A Mission Reminder and Dreams

Yesterday I got the entire day to myself and it was much needed. Toward the end of the day, while watching a new Netflix original series called Travelers, I felt the familiar presence of my Team and a Knowing come over me. There was a feeling of separateness from my body and life and I knew I was being urged to become the Observer. There was also knowing that part of this process was distancing myself from the emotion of a situation and learning to control that emotion by taking a neutral stance. There was also a knowing that this is a practice, it is not something that will come naturally but it is needed in order for me to make progress and fulfill my mission.

Not long after, my family returned home and I noticed that my vision was different. I felt to be viewing them and the environment as if through a screen. I felt very large, like I was hovering there watching rather than sitting on the sofa in a physical body. It was quite surreal. When I interacted with my family after that I continued to feel this strange largeness and disconnect yet I felt very peaceful and comfortable.

Dream: Pitfalls

I was traveling the road to my old house in a blue bus. The road was not paved, though, and I flew despite the feeling of being in a bus. As I navigated the familiar road, I noticed huge pits had been dug into the road. One was the size of car. Each pit looked like a grave. They were rectangular in shape and at least eight feet deep. I remember talking to someone, likely a guide, about the holes and expressing my concern for other travelers. I asked, “Who dug these? Why would they dig them in the middle of the road?” I was told, “The teachers dug them.” I wondered aloud, “Were they repairing the septic? Putting in new pipes?” I got no answer.

I continued to be concerned. Surely others would fall in and not be able to get out. I easily maneuvered around each pit as I expressed my concerns. I remember hearing back agreement. Yes, they were dangerous to travelers. Yes, someone could get stuck or hurt. I remember saying someone should fill the holes, especially the biggest one. I turned back and saw that it had been filled almost to the top. This didn’t set my mind at ease, though, because it could still slow someone down.


The road is a life path and goal. In this case it is a road from my past which to me represents the beginning of my current family. Me driving a bus indicates that I am the leader of a group, my family group.The holes in the ground represent holes in this path, areas of lack that need to be filled. They represent opportunities to grow into wholeness, represented by filling the holes.

Dream: Waiting for the Bus

Then I was at my old driveway. I knew it was in the future. I was talking to my husband about repairing the road. I remember knowing my husband and I had separated. My daughter was there as well saying that two others owned the road and should help pay the cost. I told them their part of the road could wait because it was newer.

We went down to wait for the bus. It was my entire family and though it felt like the future, all my children were their current age. My youngest kept going into the road and I remember keeping a close eye on him. We heard a noise from our driveway (it is a long road in and of itself) and thought maybe the bus has accidentally gone down it. Instead, we saw my cousin coming down the road in a water truck. We watched her head down the main road and I knew she was going to wash the road.

As we waited for the bus I remember looking at my watch and seeing it was five minutes past 12. I told my husband, “We are way too early. The bus doesn’t come for another 20 minutes.” We headed back to the house and waited there. At this time my husband wanted to get intimate. He put his hand on my thigh. I felt a surge of energy in my root chakra that began to expand. It was a very pleasurable sensation, so much so that it woke me up.


A driveway represents the end to a journey, security and rest, and the path toward inner peace and spirituality. Since we were discussing repaving the road it is likely there is a consideration that repairs to this path/journey are needed yet I determine that repairs can wait. Waiting for a bus indicates setbacks. The road is a path toward a goal or goals. The fact that someone is washing the road indicates that there is cleansing or purging on this path. I’m not sure why the chakra explosion occurred. Perhaps to indicate work is still needed on this chakra center and what it represents.


When I woke I saw very vividly an image of a cartoon-like dragon laying down. On its left was the number 1. One its right was the number 9 with a space and the the number 111. I took note of it and then drifted into the in-between again. This time I heard the number 623. That number was repeated so I knew I was meant to investigate the angel number and message.




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