Dreams and OBE: Opting Out

Some interesting dreams for a couple of nights and an OBE that I wish to document.

Dream: Golden Pyramid

I was inside a large garage. I can’t remember what we were doing but the back door of the garage was open and I saw a very large, golden pyramid in the garden outside of it. It glowed and I remember feeling drawn to it.


Pyramids suggest major changes will occur over a short period of time.

Dream: Inside-Out

I owned two cars. One was silver and the other was black. Both were being worked on. I was having my mom pick up the silver car from the shop. I recall placing a $20 bill under the seat. When I described the car to her, I saw the image of it in my mind. The entire car was inside out, like a piece of clothing. I remember telling her it was this way on purpose. I could see the black car sitting idle in the grass.


The two cars are two distinct paths. The silver one is the main focus. It is turned inside out, indicating something similar is taking place regarding this path. The number 20 is about being positive and trusting that things are unfolding as they should.

Dream: Peeling Face

I was looking in the mirror and peeling huge chunks of skin off my face. The chunks of skin were at least an inch deep. As I peeled them off, I looked at them in my hand. Chunks of flesh. I remember feeling embarrassed of what I might look like and trying to hide the peeled portions of my face with my hair. Yet, when I looked in the mirror, expecting to see red and raw patches on my face, I saw only small bits of flaky skin here and there. I looked normal. No damage done.


I believe this represents a questioning of my identity or maybe a rejection of aspects of it.

Dream: Torn Sleeping Bags

I was a child roaming through a field dotted with jagged rocks and shrubs. I stopped at a rock and played with two yellow, toy trucks. I needed to use the bathroom so did so, just standing right by the rock. I remember feeling like a boy but having the body of a girl. It was very realistic in the dream. Realizing this, I searched for something to wipe with. I walked to my right, searching for something that might work. I saw sleeping bags in the treetops. They looked like they had been tossed there by a storm. They were ripped and blowing in the breeze. I picked up a piece of torn fabric from a red sleeping bad.


There seems to be a recognition of being both masculine and feminine in this dream. The urination is purification and cleansing of negative or repressed emotions. Sleeping bags represent warmth and protection. Being they are torn it could symbolize a feeling of exposure.

Dream: Check-Out

I was in a hotel suite with a friend from high school. I remember commenting on how long and beautiful her hair was and feeling very comfortable with her. We were lounging about preparing to leave and taking our time when there was a loud bang on the window. My friend when to investigate noticing they were trying to break in. She closed the window and then they moved to the front door, banging hard. She opened the door a bit and looked outside. There was a family standing there with a key wanting in. After a brief discussion it was determined that we had failed to check-out when we were suppose to, so we rushed to get packed and ready and asked the family to wait. We were too slow and they were in a hurry so we let them in. They began to dress in swimsuits and I got mad saying they were just in a hurry to get on the water slides. My friend decided to get back into bed at this time and I lingered because of her. The family was fine with this, saying we could just share the room, but I couldn’t imagine us all fitting. There weren’t enough beds. There was a sharing of food here, too, specifically avocado, which I ate. I recall discussing the options for check-out then. We had been told to check-out at 11am and we hadn’t. So the next option was 5pm.


The first thing I noticed from this dream is that the friend I was with was no longer my enemy which has been a pattern in my dreams since high school. Another thing was that we were at a water park, which has also been a repeating dream theme, but this time we were leaving. Water parks represent feeling emotionally fulfilled, so I am no longer feeling that way. There is a delay, not wanting to leave, but I am angry about it, suggesting that I am feeling disconnected from the emotions related to the stay. I want to “check-out”. The avocado represents reward in return for effort.

OBE: Opting Out

I became aware of vibrations and could tell my energy body was floating and separating from my physical body I lingered here as my vision turned on and found myself floating over treetops and rolling hills. The sky was filled with low hanging, gray storm clouds but it was not raining. I looked down and saw the silver railings of a paved bridge. I floated over the edge, looking down at the trees below. I was very high up. My guidance said, “You can leave your body now if you want.” I looked up again, considering taking flight, and then looked down. The urge I had was to just jump, allowing myself to fall to my death. This felt preferable to flying. I knew if I chose to fly that I would just return to my body after and I rejected this. My emotion was flat. The scene blinked and I was above rugged, snow topped mountains. I looked down, looked at them and rejected them, too. My guidance sent back  an, “OK” and the vibrations faltered, became jagged and my awareness came back to my body.

When I woke I was in a very low emotional state. I noticed that the OBE reflected my desire to exit this life.


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