Dream and Odd Encounter

I was exhausted last night so went to bed at 8:30pm. I slept all the way until 6am and then lingered in bed until 7am. My sleep was deep until about 3:30am after which I slept lightly and had more lucidity.

When I woke at 3am I tried to remember my dreams. When I did, I experienced something odd. The dream images were outlined in a neon blue color. It was like they glowed blue. Every time I tried to recall a dream I saw this color and eventually the images contained strange symbols, or code, that were the same blue color.

Dream: Clarion

I was in my old bedroom at my mom’s house. Sitting across from me was a woman. She was telling me about her life experiences, specifically her spiritual awakening. She did this to give me advice about my current life challenges. I recall that she had come to visit me specifically to share her story and give me advice. I saw her as older than me, probably in her mid-50’s, but in trying to recall her appearance now I only remember her as having blonde hair and a nice smile.

I remember that she told me that she used her connection with her guidance sparingly, at most a few times a month. She described this connection as one not sought out by her but more of a Knowing that came to her via her intuition and caused her to enter into a receptive state when called upon by her guidance. When I heard this I understood that she was advising me to do this and to focus more on my physical life. She said it would come naturally to me and she knew that I knew this and had experienced it. I acknowledged her but was not eager to follow her advice because I feel more comfortable with Spirit than with people and life in this physical reality. She then mentioned that she knew I was Pleiadian. I told her, “Yes, I’m Lyran. From Lyra. I remembered that….” but I didn’t finish my sentence. Talking about it made me sad.


She then shared her own awakening experience with me. I saw this in pictures as I heard her words. She was a teenager when Spirit first came to her and it took a long time to adjust to the changes that resulted. She changed her name at that time. I asked her, “What is your name?” She said, “It’s Clarion. It’s my middle name.” I remember saying, “I wish I had been a teenager when it happened to me. I was 26.” Then I told her about my awakening experience, meeting my Companion and how I felt something was wrong with me because I had so much love for him that I literally fell in love with him in those first years after meeting him. I explained that meeting him in the astral state only reinforced my love and made it very hard for me to want to live in this reality.

She was very comforting at this time and said to me, “You’re lonely. You wish to be around others like yourself. Why don’t you?” I don’t remember what I said to her but I felt unable to do anything about my situation and was overcome with loneliness and sadness.

Then Clarion was leaving and invited me to come with her to go camping. I told her I was not interested in camping yet for some reason I ended up in a pick-up truck sitting between her and a Hispanic man on my right. The man was quite grumpy and told me to leave him alone. The feeling from him was that he didn’t want to go either. She drove and asked me if I knew how to get to a specific place. I told her I did and gave her instructions on what route to follow, telling her it only took 45-50 minutes. The place we were going was the place where I now work.

When we arrived we went into the school and found many children there. They were holding a camp there and there were camp counselors. I remember mentioning I did not want to stay the night but ended up doing so. The next thing I knew I woke in the morning and the camp counselors were waking everyone. I could see the boys and girls restrooms in front of me. A small child was next to me and I shared Clarion’s gummy bears with her. Then I went outside and watched the sun rise. A child said to me, “Look what I got!” He showed me a small bottle of beer. I said, “Where did you get that?” He said, “I found it.” I said, “Well you can keep it but don’t drink it here.” lol


There was a lot of background conversation between myself and Clarion. When I woke the feeling was that she was there to remind me that my spiritual experiences had a place in my life and to not forget them while at the same time to not forget my Earth mission. Her name seemed to be in reference to the “call” I have been told I will receive. There was much memory in the dream about my life and spiritual journey; how it unfolded and the purpose behind it. I remember feeling tired and worn out, similar to how one feels after being on a very long journey.

