Dream: Kundalini Rehab

Merry Christmas! Hope you all enjoyed time with family and friends. I experienced yet again a disconnected from this holiday. All the materialism is getting to me more and more each year that passes. I wanted to go on a family vacation and just skip the entire holiday but that wasn’t to be. So, I participated and focused on watching my children delight in their many gifts. This morning I am tolerating the chaos and disorganization of my household as my kids enjoy playing with their new gifts.

I also got to hang out with my brother who was home on leave from Tallahassee, Florida. He’s been attending technical training through the U.S. Air Force to be a crew chief (mechanic). He works on fighter jets. Pretty awesome, huh? I haven’t seen him since he left for boot camp. When I saw him I was impressed. Not only does he appear more mature (physically and emotionally) but he was very obviously happy. Instead of seeing him as baby brother I saw him as a man. I’m proud of him! He leaves for Phoenix, AZ this week, which is where he will be stationed from now on.

My brother is so cool. He is a natural healer (Reiki 1 attuned), is fascinated by astrology and all things spiritual and has even succeeded in having lucid dreams and OBEs. He has been this way since he was a child and we have always had a special connection.

Anyway, Christmas was good despite my disconnection from the holiday. I have been feeling odd, though. My heart has been flaring up and I have been unable to fall asleep the last couple of days. Then, when I wake I feel strange and somewhat alienated from the world and everyone in it. Yesterday I started crying a few times throughout the day. It was from feeling Homesick.

Dream: Kundalini Rehab

I fell asleep sometime after midnight and it seemed I was dreaming the same dream all night. In the dream I was in L.A. with a group inside a nice hotel room. I knew the members of this group. We all seemed young despite having the wisdom that only experience over many lifetimes brings. I was with a woman and a man I seemed to have a deep soul connection to. In the dream our connection manifested as a romantic involvement but not sexual. The woman was especially familiar and she and I interacted quite a bit. There was also one man who seemed older than the rest of us. He had silver in his hair and he appeared to be the facilitator of our group.

All of us in the group were there because we were addicts. It seemed like we were in a rehab program of some sort. Yet the addiction we had was not to any drug, though it was referred to as a “drug” in the dream. I knew the drug was Kundalini. We were there to learn to cope with the powerful effects of this drug. I remember wanting to leave and asking when I could go. I didn’t want to experience Kundalini anymore and was frustrated by its effects on me and the inability to control them.

There was a part of the dream which was odd. We were all naked and I was spooning with a man but there was no sexual connection there. When it was time to go, I got up and put on my underwear, hiding my nakedness from everyone despite everyone being naked and us all seeming comfortable being around each other that way. I remember asking someone if I should put on fresh underwear and then choosing my old pair anyway. There was a feeling that we had to leave soon and we were all going to stay in touch, some of us were going to leave together. I was to go with the man and woman who I knew. I thought I was to leave at 1:30 to catch a flight home.

The main discussion I recall having then was about the purchase of a plane ticket. I remember saying I had bought a one-way ticket home yet when someone called to confirm my flight, which was to leave at 1:30pm, she was told the flight didn’t exist. I was surprised and asked her to check again using the flight number. No such flight existed but there was a flight that left at 6:00pm. A round-trip ticket. I didn’t want a round-trip ticket and told them I could just drive my car back when I wanted to return. For some reason this was not to be and the round-trip ticket was the one I would take. I was going to have to return.


I woke up at 5:30am still tired and not wanting to wake up. I was not happy about the dream because it left me feeling like I was nowhere near an end to what has been going on in my life. I just want the Kundalini to complete it’s circuit and move on and leave me alone. I blame it for the upheaval in my life. My guidance reminded me to remain in a holding pattern for now, to continue to follow the guidelines they had given me. These guidelines are to meditate, do yoga, eat for my dosha, avoid strenuous exercise and continue to focus on 3D for the time being.

The time period of six months came to mind. This would mean sometime around June/July next year. Interestingly, I have had a couple of OBEs where there is reference to July 4th as my birthday. I had another one recently that I didn’t post. In it I was protesting my birthday, telling everyone they were celebrating too early and July 4th was NOT my birthday. lol This is also the time frame I was given for when I would attain “wholeness”.

Los Angeles

One thing I was thinking of when I woke was that I was in Los Angeles again. I’ve been to L.A. in OBEs and dreams for about a year now. I have very few connections to L.A. I have no desire to live there (had a dream about relocating there) and no desire to even visit the city. In fact, I’ve only been to that city maybe four or five times in my entire life and was not really impressed. lol Yet again I dreamed of L.A. and it was made very obvious to me that I was in the city. In an OBE I was even given a tour of the city and remember wondering what I was doing there to the point of irritation. lol

So this morning I finally asked. What is up with the L.A. theme? The thought came to me to consider what L.A. means: Los Angeles. City of Angels. Okay, so what, right? lol Angels = spirituality, heaven, ascension, enlightenment, etc. It is a destination.

So I looked up the dream symbolism. Los Angeles relates to one’s spiritual quest. It signifies opportunities and the creation of your own success.

So I guess I have another six months at least of this spiritual quest. Makes sense I guess. Why, then, am I not excited about any of it?

Edit: After reading a post by Molly (thank you!) where she mentioned suicide it brought back a part of my dream I had forgotten. One of the members of my group had committed suicide. Whether this is significant or not, who knows, but the memory came with a very serious feeling.


5 thoughts on “Dream: Kundalini Rehab

  1. MollyB111 says:

    Kundalini Rehab… ah, perfect!

    And could LA be one of your anchor points…? Months ago I was told of a place and wondered if I was to go. I didn’t yet I’d bet I did in my sleep state. Since then a lot of 3D activity has happened there. So I continue to send love & light. ❤ the City of Angels thought… and you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dayna says:

      Yeah. I need to do a long stent there I think. lolol

      I don’t think L.A. is one of my anchor points but who knows! The last couple of times I visited I felt very at home there and positive, even considered moving to CA because of it. The first time I was ready to run the other way. I guess I changed a lot in the time in between.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. litebeing says:

    You are fed up with materialism and what is more plastic and fake and superficial than LA?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes, LA is definitely overrated. I live in the suburbs of Los Angeles.

    Liked by 1 person

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