushed harder and wiped faster and it hummed a deep, rich tone. I saw someone watching and said, “Quick take a video!” That’s when it hit me. You can’t take a video of an OBE! Why was I always trying to prove my experiences? I laughed at myself then, still “waxing” the car hood which was a deep, red color and completely lucid. My laughter brought me back into my body.

OBE: Classical Music

Sat up in my bed and quickly got out. Found that I was in my childhood bedroom from when I was 10 years old. I was still thinking of the music I had made with the car and in my mind I began to hum a tune, classical music – Rachmaninoff. I wanted my humming to grow into the full symphony and surround me like is normal but it never did. So I went around the corner to the other bedroom, the one I occupied in my teen years. I saw the bed and leaped upon it, briefly amused at the thought that I may end up body slamming some unsuspecting person. Turns out no one was in the bed and I felt so comfy that I “fell asleep” returning to my body.

OBE: Unwanted Guests

I shifted back OOB and opened my eyes. I was in bed listening to my husband talking. The room was golden lit and even my husband looked a big gold. He was telling me he was going to stay in the bed with me and that it would be that way from now on. I protested, telling him I wanted my space. He wouldn’t leave and his energy totally repelled me. So I got up and left the room. I walked through an unfamiliar house ending up in a room where the bathroom was not separated by any walls. The sink had been removed from the wall and was laying on it’s side. The toilet was flush with the floor and resembled a sink more than a toilet. Water was leaking around the edges. I wondered about the toilet. How would one use it? Stand over it? I positioned myself over it to check when a woman walked in saying, “Good morning!” Confused, I stared at her. She was short, blonde and young and very pretty. I recognized her as one of my husband’s friends and remembered an entire scene (from a dream?) where she and her Russian friend were visiting us. I said to her, “What are you doing here!?” She said, “I stayed the night, remember?” I didn’t. I then realized my husband must have invited her after I fell asleep. I said aloud, “I wish he would talk to me before he invites people to stay the night!” The woman looked shocked and backed away. I paused, at first worried and then realized it was too late and she would get over any upset. Then I yelled at my husband, “Who pulled out the sink? And what is wrong with the toilet?” lol

Note: Turns out the type of toilet I saw exists. They are called squat toilets and are common in Asia! haha

squat toilet.jpg

OBE: Ready to Go

I returned to my body slightly disoriented. Within moments I exited and once again sat up in my childhood bedroom. I began to sing almost immediately as I stood up and headed toward the living room. As I sang I began to pull blankets/pillows off of me. It felt like there were layers covering my face and obstructing my vision. When I was able to see I was standing in front of a pile of Christmas gifts. Where the tree should have been was an empty space but this didn’t bother me. I noted the presents, briefly looking at their contents which was mostly candy and then went toward the door. I went through it and ended up outside. It was dark and I still felt like I had blankets over my head. I continued to sing and kicked a blanket off my leg and pulled more off my head. I felt myself rising up, up, up. I sang to the universe that I was ready to go Home, that I knew my family awaited me there. I could literally feel their love and my love for them. Pure joy! I rose higher and higher, singing joyfully about seeing them again and telling them I was ready, my life had been lived, I was finished, fulfilled. I sang my truth, my heart bursting and there was no doubt in my mind that I was rising up and leaving my body for the last time.

OBE: Drummer Boy

I stopped rising up and felt the familiar energy of re-entry. No deterred, I shifted back and once again found myself in my childhood bedroom. As I left the bedroom, I began to sing. This time I sang the Little Drummer Boy Christmas song. Why I did this, I don’t know, but I was very happy about it. lol I entered the living area and again pulled obstructions off my face. They cleared quickly and in front of me were the presents again, piled high in the right corner and then spread in front of me. The tree was still missing and I remember thinking it was just dwarfed by all the present. I opened one of the presents and pulled out a peanut butter Christmas tree candy. Wrapper in hand, I walked out the front door. It was light outside and I was greeted by the most spectacular sight. Both the sun and the moon were out at the same time. I could see the stars behind clouds suggesting a sunset while at the same time feel the warmth of the still present sun on my back. The visual was amazing and I stood there in awe. I said aloud, “How can the sun and moon be out at the same time?” I was about to eat my peanut butter candy when I was pulled back to my body. I said to my guides, “I wanted to eat that candy…” LOL

OBE: Fog Horn

I re-entered my body smoothly and shifted positions, thinking of the OBEs trying to remember them all. Somehow I ended up back OOB, though I don’t recall any vibrations or shifting. I was sitting in the living area with the presents. My son was with me and we were sorting through them. I took one and he took another and I said, “I’ll take yours and you can have mine.” We both opened the boxes. Inside mine was a strange shaped horn. I picked it up and blew it and it made a nice horn sound. I said, “It’s a fog horn!” I put it back in the box and looked at the rest of the contents. A wooden recorder was inside. I was happy with my gifts.


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