Dream: Kundalini Formula

I woke at 5am with my mind full of concerns. I had asked for clarity about several issues prior to sleep but when I awoke I had none. So I requested clarity again. Why is it that my root chakra has been missing in my astral experiences? Why am I having so many physical issues related to my lower two chakras? Where is the Kundalini?

Dream: Lemonade

I was a partaking in a study. Each individual was to take one spherical shaped, yellow pill the size of a marble. Throughout the dream they were referred to as “lemonade“. There were instructions given, but I can’t remember them now. I do recall taking one of the pills and it tasting like lemonade, though. The main part I recall is someone holding a long, dark colored, circular cord about two inches wide that didn’t seem connected to anyone or anything. It had been punctured at one point and fluid was pouring out. I was alarmed, asking what could be done about it. The man in charge said that I would need to take five of the pills all at once. I was concerned. What would it do to me? I watched as he showed me. I saw the five pills all enter the energetic system. They appeared as yellow tendrils of energy and went directly to the brain and split into five distinct sections. I could see thoughts coming off, like branches of a tree. I don’t remember now what the thoughts said despite them being written in thin air. However, they appeared to be re-wiring the brain somehow.


I awoke in the midst of very chaotic, jagged vibrations. It felt as if my energy body was being jolted back and forth very rapidly. Additionally, there was a huge bubble of energy expanding from my root chakra. I couldn’t distinguish the root chakra in the energy, though. It felt more like an expansion of indistinct energy. Along with this my heart, third-eye and crown were active, though not as intensely. They felt dull in comparison. I also had pain in my lower back and pelvic region. It was uncomfortable. Just as I began to worry something was very wrong with me, the pain reduced substantially.

Dream: Kundalini Formula

Somehow I returned to sleep. I ended up in a parking lot outside a large mall that had been turned into a school. I searched for a parking place. There were many empty spaces but I wanted one in the shade. I saw several shaded spots but no trees to provide shade. Weird.

I was pushing my car rather than driving it. It’s engine was off and I was slowly putting it in various spots. My car was white, too, and not one I recognized.

I bypassed a spot because it had a baby stroller in it. I finally chose a space close to the front but I had chosen a lot nowhere near the main entrance. Concerned, I began to worry how I would find my way in. A woman and a man were outside with me. I knew them as fellow teachers. The man went inside using his key and the woman stayed with me. I went toward the entrance and found it, going inside. The woman followed me.

I had a red folder with me that I opened to review the contents. I had scribbled information down – dreams, thoughts, etc. Most of it mathematical equations. The page full of equations was titled, “Kundalini”. The woman saw it and asked to see it. I handed it to her, embarrassed that she would see my mathematical incompetence and judge me for my interest in Kundalini. She began to make corrections to the equations. I saw lines of fractions with letters mainly. The top row looked something like 1/a + 1/1 + a/1 + a/a = 1a/1a. She replaced the 1’s in the answer with 8’s. She did corrections on all of the lines, there were at least 7. Each line of fractions had different variables. They followed the page down in sequence: A, B, C, D….  In my discomfort and embarrassment I made excuses for my errors saying, “I’m a social studies teacher.” lol

The woman was impressed, holding the page of equations up and reviewing all of my notes. She asked me, “Can I make a video of this? This is excellent material!” I agreed. Before long there was a holographic screen up in front of me showing the video she created using my equations. I saw an outline image of a person. Then a rush of white light came in through the crown and flushed out the entire chakra system from top to bottom. What was left behind was a white, iridescent, swirling energy in the center where the spine should be. The white light expanded to fill up the energy body almost entirely.

The video shocked me for some reason and I was frozen there not knowing what to think. The woman was ecstatic and asked me if she could distribute the video in her name via the school. I agreed. She asked me to follow her up stairs. I did.

The rest of the dream was of me following her up 7 flights of stairs. Each one I climbed was different. Some longer than others. The sixth flight was the longest and steepest. I thought I would fall down but made it to the top. She was waiting for me at the top of the 7th. The 7th was very short, probably only five steps, but the only way to get to it was to jump because it was not linked to the other stairs by a landing. Instead, it seemed to come out of the wall a good distance above me. She gave me directions on how to jump up to it. I did. What is odd here is that there was a babydoll that spoke to me at this point. I have no idea what it said now but the woman activated it.


When I awoke I spoke with my guide who appeared both as a woman and a man. It was odd and when I asked about it I was told, “I am YOU.” Then I was asked,”Are you only a woman?” I understood and said, “No, I am both.” I was told then, “As am I. I am you.”

The Kundalini dream was curious to me. Wasn’t the K energy suppose to go from bottom to top? Why was it shown to be doing the opposite? There was a in-flow of knowingness at this time. There lower two chakras are the current problem. There is a rejection of them and as such there are physical side-effects. I was encouraged to reflect upon the areas of life these chakras relate to. The answer would be seen therein.

I have had a headache ever since waking up.






16 thoughts on “Dream: Kundalini Formula

  1. MollyB111 says:

    🙂 ❤ Oh I could make a few comments… tehee. And video time again…??

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  2. From what I understand once the kundalini has fully risen opening the crown Chakra the soul star is activated ….. the 8th Chakra which opens the gateway to a flood of energy from the Source itself.

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    • Dayna says:

      Yes, I think I remember reading that and also I was shown similar images as in this dream in the past. So far nothing like that has happened, though. The K hasn’t even risen fully. Last time it stopped at my third-eye.

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  3. Your dream could be a sign of things to come!

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  4. Actually, that dream has you going up to the 7th floor. Ahem…dream imagery here! And when you awoke, you had a headache. Kundalini is obviously impacting the crown, and you are getting effects that are in direct line with what happens when an area is being cleared. I think it was the same dream or similar dream of your solar plexus being worked on and it felt sore or tender after? This is pretty normal for what happens when blocks are being cleared. It might be that there is more material to move, but these kinds of dreams that work through the chakras instead of just the meridians (slower more piece-meal) can clear out tons of stuff very quickly (thus tenderness, or physical effects like soreness, etc). Also, very interesting that you took five pills, each that sent a strand up into different parts of the brain. There ARE five koshas, or levels/dimensions to the light body, so maybe this is connected? Hard for me to say, but you will no doubt find out soon enough. My 3¢.

    Jiddu Krishnamurti writes about his clearing of the crown and in his experience, it was a hard thing. Everyone is different, for course. But he had head pain and all sorts of other effects for a time. This goes away with time and you have nicely upgraded equipment. 🙂

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  5. I grew up sensing energy. It was always done with a certain sense of seperation. Awakening at various points destroyed any illusion of seperation. There was a time when I felt and heard everyone’s thoughts and feelings. That was very hard….until I was able to flip the switch…which didn’t turn it off, it showed me how I didn’t need to tune it in even as I feel all of it. But feeling it all is like seeing the ocean…it’s vast…instead of being pelted by raindrops, which was the earliest way. And all of this leads to considering using this gift to help others to heal.

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    • Dayna says:

      I grew up like that, too but shut it down until it kinda forced itself upon me in 2003. Then I had to learn how to control it, which I did really well. I practiced as a psychic medium for a long time. Now it seems I am opening up again despite not wanting to. I don’t want to know others thoughts/feelings damnit! lol I like your analogy, though. The pelting is no fun.


  6. IYOUWE says:

    vey informative blog dayna…i can relate to some of your posts and it helps me a lot…thanks for sharing
    peace and love ❤

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