Dreams: Full Moon Camera and Kindergarten

Some strange dreams last night.

Dream: Full Moon Camera

I was standing outside in a familiar place with a person I can’t identify. It was dark and there was a full moon. I was pointing at it and said, “I want to take a picture but my camera had a lousy phone. Do you think you could take a picture of it for me?” The person just pointed at the moon. I looked closer, trying to see clearer and then the moon began to descend toward me. It had a metallic cord attached to it and the moon part became this giant moon eye that opened and closed. As I focused on it, it began to resemble a camera but had this beam of white light coming out of the lens. The moon camera and I just stared back at each other, the light not bothering me, and this eventually woke me up.

Full moon – Represents completeness/Wholeness. The fact that it turned into a camera causes me to wonder if maybe I need to inspect something about or within myself.

When I woke from this dream I thought about an OBE ET encounter I had once where a light that looked like the moon was used to draw my attention away from some energy work being done on me. The moon camera was really alien-looking in the dream. It was familiar, though, and I was not afraid. I assume it was meant to illuminate me somehow, though seeing it only woke me up.

Dream: Kindergarten

Me and a group of three other students were led into a Kindergarten classroom. We were shown our desks and then got sent to pick up our work packets. I went to a table and saw my packet on top, my name clearly written in bold letters. There was one large piece of paper on the bottom the size of poster board that resembled a map. I saw it was to be colored and this disappointed me. I thought the work way too easy and I sulked some at my desk while a blonde boy excitedly talked and jabbered. He irritated me because he was not following the rules and would get us all in trouble. There was also a student I remember who was not at our table but was familiar. I knew him as my brother but he was older than the other kids, had dark hair and eyes, and spoke only Spanish. Our teacher was old with salt and pepper gray hair but I remember him being a substitute.

The number 5 was repeated over and over during this time. Not only was I 5 years old but we were counting something and 5 came up several times while I was talking to my brother. I was counting up to 5 and he was saying  it was 6.

We were taken out of class and I got distracted on the way by a small nest situated on the grass near the building. There were three, yellow chicks with brown markings and strange bills. I worried they were too exposed and knew a storm was coming so I went into a warehouse to find something to cover them. My brother was with me. I found nothing and so returned to the nest and found the mother there with the chicks. When they saw me, though, they ran to me like I was their mother. Looking at the mother more closely I realized she was a Kiwi bird. I also noticed there was one egg still in the nest but it was mushy, very obviously rotten.

Kindergarten – Represents a transitional life phase and unresolved feelings of separation.

Nest – Comfort, home, new opportunities. 

Kiwi – Represents a situation I am trying to hide from or avoid.

Ducklings – The baby Kiwis looked like ducks. Ducks symbolize a situation one is trying to “duck” or avoid. They also carry the message of “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s a duck”. Some things are too obvious to deny.

Rotten egg – Eggs represent birth and creative potential. In this case these things must have gone bad. 


When I had this dream I was very upset that I had been sent “back” to Kindergarten. I was in a sour mood but set on following the rules and being a “good girl”. That is why the boy was irritating to me. I didn’t want any attention drawn to me because I was set against getting in trouble. This strikes me as very symbolic of how I approach life sometimes. Something that stands out to me is that the packet had my nickname “Dayna” on it rather than my legal name. Usually I see my legal name in dreams, so perhaps it reflects that I have changed and  it also seemed like someone was trying to get my attention.

The baby chicks and Kiwi mother were very vivid in the dream and much of my attention was focused on them. I wanted to save them and spent a long time looking for something to cover them from the “storm”. They could symbolize something I am trying to avoid (seems to be a theme in this dream anyway) but they may also symbolize me and my three children and me trying to protect them from what I view as a “storm”. My “brother” tagged along with me in the dream. We interacted but I cannot remember any of that part. It is like it has been wiped from my memory.


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