2017: Newborn Butterfly Stage

Today has been a beautiful day. I spent most of it at my Mom’s house in the country. I took a long walk with my daughter down a dirt path into the woods. While we walked, she stopped and exclaimed, “Mom! Look! A butterfly!” I looked at it and was instantly sad because it appeared to have a broken wing. I told her to leave it alone because the last one I found like that died and I hated seeing such a beautiful creature die. She refused to leave it, though, saying, “I want to take it and show Nana!” As she picked it up, it attempted to fly out of her hand but fell to the ground. I thought, “Great sign for the new year….”

She kept the little butterfly in her hand through the rest of the walk mentioning how it kept fluttering in her hands. I didn’t think much about it, trying to avoid thinking of it as a bad sign.

When we got to my Mom’s house she immediately showed them. She wanted me to take a picture, so I got up real close to take a shot. When I got close, though, I realized the butterfly was not wounded at all. In fact, it was newly born! It’s bottom wings were still wrinkled. No wonder it couldn’t fly!

This is the picture I took. If you look at the bottom wings, you will see they are still wrinkled. This butterfly was not very old. My daughter thought it was a Monarch but it’s top wings were speckled and almost completely orange so I knew it wasn’t. Turns out it’s a Monarch look-a-like called a Queen Butterfly.


Newborn Queen butterfly

After taking the picture I told my daughter to put the butterfly outside in a safe place so it’s wings could finish drying. She didn’t want to and kept letting it crawl around on her. It was very active. Finally, she did take it outside and put it near a small bush. Thankfully it was in the 70’s today. Here’s hoping it was able to finally take flight.


2017 is a 1 year numerologically speaking. We end 2016, a 9 year, completing a cycle and now a new cycle begins. The butterfly sign today confirms this. I am blown away by the perfection of this sign for 2017. Not only has my guidance given me ample messages regarding the transformative stage I we have been in all of 2016, but they have also hinted that soon it will be time to test our wings and only when we have risen up in flight will we see with new eyes.

For many of us, we will feel unsteady this year as we get our bearings in our new Light bodies. There may be confusion, indecision, life upheaval and pitfalls as we test our newly formed wings and try to fly. Imagine what that newborn butterfly must have been feeling when it found itself on the middle of the road and couldn’t fly away to safety. I think many of us will feel like that butterfly – inexperienced, exposed, nervous, maybe even a bit frightened.

For most of 2017 we will be getting our bearings; learning to use our new “equipment”. What that means exactly will likely be different for everyone. I already feel unsteady as 2016 comes to an end. There is a nervousness but also a curiosity. I also don’t feel quite like myself and am questioning myself and my intentions. I feel somewhat like my  soul compass has been re-calibrated.

We will not be alone, however. Part of this new birth is finding our new families and migrating toward them. No, this will not all happen in 2017. It takes sometimes up to 2-3 hours for a newborn butterfly’s wings to be ready for flight. Similarly, we will need time to adjust and prepare. So think of 2017 as that preparation period. We will need lots of patience for we will know we are changed but will be held back by circumstance (wings still wet). For those of you like me (impatient to get going!) this feeling of being held back, of having to wait after we’ve waited for so long to get here, will test our limits. Patience – my favorite word – is what I am hearing now. Sigh.




6 thoughts on “2017: Newborn Butterfly Stage

  1. MollyB111 says:

    MASTERY… ❤ this post! And what a special moment/sign/gift!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. MollyB111 says:

    Ohhhh Dayna/Dana… have you seen Flight of the Butterfly (on netfix, in 4K)?? I thought of you. 40 minutes and a wonderful (and tearful in a happy way) reset. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. herongrace says:

    The best omen you could possibly have for the start of 2017 Dayna! All the best to you and your family.

    Liked by 1 person

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