Thanksgiving OBEs

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I was blessed with several OBEs this morning. 🙂

OBEs: Creation

I had a string of four or five OBEs in a row which were continuations upon the first, initial OBE. So, I am just including them all together as one OBE. Others have commented that my ability to re-enter a scene after leaving it is rare. I don’t know about that, but I have a lot of fun doing it.

It began as a lucid dream in which I found myself in two places – in my own bed and in a sleeping bag on the living room floor. My MIL came into the house with a huge duffel bag. I asked her why she was bringing in her things and she said she was moving in. I got furious and yelled for my husband. The whole time he was hurriedly taking more of her stuff upstairs and I was shifting to the other bed. The last shift brought me to full awareness and I got up out of my body and yelled his name. Suddenly, the outline of a man in energy form appeared in front of me. He grabbed me by both wrists and pulled me toward him roughly. The tangible physicality brought me back to my body but I was laughing and in the midst of vibrations.

I exited my body and again stood up. I knew I was OOB and I immediately went to creating my experience. I thought, “He will be standing right there (in front of me)” Sure enough, I reached out and felt a man there and again saw the energy outline. My vision was otherwise off and on throughout. I hugged the man and he pulled me into him. It was so real and I was thrilled to be in the experience, playing around and seeing what I could do with it. I felt his entire body and kissed him but he would not get his tongue out of my mouth and I had to tell him to stop. lol Totally a created dream character! I knew this but didn’t care because it was fun! It ended though when I realized I was fully dressed and he was not and with that I also realized I was not interested in a sexual encounter with a made-up dream man. Ha!

I shifted back into body and then went right back out. This time my room morphed into a very large theater with row upon row of seats. I was at the top looking down. I saw a man leaning over something similar to a very large control console, buttons lit up and strange levers covering it. I flew up behind him and wrapped my arms around him. He was solid and warm. I began to say to him, “Hello Jay!” but I stopped myself short. Was it Jay or Ray? Then I said to him, “I just wanted someone to hug.” And I hugged him really tight from behind. He was wearing a flannel shirt and blue jeans and had dark hair and some stubble on his face. I knew him but wasn’t sure how and it confused me. He turned, smiling and it was too much for me and I shifted back into my body.

I went back to my body in full vibration mode. I shifted out quickly, fully intending on creating a different experience and knowing I could. I sat up in bed and looked down at my lap. At the same time I knew I wanted to see a male friend of mine. I spoke aloud as I looked down at this flat board that began to swirl as an image formed upon it. It reminded me of my Kindle. I said, “I want to see ________. I don’t want to be with him. I just want to see him.” I said this a couple of times, like I was trying to convince myself of something. At one point, I remember saying, “I don’t want to be him.” haha

The image on the dream Kindle swirled and then I saw an icon show up. An hourglass. Hahaha  It was so amazingly vivid! I heard a voice say, “Do you want to see you? Do you want to be you?” It confused me and the scene shifted to the familiar blackness and energy that indicated I could travel to another location. A portal was opening. I was too aware, though, or maybe too afraid of what I was about to see?

Still completely thrilled that I was getting so much OOB time, I shifted out of body immediately and flew up into the air. There was music playing, a lovely, familiar tune. I said aloud, “I hear music!” I again was asking to see my friend but was being playful by this time, listening to the music and laughing as I began to float down stairs. I couldn’t see so I lifted what seemed like layer upon layer of a sweater-like material from over my eyes. My vision came on but it was like I was squinting. What didn’t I want to see?

As I descended the stairs, the music intensified and it was very loud in my ears. I slowed, knowing I was not meant to leave the confines of my bedroom. I had done well staying in my room but now it was time to return to my body and be done for the morning.

This was the song that was playing. When I awoke I knew it was for The Dark Crystal. I loved that movie as a kid.

I was reminded of the prophecy of the Crystal and the entire story line. It seems appropriate to my journey to Wholeness and the masculine and feminine aspects. It was a good message to receive this morning and I am grateful. If you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend it.

When single shines the triple sun,

What was sundered and undone

Shall be whole, the two made one,

By Gelfling hand, or else by none.

Something about my travels this morning began to re-open my second chakra. It is aching and sore this morning. I see this as a positive sign as well.

Image credit: The Dark Crystal – Esoteric Analysis.



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