Woke at 3am upset. Fell back to sleep at 4am asking to project.


Found myself in the in-between hearing noises off. I heard an entire conversation between my husband and two youngest. I remember saying I was tired and worrying about having to get up for work soon. For some reason I was confused, thinking it was 2pm and that my MIL had not come to watch the kids so I had missed work. I recognized that none of what I was hearing or saying made any sense – I was in the midst of phasing and all I had to do was shift OOB.

I silently set the intent to go OOB and when I did, the conversation that was going on around me shifted and I was pushed and then pulled very forcefully from two directions. Being I was still thinking I was with my two youngest, I assumed they were playing and so laughed and responded, pushing back and sitting up. In retrospect I believe my guides were assisting me OOB.

My vision came on and the room was golden lit and bright. I was at my mom’s house, though, sitting on the ledge of the fireplace. As soon as my vision turned on I was up and moving around very quickly, assessing the scene. I flew up and hit the ceiling. Solid. Then bounced back down to land on the ground then was up again, floating over the kitchen. I saw my youngest on the floor by two open cabinet doors. The cabinets were empty and their contents nowhere to be seen. I said to him, “What happened? Did you do that?” and laughed. “Come on! Let’s go outside.” With this he flew up toward me but my vision blacked out. I stayed in the scene, though and did not shift out of it.

I flew up again and hit the ceiling. I knew I needed to get out of the area because that is where I originally entered. I still could not see and felt my energy begin to shift, my vibration falling. I didn’t want to leave so I paused and thought, “Calm down. Bring up your energy.” With that, my energy stabilized and my vision turned on again.

I saw my youngest running toward the door. I said, “Open the door! Open the door!” He opened it and I swooped down to join him, eager to go outside. There was trepidation here, though, because I have been stopped from going through doors recently while OOB. Again, my vision turned off.

Going through the door I expected to be greeted by my youngest who already exited but instead there was an adult there. He/she grabbed me and then it felt like my face was being attacked but in retrospect I realize it was a kiss but it felt energetic, not solid. I had visions of a black, scary, faceless monster for some reason and quickly pushed it out of my mind. I said, “I know you’re ok. I’m not afraid.”

I felt myself destabilize and had to once again balance my energy and calm myself down. My eyes then were filled with light and my mother’s front yard came into view. I rushed out, feeling exceptionally free and looked up at the sky. I scanned it for a while, seeing only light gray cloud cover.  A blonde, short-haired, older woman asked me, “What are you looking for?” I said, “The light. It’s hidden but I know it’s there. I can feel it.” That’s when I realized the woman with me had been the one who greeted me at the door and kissed me on the cheek.

I turned toward her and looked at her. She came close and held a card up in front of my face. It was a driver’s license but it did not have a photo on it. Instead it had a beautiful scene of a green, hilly place with a brilliant sun in the upper left hand corner. The name on the card said, “Hu”. I tried to take the card from her but she held it away. I said, “That looks like California. Whose drivers license is it? I want to see.” I saw the name “Hu” and in my mind I said, “Hu” with an “H” sound and then felt it should be more like “You” or maybe “Hugh”. I couldn’t figure it out but finally settled on “You”.

My vision blacked out again and I felt myself shifting so I had to once again settle down. The card had caught my attention as did the message and I thought too long and hard on it. I was able to balance again and when my vision returned the woman was close. I reached for her and hugged her. She said to me, “Do you know who I am?” My vision was suddenly very vivid and crisp and I saw her left ear from the vantage point of her shoulder (I was hugging her still). She was wearing a diamond stud earring and her skin indicated she was pretty old, maybe 60-70’s. Her hair was cropped short and blondish-gray and I was able to follower her jawline to her face. I was inspecting tiny blonde hairs on her face when my vision blacked out again.

I thought a bit on her question and then replied, “Katherine.” We were still hugging and she said to me, “Yes. One day, when little junior is all grown up, he will have a child. That child is me.” I suddenly felt very emotional and hugged her really, really tightly. I could feel her hugging me back warmly. I began to cry and the emotion of it shifted me back into the in-between where I stayed for some time recovering. The tears were not sad ones, they were joyful. In the in-between I could still feel her close.

I had many questions when I woke. Like, “Who is junior? We don’t have a junior.” Then I thought she must mean my youngest because his middle name is my husband’s first name.  I thought of her name, too. Katherine. On my husband’s side of the family I know of two Katherine’s. My side I don’t know of any. Then I wondered if she was visiting from “the future” or if the person I saw was from the present yet to leave her body and transition into a new one. Finally, I was mad at myself for not asking more questions.

As for “Hu”, I guess it was my driver’s license indicating that the sun will shine again on my life some day. Hopefully not in California. I don’t want to live there. lol



7 thoughts on “OBE: Hu

  1. herongrace says:

    Dayna,,,Hu is a name of God! It is an important chant..like Ommmmm.
    We are Hu-mans. Does that mean you met your grand daughter” Sounds awesome! Happy New Moon all! Rewrite your spirit contracts if you want change.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dayna says:

      lol Duh! I wrote the post early before work and just read through it again before reading your comment and realized that it might mean Hu-man. 🙂 So perfect timing for your comment!

      And yes, I met my granddaughter. I was emotional most of the morning after this OBE, too. It felt like I was getting a visit so that I knew I wasn’t alone, that I was loved and being checked on even by my family-to-be. Who knows, I may never meet her in this life. Kinda feels like that anyway.

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  2. herongrace says:

    Such a beautiful post Dayna I had to reread it. Just volumes unspoken here… Yes “Hu” pronounced “H”. Meeting your future grand daughter truly awesome. I wonder if she will have that memory in her future genes” You also have the gift of knowing your lineage lives on.
    I also like “Hugh” as it was the name of my grandfather, the most beloved person in my life and we have a few, 3 Catherines in close family connections.
    So in effect she was showing you a card with only God’s name on it. Fab!

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  3. kittyasmith says:

    Do you know about singing Hu? http://www.edgemagazine.net/2010/12/sing-hu/
    I was surprised by a chanelled message from Tesla by Pamela Aaralyn referring to the sound of Hu. This was what began the ear ringing for me. It has never left since. I begin with this to tune into the right vibration before light language and attempting to communicate with spirit.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dayna says:

      No, I had never heard of HU as being another name for God. My guidance likes to surprise me with such things in my dreamstates and OBEs. I got “follow the eight winds” once and found out it was part of Buddhism! They teach me all kinds of things. Too bad I don’t often listen. 😉

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