The symbolism afterward is interesting. A pick-up symbolizes hard work and/or something that needs to be picked up. To me it seems like I am being encouraged to “pick up” where I left off prior to December, 2015, which I am sorta doing already. Camping indicates a need for relaxation and a break but it also symbolizes a need to belong and be part of a social group while maintaining one’s independence. Beer represents relaxation and enjoyment of life via being social.

In-Between Experience: Taking Samples

This is an odd but very lucid experience. I was talking with another individual. I don’t know if the individual was male or female. My consideration was female but it was obvious that the person was androgynous. “She” was talking to me about my transformation. All I remember now is that part of it was viewing others as androgynous. There were memories that came forward then, memories of dreams/experiences I cannot place in time. In those memories I was with others who were bald and very feminine looking but they were of neither gender. I felt to be the same – without a specified gender.

Then she was telling me that she needed to take skin samples. I am not sure why she was doing this but I did not resist. I stood facing a white wall and put my arms over my head. I was very aware of being completely naked. I could also feel her presence very acutely. It was like her energy and mine were mingling. Like her energy spoke to mine. She very gently began to touch me. She placed one hand on my back. I could feel the impressions by her fingers up near my shoulder blade. It tickled. Since I was very lucid, it felt as if I was physically present and experiencing her touch.

I then felt something press up against the back of my thigh. Though I was not looking at the object, I could see it. It was long, thin, silver and flat. On the very tip was a small scraper, similar to a cheese grater. The width of the tip was shorter than the length of my fingertip. She ran this object up and down the back of my right thigh. It didn’t hurt. In fact, it felt like someone was giving me a gentle, sensual massage, lightly touching my skin just enough to bring a ticklish shiver. In my mind I was reassured that all the she was doing was taking a sample of my skin cells. The scraper took only the dead skin cells like an exfoliation device would do.

She then moved to the left thigh. What was odd here was that as I experienced the tickling sensation of the scraping object I was experiencing myself as male and then female and then male, etc. I could not get a good idea of what my body looked like and was trying to identify as one gender or the other. I was reassured that it was normal. That humans tend to identify with gender as part of their experience but that we are not limited by such considerations

I felt the object tickle my left thigh and then come very close to my genital region. Since I was neither male of female this actually brought me back to my body awareness. When I woke I could still feel finger impressions on my back and my thighs were still tingling.


This in-between experience seemed very much like an ET encounter but I am not completely sure because I didn’t see the person as an ET, just androgynous and bald. Perhaps an Andromedan? Who knows. The sample taking and instrument used was a new experience for me. I don’t know if an actual sample was taken or if this was just my interpretation. Yet I can still see it very vividly in my mind and the sensation was so real! The path the object made left a thin, electrified sensation on my leg that made my nerves tingle and stay tingling much longer than what is normal. It was at least three passes on the center of each thigh all the way up to just below my groin area.


5 thoughts on “Dream and Odd Encounter

  1. herongrace says:

    Just reading this and getting a vague memory that Clarion was a woman on the astral connected to Michael Roads. I just googled him and can’t get the info. I borrowed those books from the library, so I can’t locate it, but I’m sure she is mentioned in his “Through the Eyes of Love: Journeying with Pan” books. Fab books there are 3 of them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dayna says:

      Wow. Very interesting! That she exists in the astral and visited another is intriguing.


      • herongrace says:

        True! That name immediately rang a bell Ha! Unfortunately my memory is not so brilliant for details these days. The other thing I was reminded of is that Michael also mentioned in those books that he is a walk in!. He is very sweet and shy and does not like to reveal these bits of info at times. He lives near me, but is not very well known in Australia. His books have always been humourous, candid eye openers that’s for sure.
        He he also talks about his numerous travels and catch ups with people on the astral levels. He is a master at utilising his Light Body and has a web page. Cheers!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. herongrace says:

    I just had a memory jog and I know what Clarion refers to. It is the name that the guides give Michael Road’s 2nd wife Carolyn. She is lovely and fair. They travel around the world where Michael gives workshops with groups!

    Liked by 1 person

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