Celebrating Me

I decided at the last minute to participate in Litebeing’s Magnificent Challenge. The challenge is simply to write about your “you-ness”. You would think it an easy task, but for me, it is not because I have been trying to figure out who I am my entire life. 🙂

Let’s start with the basics. In this physical form that which I am is composed of all the labels that have been given to me (and taken away). Some of the ones I identify most with are: mother, daughter, teacher, counselor, sibling, singer, writer, nature lover, animal lover, artist, loner, realist, helper, and wife. These are ones that identify my “roles” in life mainly- the ones you tend to answer with when someone asks you to tell them about yourself. These are the “expected” answers, and I, like a good little girl (woman) like to give what is expected (usually) and avoid the uncomfortable situations that result from a dose of my reality.

There are also those identifying labels that tend to come up after you get to know me. Then you find out I am a Leo, knowledge-seeker, Lightworker, Wayshower, Gridworker, Gatekeeper, member of the GFL groundcrew, Volunteer,  Starseed, astral projector, walk-in, braided soul, medium, psychic, medical intuitive, traveler between worlds, explorer of other dimensions, Contactee, etc. Very few people ever meet this me in person. Many more know me only on-line.

But if you go deeper and toss the labels, it gets a lot harder to describe one’s self. How does one even do that? We are limited by human language and there is so much more to us than what we can verbalize.

So then, I will give you the sensory stuff along with who I have found myself to be outside the constraints of this physical form (meaning while OOB or experiencing altered states of consciousness not necessarily drug induced). My color is mostly golden with specks of blue, indigo and violet. This is lately – within the last year. A few years ago it was primarily blue and green.

The sound would likely be a song of some sort, maybe an orchestra playing with colors and light flashing with each tone played (or heard since there would be no instruments really). Imagine seeing the sound. Yep. That’s how it would be. And the sound itself would be part of who you are, who I am. One and the same. Hard to imagine, but I have experienced it so I know it exists.

If you were to meet me in spiritual form I would likely come at you with everything I have. No holding back. You would get all of me whether you liked it or not. Honest, blunt, humorous yet with a more serious (task oriented) side when needed. I would not hesitate to play a joke on you or make a bet with you on one thing or another. But all of it would be full of love, in huge amounts. And acceptance. What I give to myself you would also get. Which is why it would be such a big, fantastic meeting. Right? 🙂

The feeling on your side would be whiplash-like but would then calm down and you would likely laugh. So would I – hysterically, especially when you do the same thing to me. Imagine a water balloon fight, only bigger.

Not sure about taste. Can you taste another Being? Probably. Thinking licorice here for some reason. Probably someone from my soul family played that joke on me once…lol But my favorite tastes would be peanut butter, cotton candy, and chocolate. Interesting combination that would be. 🙂

And that’s just the five basic senses. All the other ones would be in there, too. The entire package is beautifully fantastic and free. That’s me without this body. Unrestrained, full of love, joy, acceptance and potential. I have touched her once. Briefly. That’s how I know she exists.

My entire life I have been the first me – the one living according to what society has labeled her and wants her to be. If you were to meet me under “normal”, 3D circumstances, you would never have any idea that the other me, the real me, existed underneath. I would keep my distance, follow the social norms and rules. I would feel out your energy before I allowed you to get any closer. Any indication that your words don’t match your intention (energy) and I would back off.

I think I prefer that you know the real me – the me who I am without this physical body. I prefer to know her – BE her – to somehow bring her through the body instead of keeping her hidden all the time. It’s hard, though. Hopefully I have done a good job introducing you to her. Now I need to get to know her a bit better myself……to Remember. I’m working on it.






12 thoughts on “Celebrating Me

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  2. herongrace says:

    Dayna I see you as an incredibly brave, wondrous, multi dimensional being, limitless and beyond description. x

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  3. Karin says:

    Wow, what a beautiful description! I am so glad to have met you online here , since in-person I would have only met the Dayna who fits all the social norms.
    Thank you for sharing your amazing journey in such detail.

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  4. Love your magnificent expression of YOU… All of you… Imagination will get you everywhere… so very please to share your amazing journey x barbara

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  6. litebeing says:

    Hi Dayna,
    IAM so glad that you incarnated on Earth around the same time as me. I am grateful to know some of your magnificence beyond the 3D roles you described. The colors and sounds and flavors you impart are magically delicious and harking back to a time of innocence when imagination reigned supreme. (BTE the Sun is square Neptune right now)

    Thanks so taking the challenge and inviting us a bit closer into your cosmos.


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  8. Nice meeting you Dyna ❤ I enjoyed your sharing.

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