Dream: Wedding Preparations

Woke at 4:30am again. I seem not to be able to sleep past that time this week. Prior to waking I had been in an interesting dream.

Dream: Wedding Preparations

I was in the mansion of my soon-to-be husband. Family was gathering, though most were not family I recognized. Some were people I knew in this life, like my best friend in high school. Everyone was gathering for dinner and my fiance was offering appetizers and trying to get everyone to feel comfortable. I felt a bit nervous and uncertain. I was close to lucidity but never crossed that threshold.

My finance offered me peanut brittle and I passed at first saying I couldn’t eat the peanuts. Eventually I took a small bite without peanuts in it. The taste was sweet and I remember that it settled my nerves. I recognized my fiance from previous dreams. He had dark hair, medium skin tone, was tall and thin and older than me. He had deep smile lines and was an ordinary looking man.

I spoke with my finance for a while, specifically about my past marriages and how this one was different. There was concern on my part about our wedding night. I had never had relations with him and was worried about how it would be. I wondered what it would be like to make love being ours was an arranged marriage.

At some point a child showed me a new computer tablet. It had all brand new apps on it and we were looking at them, wondering how to use them. I remember being curious but not overly excited. I was still nervous.


When I woke I knew this dream was significant. I have had other similar dreams and all of them seem to indicate a wedding coming soon. My guidance has been giving me messages about the full moon for a while in the dreamstate. There were four and this month, January, would be the last of the four (the first dream was in October 2016). Considering my most recent dreams indicate a merging of the masculine and feminine is taking place, everything seems to be adding up. I still felt nervous when I woke and a bit uneasy. I am trying not to overthink it.



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