OBE: I’m a Warrior

Woke at 5am wide awake but not wanting to get out of bed. Told my guides, “I want to astral” but felt it was unlikely because my kids wake so early. I have a personal space heater in my room so I switched it on to “fan” mode to drown out any noise that might interrupt my travels. Then I positioned myself flat on my back with my arms comfortably over my head and my pillow over my face. This position, weird as it is, seems to be most conducive to projecting for me lately. I have not projected from my side in ages.

OBE: Black Kitten

I entered into a dream in which I was watching a little, dark haired girl trying to get into a closet full of toys. I pushed the door shut with my foot. It hit her arm, hurting her. This was an accident and so I got up out of bed (and OOB) and let her into the closet which opened up to reveal many various toys. I moved them around to show her what was there and she morphed into a tiny, black kitten. The kitten surprised me and I re-entered my body.

I had not realized I was OOB until then. I had vibrations so I knew I could exit, so I tried, but I was really tired and relaxed, wanting only to stay right where I was. I pushed past it, though and walked across the room. My energy was failing so I asked for clarity and even heard my guidance suggest I do breathing exercises. This pulled me back into my body.

OBE: I’m a Warrior

When I re-entered my body this time I was able to exit again. This time, when I got out, my energy level was higher and I flew out of my room into the hallway. I got the idea to sing in order to raise my vibration. Words and an unfamiliar melody came out and immediately I felt myself grow lighter and my vision became crisper and more vivid. I was singing, “I can do anything. I’m a warrior….” There was more, but I can’t remember it now. It was all about feminine power, though. As I sang, an entire band joined me with back-up singers and everything. It sounded like jazz maybe and the singers sounded African American. lol

I flew down my stairs, singing the entire time, and went out the front door. Outside, the streets of my neighborhood were overgrown with tropical vegetation. Trees that were taller than the telephone poles with vines hanging off of them lined the streets. There was no evidence of the suburbia to be found. Seeing this made me super happy. I was over the moon with joy.

For some reason, though, my legs were hurting me while I was flying. I remember being distracted by them and worrying they would force me back into my body. I had an internal dialogue about it that went something like, “Don’t focus on them. But something’s wrong. Don’t focus on them, you will go back in body. But they hurt. What if something’s wrong? Nothing’s wrong…” LOL

Eventually, the leg discomfort was enough that I checked on my physical body. I went back to it but did not enter it. Instead, my vision blacked out and I recall moving my legs remotely. I wonder now if I even moved my legs at all because it is so surreal a memory but whatever I did worked. My legs stopped hurting.

Then I was back in flight. Somehow I managed to find a house amidst the vegetation and entered into a long hallway. The lights inside were dim and I encountered a woman with five small girls approximately the age of 8-9 years old. The girls were in a line heading outside to the back. I flew over the tops of their heads talking to them. I worried briefly that I would get into trouble for flying. Somehow I knew it was not allowed where I was. For some reason, though, they tolerated it and I accepted without ever mentioning it or asking permission.

I followed them outside to a courtyard and stayed floating above their heads. I looked at them all very carefully, trying to remember the details of their faces. They were all ethnicities. I recall seeing an African American girl with her hair in multiple ponytails. There was a blonde girl whose cheeks were covered in freckles. There was also a dark haired girl whose hair was about shoulder length but she was very shy and stood back.

I wondered what to say to them and had the idea to ask them if they had physical bodies. I saw the dark haired girl nod “yes” but I wanted to hear them say it so I repeated the question and heard another girl say, “Yes, we all do.” Then I asked, “Do you come here often?” The blonde girl said, “Yes, all the time.” I didn’t think to ask them if they had ever seen me. lol

Then I asked them, “Do you visit any other places?” I heard back, “Yes, sometimes.” I said, “Me, too.” I tried to remember the names of all the places I had been but my mind was blank except for memories and impressions. This is when the little freckle faced girl said, “I’ve been to Taipei.” I said, “Oh, I’ve never been there before.” For some reason I thought it was in Japan but now I know that I was thinking that I have been to Japan but at the time it confused me so I never told the girls about my travels there.

I recall then that the little girls went to a swimming pool and began to swim. I knew I could go with them but decided not to, flying off without saying goodbye. I was singing the song with music and background vocals again. This time, I stopped singing as I returned to my house and went up the stairs. The women singing continued and I recalled clearly the words, “I can do anything. I’m a warrior.” There was a third line but it is lost to me now. The last thing I recall upon return to my body was that my legs were hot from the insulated leggings I wore to bed (in the 20s last night). lol

warrioringardenOBE: Locked In

I could still feel vibrations so I decided to exit again. This time I went down the stairs and when I tried to leave via my front door it was locked. For some reason I got the idea that I would stand in front of my window and take my clothes off. I was sure it would get someone’s attention and they would come open the door for me. LOL I began with my shirt and bra and it was very difficult to get them off, they kept sticking and my fingers felt too big. I watched a car pull up and turn off its lights. A family approached the house, a mom and a couple of kids. By then my top was off but my bottoms were not cooperating.

I moved to the door to wait, fiddling with my drawstring which was too tight and in knots. I could hear the woman trying to unlock the door. I kept trying to get my clothes off quickly (not sure what I was thinking lol) and finally got my bottoms down and then couldn’t get them unstuck from around my feet. lol

The door opened and the woman entered. She was very obese but all I remember of her was her enormous thighs. They were as large as the seat of a chair. I sat down on her thigh (why? lol) and noticed that I could not feel my base chakra. It was like there was a huge, gaping hole in my energy body! This threw me because I had never experienced anything like it. Then for some reason I decided to kiss the woman. A big, wet french kiss. lolol What is odd here is that I don’t remember seeing or even feeling her lips or face. Instead, what I experienced was this massive space in my mouth and a distinct taste of salt, like ocean water. My mouth became expansive, like I was being sucked into a salty void. lol So completely weird!

As I woke up, the song Heaven by Bryan Adams was in my mind, specifically, “Baby you’re all that I want , when you’re lying here in my arms, I’m findin’ it hard to believe we’re in heaven.” Hmmm.

 Miscellaneous Thoughts

I wonder about my missing root chakra. It was a distinct feeling of empty space in my otherwise “whole” astral body. Like someone came and removed the entire chakra. Interestingly, when I woke, my lower back was hurting and I had started my monthly cycle early. This is the third month I’ve had an irregular cycle, too, which is very unusual for me. Are they related? Who knows.

The feminine theme of these OBEs is interesting to me. Every individual I encountered was female. In the final OBE I was looking for a male and swear I sensed one in the corner of my living room, yet I never approached him. It was like he was watching from the sidelines. A guide perhaps.

There were several in-between moments that occurred before these OBEs, too. Once I was underwater, breathing. It was as if I was fluid and part of the water. It was a beautifully integrated feeling and hard to describe. There are also memories of a discussion with others and seeing the numbers 11 and 111.

I also had several short exits from my body that failed abruptly and were followed by hypnagogia. I recall seeing thousands of tiny, perfect bubbles in my vision.  I’ve also been experiencing vibrations, which is not usual. This is the third night in a row that I have awakened to vibrations and/or hypnagogia. The other nights, though, I was unable to exit my body.


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  1. MollyB111 says:

    I think we have been playing again… synch… the light warrior caught my eye. 🙂 ❤

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