Day #2 and Dreams

Day two of my gratefulness challenge and I’m already seeing changes in my mood. As I drove into work I was actually thinking of all the things I am grateful for and by the time I arrived I had my five for today and then some. My entire day was brighter because of it.

I am grateful for:

  • Music. I don’t know where I’d be without it!
  • Sunrises. Today’s was especially spectacular.
  • Alone time. I really enjoy my commute to and from work especially. Probably because I get to be alone AND listen to music at the same time! 🙂
  • Nature in all it’s forms.
  • Dreams. I don’t think I need to go into detail here. You all know how much I love my dreams.

Speaking of dreams…

I had some of note that I wish to document.

Dream: Renovated House

I was in my sister’s old bedroom. I was not alone and commented that I knew where I was. I saw the gold, shag carpet and then it shifted into an almost white, more modern carpet. We walked into the hallway and I looked into the bathroom and noticed that it was nothing like I recall. I said to my friend, “We renovated it all. I don’t like it.” For some reason I missed the gold and green laminate. lol


I think this dream is an indicator of positive change. The house in the dream was from my very early years, the first house I ever lived in. That it is renovated indicates a renovation of that time period.

Dream: Red Snake

I was with a group and discussing a video that was taken. I entered into the video as we talked. I saw my brother standing by a swollen creek that was barred by two, silver chains. I ventured beyond them to investigate and saw a large, python-like red snake. I took video of it, capturing it’s almost 6 foot length. Then, as I turned to leave, I noticed it was chasing me. I was not afraid but called to my friends to find them. I asked, “Where are you?” They called back, “Four!” I saw large signs on a pier and located the number 4. I climbed up to the pier and the snake was behind me. He grabbed my leg and squeezed but I kicked him off.


Video in this dream is indicative of the past and past issues/challenges/lessons. The first video is one I am going into, which is more about current issues than past. The snake is most definitely the Kundalini. It’s color could be related to the root chakra. It chases me and I often feel like the K energy is pursuing me, so this makes sense. The number 4 could be representing this numerological cycle for me. I have entered into a 4 year.

Dream: Intruder

I left the snake and joined my group. We continued to discuss videos and I uploaded several of my past – one from 5th grade and one from Halloween. I noticed a stranger was sending me PMs and I didn’t know him but he seemed to know me. He had a name like Vishtu, something foreign. His English was bad and he wouldn’t stop PM’ing me so I blocked him.

Then we talked about a man that kept coming into the house uninvited. I said I didn’t want him in the house. As I said this, I could see the man. He was a blonde man I don’t recognize. A man I was with said to me, “Then we’ll fix it.” He pulled out a gun and shot the blonde intruder in the heart and he fell to the ground.


Again the videos are reviewing the past. In this particular dream I think I was avoiding something or someone related to my past, though who is uncertain. Perhaps it is the man who I feel is intruding in my “house”. This is likely an aspect of me I wish to kill off and which is killed off in the dream.






2 thoughts on “Day #2 and Dreams

  1. herongrace says:

    Hey Dayna, nice! I was shown in vision just into new year that a large female python would be a strong guide for me this year. She has been around for years but she is forefront this year. I call her Pacha Mama.
    Years ago while walking around my place I nearly trod on a massive carpet snake which I think had swallowed a whole wallaby. Luckily I got photos of it.
    I am grateful to have triplet baby kookaburras around to help the parents feed. And for refreshing Summer rains after the sweltering heat

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