Revelations from an Encounter with my Grandfather

I met my grandfather in the dreamstate this morning. The meeting was very different than previous ones.

Dream: Revelations from an Encounter with my Grandfather 

I recall visiting with a young man whose energy I recognized as my grandfather’s.

History: My grandfather passed away in 2005 at the age of 79. He refused to eat or drink, in effect slowly starving himself. Later he was often seen in Spirit at the location of my family home built on land he passed onto me. My daughter, born in 2008, saw him walking down the stairs and called him “the funny old man”. She also saw him as a baby, following him with her eyes. At these times her electronic toys would go off from within a closed closet.

During our visit, the conversation came mostly telepathically which I then translated into words in order to remember what was said.

He told me that he was currently in an incarnation. His body once again male – Caucasian with dark hair and eyes. He told me quite enthusiastically that his intention was to follow a path he was unable to follow in his past life (the life with me as his granddaughter). With this he showed me how, in his past life, he had been in the Navy but remained at a lower rank, unable to go any higher because of his education and individual self-limiting beliefs. He saw his inability to provide for his family as a great failing of his, although from my perspective he did just fine and well in this endeavor. In his current incarnation he planned to experience success in career. I saw his intention in a projection. An image of a man dressed in Naval dress attire with white gloves and looking very professional and patriotic. There was a sense of great pride with this image. I could feel his excitement and enthusiasm, his heart bursting with all that he hoped to accomplish.

I understood fully then the inner turmoil of my grandfather, something he hid from everyone, maybe even his own wife. In creating his next life, he chose to work on this one area based upon conclusions he drew upon evaluation and review of that life. Had it been my life, I would have focused on some area completely different. But it was not my life and in his communicating his reasoning to me, I had no doubt that his choice was sound. It was very clear to me that the lessons we choose for our incarnations are merely an exploration into some area of self. Nothing more. We truly are our own judge and jury.

There was much more passed onto me in this encounter. Most of it merely impressions and feelings now. However, I took a good look at him standing before me. He looked nothing like the grandfather I knew.

The encounter expanded my understanding of how incarnating works. From the location where we met and communicated, the incarnation was as if it has already occurred and completed. There was not a time element, yet I continued to try and rationalize it in my mind. I was doing the math. If he died in 2005 then he would only be 12 years old, not the man standing before me and most definitely not an officer in the Navy as he had communicated. It was as if he had presented me with his Book of Life and we had examined but one chapter in the thousands it contained.

I was left feeling for my grandfather very differently than I felt while he was alive. In life I loved him but our experiences together defined that love. It was mired with expectation, experience and condition. In the dream I felt the love but it was not limited by those things. It just was. We were as if old friends traveling a path together. He was no longer my grandfather but my spiritual “sibling”, equal yet shaped by his individual experiences. I could see his life tapestry but it did not define him. Instead it was his work of art, his creation and something to behold and be in awe of. I shared in his excitement for his creation as he did in mine.



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