OBE: Over the Fence

I had a busy night and morning. Seems I’ve passed a milestone, or something like that.

Toward evening I began watching a Netflix series everyone has been talking about. It’s called The OA. It’s just down my ally – NDE’s, astral travel, empathic connections, psychic premonitions, etc. I only watched two episodes and in both I ended up crying. Not because of something in the show but because my guidance began to come through in their silent but unmistakable way. I recovered quickly from the feeling despite it being once again that, “Get ready for change” message I’ve been receiving for some time.

During my nightly meditation I felt the familiar warm energy in my heart. I have missed it so much! My third-eye and root chakras joined in along with the solar plexus. The energy stayed with me for quite some time, following me into sleep.

Kundalini Dream

This will be a shortened version of the experience because it is quite personal in nature.

I was in a car lot discussing the purchase of a new car. I was trading in my old one, a black sedan of some sort. The one I chose was a silver Volkswagen, maybe a Jetta but I’m not sure. I was really pleased and showing a friend of mine. He was distracted, though, and seemed somewhat concerned about something else. I remember saying I had gotten $50k for my trade-in (I wish!! lol).

He stayed with me and we chatted for some time. Eventually the discussion went to a new cell phone I had just gotten. I was playing with it, exploring the apps on it and trying to figure out why the font was so large and funky. I remember the phone had a message something like, “Will you be accepting T-Mobile…” I can’t remember now what it was asking fully, but it had to do with communication. I was talking excitedly about my phone, showing him how it worked and smiling.

Then I was singing a song to him. I don’t remember the melody now, but it was sweet. I said, “All you have to do is let your cards fall where they may…” The memory of the words is also a picture of someone dropping a deck of cards and them slowly falling on the floor. I recall seeing this woman singing but she was also me as the words were coming out of my mouth. It was like she was talking to both of us. I turned and saw my friend had lightened up and was relaxing.

The next thing I remember is lying face up and seeing his face close up to mine. We were nose to nose and he was smiling at me. It felt tender and loving and I was not afraid. He kissed me and I kissed him back. A shock went straight through my heart and then I was filled with a love so powerful that I lost my breath and thought for sure I would pass out. He pulled back and smiled at me. I saw the glimmer of humor in his eyes. He knew exactly how he was affecting me. I didn’t withdraw but just stared back at him, smiling. Then he kissed me again with the same affect. I lingered there, feeling his lips and his energy mingling with mine. It was beautiful.

The heart energy became so intense at this point that it activated my root and third-eye chakras. A full blast of Kundalini began to make its way up toward my heart. The power of it woke me. The energy continued for some time after I woke. I cried slow, happy tears.

In-Between: Conversations with a Friend

It took me a long while to fall back to sleep after that. It wasn’t until around 5:30am that I slipped into the in-between. While there I was talking to someone about a job. I was setting up an appointment for an interview. I was told to call and set the date. There was no phone in my hand yet I remember hearing the phone ringing. At this point I heard my friend David talking as if on the line, like a three-way call. He was excited, telling me how his plane had landed and minutes after it landed an inversion cloud formed right over it. I could see this oval-shaped, white cloud in my mind. It reminded me of a space craft. I remember realizing he was on the line with me when a voice mail picked up. In front of me I saw a computer screen and there was a black box in the upper right hand corner. From it came instructions to leave a message. I never did because I recognized David’s voice and said to him, “How did you get on the line?” I was laughing, though, because he repeated the story about the inversion cloud and was super excited about it.

Realizing my friend was there and I could talk with him, I began to tell him about an in-between experience I had just had (it really happened). I was walking down a hallway and just as I crossed by the opening to the living area I saw a huge group of people all wearing blue jerseys. They cheered as I walked by and I stopped and looked at them. They looked like a football team. I heard then, “Team” very loudly in my head. It made me laugh because I knew this was my team of guides making a joke. Funny guys!

OBE: Over the Fence

David listened as I excitedly told him my story. Then I became distracted. I saw a young girl climbing a wood privacy fence. There was an urge to climb it, too, and I yelled to her, “Hey! I want to climb it with you!” I ran over to her (and OOB) and jumped up and over the fence. She immediately disappeared. I knew I was OOB. I flew to another part of the fence intent on balancing on top. I remembered I had no feet and only needed to float to accomplish this. I skimmed along the top and the dropped down to the grass below.

Then I soared up into the air and took a good look at the place. I was in a suburban neighborhood somewhere. The grass was very green and in the distance I could see the lights of a fairly large city. There were some small hills but overall the terrain was flat and looked like a park. I decided to settle back down to the ground and said aloud, “I want more clarity. I want this to be real.” The scene instantly brightened and became more real just like I requested.

I walked along for a while, talking to myself. It was like I was praying aloud or saying affirmations. I said, “I want peace. I can do this. I will be happy….” I walked next to a large fountain with a fish pond of dark water. I decided to dip my hands into the water. There was some trepidation here because I didn’t know what was under the water’s surface. Yet I pushed myself to dip my hand all the way down and grab whatever was underneath. The water was cold. I felt something and pulled my hand out quickly. It was just old leaves but for some reason it freaked me out because they clung to my hand. I imagined creepy bugs and dead things for a split second and then cleared my mind. I repeated my affirmations. “I can do this. I want peace.” My vision blacked out as I continued to repeat, “I want peace.” My awareness returned to my body.


When I woke my heart and third-eye were still active and I felt relaxed, calm, almost peaceful. This is very welcomed considering how I’ve been feeling lately. I recognize the OBE symbolism right away. I flew over a fence. Fences in a dream represent obstacles and feeling “fenced in”. Then I pushed myself to dip my hands into dark water, not knowing what I would find. I did this despite fear bubbling to the surface of my thoughts. What I feared was there was nothing at all like reality, though. My affirmations confirmed my willingness to move past my fears and seek what I want from this life. I can do this.


4 thoughts on “OBE: Over the Fence

  1. MollyB111 says:

    Yes you can! ❤ Go TEAM! Like the vehicle and communication symbolism, too. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dayna says:

      My Team is a hoot aren’t they! LOL There were other in-between moments, all of them having to do with the color blue, but that was the most memorable. I had fun telling my friend, David too.

      There is a sacred passage of transformation or something going on now until January 4th (well technically from the 25th on) and a gateway open on the 31st. My guidance has given me the heads up that some energetic shifts are on the horizon for me, so ready, set…GO! I just hope there won’t be any of those empathic overload experiences. I’ve had enough crying to fill three lifetimes now I think.

      Merry Christmas soul SiStar! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • MollyB111 says:

        Haha… it may be an overload of a new kind of experience. And Spirit definitely has a sense of humor. The energy has been amazing for me for and you know the story (and that this hasn’t always been easy). We are all jumping! Yippee. Remember when you wrote on Christmas/tree months ago… I got messages 2 years ago that seem to apply to now. Gifts incoming yet we are already beyond blessed. ❤ SiStar!!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. herongrace says:

    Interesting you say that you have passed a milestone as I dreamt of a similar experience. I slept in till later which is unusual for me and had several dreams.
    1 glimpse was observing myself from the back and being aware that I had completed a long cycle of growth which extended from early on, left side. There was a brief mid info? then an awareness that my development was entering a new phase which would move from mid area to right side and onwards. My wolf spirit guide was there just off to my left, but I knew he would accompany me.

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