OBE: Illusion

Busy night.

Dream: Drug

At some point in the night I entered into a semi-lucid dream in which I was inside a house with a man. I seemed to get a tour of it, specifically the back garden and the garage. There was a small vegetable garden that had been neglected. The vegetables were wilting and there were some weeds but it could be salvaged. Inside the garage there was a single, white table. On it was food. I don’t recall what kind, just that I ate some and then felt large, grainy stuff in my mouth, like crystals. I stopped eating and became horrified realizing I had just eaten some kind of drug. I spit it out as fast as I could but knew it had already dissolved into my tongue and gotten into my system. My friend was reassuring me that it was no big deal, smirk on his face the whole time.

He asked me how I felt. I could feel this large energy surround me and settle around my head and face. It made me dizzy and disoriented so I held onto a chair to balance myself. There was a strange all-over feeling I can’t quite describe. It is what I would expect a heavy dose of an illegal drug would do, except I have never done any drugs like that so I don’t know. I kept looking to my friend for reassurance and he just kept smiling (ugh!) and asking how I felt. I got pretty nervous because the energy was so weird! It felt so physical yet I knew it was not and my head was the main focal point. My cheeks were numb and as I stood there my arms and hands became numb, too! There was also a strange energy in my stomach and all of it was just too much.

I startled awake. It was 4am. The energy was gone but my hands were both completely numb! lol I requested sleep because I have been waking up early every morning. I was able to fall asleep and entered into another semi-lucid dream.

Dream: Into the Nothingness

I was in my mom’s house with several family members, one of which was my SIL. I was flying around the whole time and confused as to whether I was really awake or dreaming. I did things that I needed to do upon waking like put out the trash and get ready for work. I was also extremely thirsty and seeking water. When I filled my glass from the refrigerator the liquid was brown and bubbly and I realized it was coke. This peaked my lucidity.

I went to my mom’s closet to borrow a sweater and as I was putting on clothing I wondered again if I was awake or not. This is when I realized I was floating and not standing and became completely lucid in the dream.

Upon realizing I was dreaming I entered into a place of nothingness similar to the in-between but I was OOB. One of my guides was speaking to me, instructing me. He said something about how I was there to regain my abilities in astral. He spoke of things I needed to practice like creating vortexes and such but I can’t remember his exact words. I was very happy and agreeable, listening like a good student. I don’t remember ever seeing him, I just felt his energy near me.

During this instruction period I remember feeling various energies. In one instance I was connecting to my friend Angela. I felt a huge wall of energy around me. It felt like water. It washed over me, like a tidal wave but it was very gentle. I remember allowing the flow of it to come over me and enjoying it but at the same time knowing I needed to connect with her to see how she was doing. Was she in an emotionally turbulent state right now? I wondered.

OBE: Illusion

At some point in my instruction my guide/teacher let me loose to practice. When this happened a rush of perception hit me all at once. I was floating in the middle ofย a suburban neighborhood and I was reminded that I needed to set an intention. My vision was crisp, the air was cool and the colors were amazing. I was floating at window level of the house I was near. I lifted up higher toward the rooftops and trees and stated my intent. I wanted to visit with a friend. I flew as I repeated my intent and let go, allowing myself to be drawn into the portal that I was creating to take me to my set location. Instead of going into the portal, though, I felt someone grab my left foot and begin to pull me. I was thinking I was going to be taken somewhere but instead I was set firmly on the ground, as if I was being told to stay grounded or maybe that I was grounded when it came to visiting this friend.

Undeterred, I asked why I was not being taken to this person. I was told, “Because there are things you need to see.” I replied, “But I need to see this person.” I explained why and was still very happy and carefree about it, convinced I would get my way.

I continued to fly and headed away from the houses. My vision was so crisp at one point that I had to remind myself I was OOB and to not get carried away by the lucidity of the situation. I could hear music every once in a while. The music was of a song I know called Illusion. I didn’t focus on the music, though, and it moved to the background.

