Day #4 and Dream: Saxophone

Day 4 of my gratefulness challenge. Today I am grateful for:

  • Sleep. 🙂 I always want more but am happy for what I get. I had awful insomnia from 2011-2013 on and off.
  • Heaters, especially space heaters. It is still too cold here in Texas for my liking!
  • Coffee – goes with the cold days! I didn’t start drinking coffee until I lived in Alaska back in 2001-2002. Nothing like negative temps to drive you to a habit even if it is a tasty one.
  • Sight (vision). I use to have awful eyesight (can you say blind?) and got Lasik in 2000. Even though I have to wear glasses/contacts now my vision is pretty decent even without correction. Every day I wake up and can see my alarm clock without having to get within a foot of it is a good day!
  • Friends and helpful neighbors. My neighbor is a godsend for watching my littlest on short notice.

Speaking of insomnia, I’ve been awake since 4:30am but am glad I got the 6 hours I got. Seems like I don’t need near as much sleep as I use to these days.

Dream: Saxophone

I had a marathon of dreams last night but this one is worth recounting.

I walked into a small classroom building that was very obviously a music room with carpeted walls. There were instrument cases all around and I spotted a saxophone case. I played sax in high school so I opened up the case and pulled it out. Even though I knew it wasn’t mine, I played a few notes and was pleased I hadn’t lost the ability to play. It sounded nice and smooth. I played a scale, noticing the sound and feel of the pads as I played. Eventually I put it back in the case. However, I decided to fill the case with water. I don’t know why I did this. After I left I worried about it because I knew the water would rot the pads. I hesitated several times and finally chose to go back to empty the water and fix my mistake. Unfortunately, the kids were coming back to the room so I didn’t go in.

Then I was talking to the student whose sax I had flooded. The student had short, black hair and appeared to be a boy but then I thought, “This is a girl!” However, there were no identifying features to prove gender. The student told me that he/she had stayed home sick the day he/she found the sax flooded and was very hurt that someone would do such a thing. Then he/she didn’t return to school but stayed in bed with his/her dog who was elderly and sick. I remember him/her showing me a photo of his/her twin – a child with short, blonde hair  who was also genderless. Both children were about 8-9 years of age. The dark haired one told me all about his/her twin and was eager to share but this is when I woke up.


It’s interesting to me that I keep having dreams with adults and children whose gender is undefinable. They appear asexual. The twin theme is also recurring.

The saxophone is a dream symbol I can’t recall ever having. To see and/or play a saxophone in a dream indicates a need to express one’s self from deep within. It also indicates I’ve made a deep connection with someone. Water is emotion so since I flooded the sax with water, perhaps I flooded the person I have a deep connection with, with emotion? Considering the person’s whose sax I flooded was dark haired and a twin, I suspect that the emotional overload is this other’s person’s and that I am the cause. I felt bad in the dream and wanted to correct my mistake.

Additionally, a sick dog represents a neglected friendship.

Finally, I keep having dreams with elements of music especially being either a part of or seeing an orchestra, though they are never playing music but preparing to. Orchestras represent inner integration, resolution and harmony and incorporating various aspects of one’s life for smooth functioning. It appears that I am working on or preparing to integrate various aspects.

I am hoping this dream and others like it are a positive sign of my progress. It is hard to tell, especially since I keep waking up from these kinds of dreams feeling very pessimistic.



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