Day #3 and Dreams

Day #3 of the gratefulness challenge.

I am grateful for:

  • A warm coat on a cold day. It was 37 degrees outside this morning!
  • Singing.
  • Children.
  • My intuition.
  • Source/God.

Some dreams from this morning.

Dream: Zombies

This dream was primarily me avoiding zombies and lasted a good chunk of the night. I ended up going in through a window to try and get away from hoards of zombies and found some inside. A person was in there saying not to worry, these zombies were tamed and under this person’s control. There were 50. I remember thinking, “Oh wow, you can tame them?” lol

Dream: Shasta

I was traveling with my family through the mountains of California. We were going to visit Mt. Shasta and the mountains were dotted with bicycles and gear left behind by travelers. I received a message via text by a person who I know as Helen. She was apologizing for not knowing me in her dreams and telling me that I had moved past a certain point, a point she had not been able to pass yet. This made me “see” things in the dreamstate that others could not. She was under the tutelage of another person we both know. I recognized her in the dream but did not become lucid. I was also talking to my cousin via phone and he was telling me the restaurant would be open soon (continued from another dream). I remember the reception was bad because of the mountains. As we got to the top I remember someone asking what would happen when it got dark. I said the mountains would light up. I saw them dotted with lights. It was beautiful.

Dream: Discussing the Feminine Energy

I was inside a restaurant that had closed but would soon be opening again. I was arranging tables along the wall and talking to a man. After arranging the tables, I met up with one of my guides. I hugged him and felt a familiar energy, not his but mine. It came with a longing to embody my female energy completely but I needed a male counterpart in order to do so. I asked my guide, “Can you do this for me?” He replied, “No, only your counterpart can.”


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