I flew up high toward the stars and the light dimmed, as if night suddenly descended. There was a moment here that I knew I should not go any higher or attempt a visit into outer space. I somehow knew I was in an alternate reality created just for me to practice in. So, I changed my mind and went back down and the daylight returned. I did flips and just generally enjoyed my freedom. It was refreshing!

I was still trying to convince my guide why I should get what I wanted when I looked down and saw my dog, Trooper, in a three-sided cubicle chained up. I decided to investigate and flew down to him. He was soaking wet and I commented on it as I greeted him. I unchained him and said, “Do you want to go swimming!? I know that’s your most favorite thing to do!” My dog jumped and was enthusiastic so I took him to a pool and we jumped in together. We swam across the pool and then he overwhelmed me, pushing me underneath him and under the water. I remember feeling the water come over my head and not being concerned. I grabbed him by the collar and led him to the side of the pool.

When I got out my mom was standing there and sent me a telepathic message about a situation that had occurred with my son. He had been bullied on the bus and the perpetrators were paying for it, literally. She said something to me about them owing $2,000 total but $1,000 was already paid. She said, “And they will pay.” I remember thinking it odd that this would be brought to me as part of what I needed to “see”. I wondered about it and then settled into the nothingness space again. My guide close, I knew I would wake soon, which I did. I entered my body very gently.


As I settled into my body I heard the song Illusion again, specifically the part, “Please don’t go. I want you to stay.” But again I wasn’t really paying attention to the song. Instead, I was focused on my guide who was close by. He said to me, “Remember who you are.” I said back, “What exactly is that suppose to mean?” Before I finished my question a thought entered my mind – A spiritual Being having a human experience. Not impressed, I then noticed the music repeating in my head over and over. I acknowledged it saying, “Oh, I get it! You want me to stay so you are bribing me with OBEs to keep me interested!” I laughed because my guidance knows me so well.





8 thoughts on “OBE: Illusion

  1. litebeing says:

    It is so impressive that you recall is so detailed and elongated. Good work Dayna. Me and another FB pal and former WP blogger were just comparing notes on our dream recall. I still wish my guides would come out of hiding, but I must make due with the current state of affairs? On another blog I read your comment about returning to 3D. Your current posts here don’t point in that direction. I am feeling confused about your meaning. Hope its ok to mention here ๐Ÿ˜‰

    hugs, Linda

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dayna says:

      Thanks, Linda.

      As for the return to 3D, I have. OBEs don’t mean I haven’t done that. My guidance is trying to get me interested in 3D because to me it is boring in comparison to what I have experienced prior to now. I don’t think I will stop having these experiences regardless of where my focus is. My focus now, though, is mostly on living a “regular” life as much as I can and that is in the 3D. In my waking hours, little time is spent on the spiritual in contrast to what is was previously. Hope that makes sense.

      Liked by 1 person

      • litebeing says:

        Why would 3D be interesting in light of the other wonders out there? As a perpetually bored person, I am a bit surprised, but respect that your guidance must have your best interests at heart. Maybe the key is seeing and living 3D from an enlightened perspective aka the observer in the film What the Bleep?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Dayna says:

        OBEs always affect my outlook for the day. Because of this one my day was tons better. I was optimistic and hopeful. Compared to the last couple of months today rocked. So maybe what you said is right.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. The key practice for me is in recognizing the extraordinary in the “ordinary”. We’re actually living in a quite magical 3d universe. The more I realize that the more my desire to leave this playing field vanishes and is replaced with inner excitement about the journey ahead.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Dayna says:

      Thanks Eric. That has worked for me in the past but after the last couple of months it has been extremely difficult. I will work on doing that again. Hopefully it will take hold. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Zarah says:

    I think what your guide meant is that in the illusion you tend to forget who you really are, and identify with the small 3D self … and he wanted to remind you to remember your higher self even when you are busy doing 3D stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Watch for “gestures of the Spirit”. We tend to fly right by them in the business of our days but if we slow down and pay attention we will begin to notice them.

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