This week has been non-eventful. Spiritually, there is nothing much to report besides continued strange dreams and an occasional ear ringing. Emotionally, I am pretty stable but experienced some depression around the full moon. That is gone now. I continue to have little to no interest in spiritual topics. I have been ignoring FB and spiritually related posts and feel repelled by some topics which previously would have intrigued me. Light Language is one of those topics as well as energy shifts/reports, gamma ray bursts, walk-in’s, predicted portals, stargates, galactic alignments, ETs…well most everything. It seems like I am throwing off old clothing and replacing it with something new. What that is exactly, I’m not sure, but right now I really just feel like throwing in the towel on all the things spiritual. Disengaged.

On a positive note, I am experiencing physical balance once again. Whatever happened to my physical body back in October did a number on it and threw my system into major confusion. I have no explanation but I felt it and it sucked. My hormones were especially out of sync and are finally coming back into balance. I also don’t have the abdominal discomfort that I was experiencing in November and December. I feel really good compared to the last three months and for that I am extremely grateful, especially since everyone around me (my husband and half of my coworkers) are struggling with nasty allergy symptoms and have been since the last week of 2016. Me, no allergies whatsoever. Happy dance!

I wanted to share some of the dreams I’ve been having throughout this week to give you an idea of what is going on under the surface. I love how dreams allow one to look into the deeper realms of their subconscious and see what is going on behind the scenes. Plus, I’ve been told I’m in contract negotiations again. Yay. Whatever. Yeah, that’s my attitude in a nutshell right now.

Dream: Stolen Apples and Hot Air Balloonapples

I was at my mom’s house looking at an apple tree. It was covered in apples, at least 50. A person came, picked them and put them in a basket. Then the basket full of apples was stolen. I was shown another apple tree that only produced one apple at most per year. It did not produce any this year. Then there was another tree that had just died from lack of care. A final tree thrived despite not being cared for. It was not fruit bearing. I remember being told November was the best month to pick the apples and so I assumed that I would have to wait until this November for the next harvest.

Then I looked up and saw a brilliant hot air balloon rising into the sky. I took a photo of it, zooming in on the balloon. It was rainbow colored. I turned and saw the location from which they were taking off. A man asked if I wanted to take a ride in one. I said no. I then watched another balloon take off and took video of it but the sun was too bright and blinded me.

Apple – knowledge, wisdom, prosperity. Perhaps I feel these things have been stolen from me? Since November came up, maybe that was the month they were stolen? That was a really difficult month for me. The other trees may have been aspects of my life. One didn’t produce, one died and the one that was not fruit bearing thrived. Perhaps this means I need to just be happy with no fruit?

Hot air balloon – time to overcome depression, a process of individuation, or a spiritual quest. Can symbolize a need to become elevated. I didn’t want to take a ride so maybe I am hesitant to continue the journey. I know the depression part won’t happen. I’ve been depressed most of my life. 

Taking picture/video – Need to focus on something. In this case, the balloon (depression? Spiritual elevation? not sure). 

Dream: Foal

This one made me happy. 🙂

I was in the woods crossing a metal bridge made of sections that moved as I walked over it. I had tried to skip the bridge but was directed to walk over it. On the other side I saw horses. A foal ran up to me and nuzzled me, pushing his head into my body. I hugged him and felt such joy. He was newborn, a fuzzy brown and white mustang.

Bridge – important decision and/or critical junction point has been reached. Transitional period and can indicate a connection between two things has been made.

Foal – New understanding, fresh energy. 

Horse – strength, power and endurance.


Dream: Upside Down Bowl

I was pouring cereal into a bowl and saw that the bowl was upside down. Then I noticed the cereal had raisins in it. I mentioned I didn’t want raisins and began to pick them out one by one.

Bowl – one’s sense of security. Since it’s upside down perhaps I feel like my life has been turned upside down. Yep that’s probably it.

Cereal – represents new project or stage in one’s life.

Raisins – negative forces in one’s life. 

Dream: 8 Dead Cats

This dream came the morning of a day of major emotional purging.

I was in a hotel and heard a commotion from outside. I looked out the window and saw what looked like the legs of a white, hoofed animal. I went down to investigate. Opening the front door I saw a horrid scene. There were dead cats strewn all over the road and people standing there, mouths open. It was obvious the cats had been hit by a car. Some had guts pouring out of their bodies. There was blood everywhere. I counted them. There were 8.

Hotel- Transitional period in life, shift in personality. Temporary escape from life.

Cat – independence, feminine sexuality, power, and creativity. Since they were slaughtered it could be that I feel this part of me has been destroyed (very true). 8 is my life path number and is similar in meaning to the symbolism of the cat. 


While in the in-between I have been receiving visions of the numbers 1, 11, 111, and 1111 in neon blue. This happened on at least three separate occasions that I can remember this week. In one instance I saw a sign that flashed first 1, then 11, then 111, then 1111, as if in sequence. When I tried to ignored it, it flashed again. Really irritating! Not surprisingly I keep seeing those numbers in my waking life. One day a boy wearing a jersey with a big blue 11 written on it came by me twice in the same day.


8 thoughts on “Disengaged

  1. litebeing says:

    The sun is in our 12th house ( you and me that is) and it can indicate depression, withdrawal, disengagement, isolation, going within, cocooning. etc. You are an awesome dream interpreter ( as I have remarked before. Do you research the meanings or interpret on your own? Just had to ask 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. MollyB111 says:

    🙂 And hmm… just had a young man pass me wearing a jersey with an 11 on it.

    Liked by 1 person

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