Dreams: Separated and Goodbye

I’m not sure what was going on last night but I had so many vivid, in-depth dreams! There are so many this post could become very long. I will focus primarily on the ones that remain in my mind now, several hours after waking.

Dream: Separated

I’m a little girl, blonde, blue-eyed – much like this lifetime. I am with my twin brother but we are not identical. He is the opposite of me in looks – dark hair and eyes. He is also older than me and this confuses me in the dream. How can we be twins if we are not the same age??

He is talking to me about our separation. He misses me and is even crying. He says we stayed together until I was 3 and then I went to live with my mother. Up until that point we spoke the same language. In the dream that language was Spanish. He said I forgot the language when we were apart.

There is much upset on both our parts but mainly his. I am surprised and a bit confused in the dream. I know him as my brother but can’t remember ever speaking Spanish. My waking consciousness keeps interfering, wanting to become lucid, so the whole idea of having a twin confuses me. I am reminded of all the times in my dreams when I speak Spanish and the actual physical life experiences and encounters I’ve had. He talks very fast and excitedly as if wanting to catch up on all the lost time.


This dream actually seems to be about my other half and recovering memories. I have a theory that I have been mulling over in regards to this. I’ve had dreams of a dark haired boy quite frequently, even in my childhood. After a recent OBE in which I saw this same boy I wondered if perhaps when I go OOB I am traveling to a different period on this timeline to act as a guide to him. That maybe we have been doing this for each other all of this life? When I was very small, around 2-3 years old, I played with an imaginary friend (so my mom and sister tell me). They told me the friend was male. I don’t remember so I don’t know. However, one of the first things my Companion asked me when I saw him in an OBE was, “Do you not remember me?” I have often wondered if perhaps he was my imaginary friend and maybe we had been spending lots of time together in dreamtime, the in-between and astral. It’s very likely.

Dream: Goodbye

I am traveling very fast in a car at night with my husband. He is sometimes at the wheel and other times not. We are lost and I am panicking because he keeps falling asleep and I have to take the wheel. One time when this happens I lose control of the car and we end up in the ditch.

We get out and I look around. It is unfamiliar and I don’t know which way to go. My husband leaves, handing me a very large pistol the size of a small rifle. The gun is in three pieces, though, and I have to put it back together to make it functional. It did have bullets and looked like an over-sized, black revolver when I finished putting it together.

My husband seems to vanish in the dream at this point and I am deciding which direction to take. Do I go straight and take the dirt path? Or do I go to my left which is a winding sidewalk with signs indicating it leads to a community?  I begin to walk down the dirt path, holding the gun in front of me but the trees seem to get denser and denser and it gets really dark. It feels scary to me and I stop. I know I need to get to civilization so I turn back toward the sidewalk path.

Suddenly there is a large group of women coming to greet me. They seem helpful and wise and I am not afraid of them. They encourage me to come with them but I am hesitant. I finally decide to go with them but stop and put a pink coat on a small, blonde child. For some reason, then, it seems I am sending the child to go with them and I am staying. I adjust the sleeves on the jacket and say goodbye to the child. As I do this I am overwhelmed with emotion and begin to sob. There is such grief that it wakes me up, tears still streaming down my face.


Car – Life path. Since I’m in the car with my husband, it is our joint path.
Accident – Guilt or something I am not proud of.
Gun – Aggression or potential anger; masculine considerations; caution should be taken.
Paths- Options available to me and my reaction to those options.
Pink – Healing through love.
Child – Aspect of myself. Perhaps I am sending away my inner child for healing? The emotion here felt like I was losing someone I loved dearly but there was also fear, like a loss involved.

keysDream: Goodbye (again)

I am at a house that is not familiar. Fumbling in the cabinet for tea bags, I find the last two and then see a heart-shaped key ring. I take the key-ring and the tea bags. I decide to use the key ring in place of the old one I have. I locate my keys. There are more than I have in real life and they are heavy and disorganized. I replace the main key ring with the heart-shaped one and place it on my luggage. I talk with a woman about her luggage at this point and tell her I couldn’t put my keys on mine because it would have to go on the bottom. I see her carry-on bag. It is black.

As I start to leave the house, I prepare laundry. I pull down the laundry soap. It is travel-sized, but I never do the laundry. Instead, I sit on top of the dryer as I talk to the woman. Then a door seems to appear behind the dryer and I am heading out. The woman stops me. I see a small, blonde child. He (I assume he is my son in real life) comes up to me and says, “Do you still love me?” I stopped, my heart overflowing and say, “Of course I still love you! I will always love you!” I kiss him on the top of his white-blonde hair and leave him with the other woman. It feels like I am giving him away.


Tea bag – need for calm in life.
Key ring – adaptability.
Keys – adaptability, accessing information, personal power.
Luggage – desires, worries, responsibilities, or needs that are weighing you down.
Laundry – Preparing to rid self of past hurts; cleansing.
Soap – Need to wash away past worries and emotions; guilt or shame.
Child – Likely represents an aspect of myself. In this case I am leaving a part of myself behind but this part is safe and loved.

Dream: Piggy Swear

I only recall the last part of this dream and only because it was so weird! In it, I am hooking my pinky finger with four other pinkies. It creates a circle of hands all linked by pinky fingers. I remember someone saying, “Piggy swear” instead of “Pinky swear”. I have no idea what it means because it doesn’t make any sense and is almost funny. That is what wakes me up.


Pinky finger – Mental power, intellect, memory and communication.
Circle – Connection, completion, wholeness.



One thought on “Dreams: Separated and Goodbye

  1. kittyasmith says:

    Your two dream intrigued me. I have a (physical) sister that is 18 years younger than me. I always called her my younger twin, we looked and acted very similar in many ways. People thought she was my daughter when she was a baby because I took care of her so much. Then I was married and we were pulled apart.

    Today, with all I have learned, I now know she IS a twin of some sort. We both have memories of being together when she was still in utero. We both remember how we greeted each other. We are twins and I am older…. I was to be here to look out for her… and that just played out before Thanksgiving. We are reconnected now on the soul/ spiritual level. This is all getting verrrry interesting. And very real.

    Liked by 1 person

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