My travels in dreamtime continue. 🙂

Lucid Dream: Rolling Chair Road

I was traveling a familiar road from other dreams. It is a long, dirt road lined with small ranchettes with houses. Every time I travel it, this road feels like the long road leading to my grandparents house. This time I was scooting along the road in a rolling office chair. lol I was having a good time, too, pushing myself in spurts and going as fast as I could. At one point I ran into a man doing the same thing. At another point I was slowed by a massive semi-truck that was backing its flatbed trailer down the road.

After passing the truck, I slowed and stopped at small office cubicles lining the road. I assume this is why I was in a rolling office chair? I chatted with various people, stopping to chat with a group of three guys I seemed to know. The guys were flirting with me and as I flew away I heard them discussing my age. One was sure I was much younger than I was while the other two were teasing him for his interest in me. Since this guy was interested in me, I flew over to him and he propositioned me. I did not refuse but found my chakra response to him was nonexistent. Again, like in my previous OBE, when I kissed him my mouth seemed to open up into this expansiveness that was very strange and brought me to full awareness.

Lucid Dream: Left Behind

I woke briefly and then entered into another lucid dream. I was talking with a store owner about her business and there was discussion about how the transfer of ownership would be handled when she passed away. A short-haired, masculine-looking but petite woman approached me and invited me to help her with a small business. I agreed. She showed me some things but then came onto me, somewhat pressuring me into becoming her girlfriend. I remember thinking it odd and not wanting to be involved romantically with a woman. Yet at the same time I allowed her to hold my hand and kiss me. My lucidity almost peaked at this time but I remained just below OBE level.

Then I was being shown a newly purchased home on 10 acres. The cost was discussed and a tour given. It was a very large house, newly remodeled. I was envious, wishing my home was as nice.

Inside, I was watching as everyone in the home was preparing for a vacation. I was not going and was surprised to find that everyone was going to be gone and I would be left home alone. I said, “I don’t know what I will do with all the alone time. Maybe I should go? No, there is no way I would get any sleep.” I started thinking about what I should do with my alone time. Meditate? So I began to take slow, deep breaths.


I began to have memories then of an OBE in which I OM’ed and heard an entire chorus of monks OM with me. The memory brought me to full awareness. I was OOB in a blackenss, a void, floating horizontally as if laying in bed, but I did not sense any other objects, not even a bed, in the space. I could feel my guidance with me but I was not focused on them. Instead, I was caught up in an amazing, energetic vibration sweeping over me in waves. It was extremely calming and comfortable. I remember considering moving out of that state into a full projection, but felt I needed to stay.

The idea came to me that I needed to OM, so I did. The sound of it made me feel lighter. It was as if my entire energetic body came alive. It was not a normal vibrational pattern, either. It was like an expansion outward. Like I grew in size, filling the void or maybe becoming a part of it.

I OM’ed over and over again, each time extending the Mmm sound for longer and longer periods. The pitch of my voice began to waver at the end, almost like a melody and my body seemed to echo the sound of my voice. I noticed this and wondered if I stopped OM’ing, would my body OM on it’s own? So I stopped. Sure enough, my entire energetic body OM’ed. It was a fantastical feeling, too. It was not a blissgasm like the Kundalini often produces. Instead it was more of an amazing explosion of pure joy. My entire body was pulsating with sound and vibration. OMmmmmmm up and down and up and down in an ecstatic wave of joy.

Eventually, the vibrations and sound began to crescendo. Louder and louder. Stronger and stronger. This brought me back to my body in a rush of energy and I couldn’t stop smiling. Absolutely beautiful.




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    Thank you… ❤

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