Day #7

Today is the final day of my gratefulness challenge. I will continue to count my blessings as part of my daily, morning routine but I won’t be blogging about them anymore. I have found that in focusing on my blessings daily my mood is boosted, especially when I am thinking about those things. However, once those things pass from my mind, the boost in my mood is lost. I have concluded that in order to maintain a more positive outlook, one should purposefully focus on those things for which they are grateful throughout the day, making a habit of it.

Today I am grateful for:

  • Being a woman. Not only is the female physical form the more attractive of the sexes (to me anyway), but it offers up so much more in the way of experience than that of the male physical form. The experience of carrying a child in my womb, of giving birth, and of becoming a mother is one I will always cherish. There is nothing more beautiful in this world than the connection/bond between mother and child. I remember when I was pregnant with my last child. Though it had been accidental, I cherished every moment of that pregnancy from his first movements and kicks to the intuitive connection I had with him even while he was in my womb. The female body changes, blooms/blossoms along with the growing baby. I was my most beautiful when I was pregnant.
  • My five senses and what they allow me to experience via this physical body. When I think of all the senses, my most favorite is the sense of touch. My memories from childhood and other cherished moments in my life come first as a sensation of touch and the intimacy that comes with it. After that the sense of hearing would be my next most cherished perception. Followed by taste, smell and sight. I rank sight as last because there is so much more to be seen than the physical eyes allows. This may sound crazy, but in this life I have often wished to be blind at times so as to not be distracted by what my physical eyes perceive. I feel that if I lost my sight, I would be forced to rely on my inner vision, which is far superior.
  • The Kundalini. I wasn’t sure I would include the Kundalini in my list but upon considering it, I must say that it’s activation has changed me far more than any spiritual experience I have had to date. I do not regret the experience of it nor do I wish it to go away. I eagerly await its return because each time it visits (or should I say she?) I am changed for the better.
  • Life. I am ALIVE and grateful to be so.
  • The Earth and all she provides. In my memories of before and between lives I see Earth from a distance. I have also viewed Earth from space while OOB. Every time I see her I am overcome with love for her. She is so beautiful, so unique, so perfect. She can be soft, gentle and nurturing but she can also be brutal and cruel. She is the epitome of duality. And as I type this I am reminded of how similar she is to the Kundalini and I know it is because the Kundalini is alive and active in her as much as it is in me. The Kundalini has taught me that we, the Earth and I, are connected; One.

One thought on “Day #7

  1. A beautiful and empowering expression of the power of LOVE in motion. THANK YOU! ☆☆☆

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