Dreams and Message: Haripura

Sorry I’ve been so quiet. Not feeling too motivated to write in my blog. Plus, there is little to report other than dreams. My mood has been low for the most part with occasional spurts of energy and/or contentedness. I’ve also been tired early in the evening, sleeping deeply and then waking up at 3:30-4am every morning wide awake. My guidance is quiet for the most part. My Knowingness tells me I am taking a Time Out. I’m okay with that, too. Feeling spiritually numb, disinterested and disillusioned.

Dream: Cooking and Gardening

I was in a house similar to my mom’s preparing a tuna dish by adding the tuna and mayo. I remember making a huge batch of tuna salad but I didn’t eat it. My friend Yvonne was there helping me with the ingredients and also gave me a present – a case full of eyeliner of various shades in a small, wooden box. She said they had been a gift to her, but she didn’t want them and wanted me to have them.

Then I was outside looking at a garden. All of the veggies were leafy green types: broccoli, Swiss chard, spinach. Some of the plants, I think the spinach, was going to seed. I remember being mostly focused on the broccoli and talking about harvesting it.

Then I was talking with a man. I felt a desire to just be close to him because I was lonely. I didn’t hug him or get close, instead I chose to go off on my own. I laid down on the grass near the garden path of broccoli and closed my eyes feeling that I needed to be alone and preferring it to the possibility of rejection or disappointment that comes with being close to others. Overall, I felt very lonely but just accepted that was the way it was going to be.

Broccoli – in need of spiritual nourishment and/or putting up my defenses in a certain situation.

Tuna – stamina and agility, building strength and character through life experiences.

Mayo – disappointment in my waking life.

Eyeliner- there is something I need to focus my attention on.

Opening a box – some aspect of myself is being revealed to me, something once hidden is being revealed.

Dream: Bus Money

I was on a bus with a bunch of people. It resembled a school bus inside but I never saw the outside. The front had no seats and was full of children sitting on the floor. I was in the back sitting on the right. A guy came to the back and sat on the left across from me. He resembled a musician, perhaps the singer of a rock band. I just looked at him and remember that he seemed full of himself. Then a person came on and was handing out money. He handed me a $100 bill but did not give one the the musician. I took it but was not sure why it was given to me or if I wanted it.

Musician – need to be more expressive of my feelings.

Money – success and prosperity is within reach, can also represent a quest for love or power.

Riding bus – going along with the crowd, little control over life or situation.

In-Between: Haripura

Saw myself about to receive an injection. When I looked at it there was written on the syringe the word, “Haripura”. As I woke I heard both the word Haripura and Aripura.

The feeling from this vision was that I need to inject myself with enthusiasm or energy for life. It can also mean I am in a time of healing. This corresponds to a message I have received and a Knowingnes that I am currently taking a Time Out. Haripura is Sanskrit and the name a of a town in India. Aripura means “an enemies” town. There is also a link to a particular medicament. Info found here. I am not sure what the message in the name is. It may just be another reference to India/Hinduism.


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