Dream: Standing Rock

Prior to the string of OBEs I had this morning, I had several very intense and emotional dreams.

Dream: Standing Rock

The main part of this dream was inside a huge mansion that was being built by the wife of a billionaire. She had bought the land and constructed a stone wall all the way up the mile or more long driveway. On the top of the hill was the mansion. It was nearly finished and she was inside preparing for bed. I remember shifting into her in the dream and looking out the window. It was dark outside but she/I saw movement and became alarmed. I went outside to investigate and saw several children running away dressed in Indian costumes and holding toy bow-and-arrows.

I yelled, “Get off my property!” I had my own bow-and-arrow for some reason and was shooting it at them but it was bouncing off because it was not a real one. The kids ran and an adult or two appeared from behind large boulders. They were also dressed as Indians. They said, “This is not your property. It is ours.” I didn’t understand.

Then I was outside the woman’s body looking at her through their eyes. They saw a woman caught up in material things, completely blind to the world around her. They pointed out her jewelry to me and I said, “Everything on her is worth thousands, maybe more.” I recognized how many people could live comfortably off of just what she wore on her body. They said to me, “There are hundreds more like her.” I felt pity for her and them, as did they. There was great sadness.

They then took me to the outer limits of the property. There were bulldozers and lots of moved earth. The natural beauty destroyed to make way for the mansion. We stopped atop a hill. There was a natural stone arch and we stood beneath it looking down at the valley below. I could see a dark pool of water and wondered about it. It looked completely black.

Then I was above the pool and realized it was not black at all but that its bottom was covered completely in obsidian! It was the most beautiful pool of water I had ever seen and I had to go down to it.

obsidianThere were two small ceremonial fires near the water’s edge, smoke billowing out. I knelt down by one and put my hand into the crystal clear water. It felt sacred. As I began to enter the water I was filled with overwhelming amounts of emotion and began to cry in heaving sobs. The obsidian was brought to my attention and very soon after I heard very clearly, “Standing Rock”. I was crying so hard my heart was hurting and I couldn’t breathe. I heard, “Be the buffalo.” I woke up.

I continued to cry upon waking. I couldn’t stop. I didn’t understand the emotion – what was I feeling? Was it pain? Was it sorrow? Was it love? Was it all of those things and more?

Honestly, these outpourings of emotions are so powerful and my heart so affected that I feel beside myself with concern. This time I felt a near compulsion to up and leave my entire life/family behind. To just go. Where? I have no idea. My personal problems seemed so insignificant. I felt like a tiny speck on the face of this planet, incapable of creating the change needed to make this place what it could be – should be.

I have not felt a compulsion such as this except when I was hit with the heart connection with my counterpart that knocked me on my butt and then made me want to up and leave everything to go to him. To feel such a draw to leave again out of blue because of the state of the world is a completely new experience for me. I wanted desperately to help. To DO something about it. Nothing else mattered. Nothing.

The emotion here is beyond words. My heart is still burning in my chest. The feelings seem to be a mixture of love for this planet, injustices done to millions for the sake of profit and power, sorrow at the destruction of the planet and guilt for ignoring it. It seems like I received a taste of what our friends in Spirit (ETs or Earth’s caretakers) feel all the time coming from this planet. It is excruciating. How could anyone ignore it? How could I?

big_thumb_6a111efaec242d6f9514afdbbab65dc5Dream: Recruit

It was 3am and I spent a good hour asking my guidance, “What is happening to me!?” Because honestly this is utterly confusing! All of it hitting me in the heart. What do I do with it!? How do I get it to stop!? I have not felt this much confusion since my heart connection was initiated. I feel like I am being called, no PUSHED, into action. It’s like my Team is saying, “Take a real good look at why you came here.”

I attempted sleep but asked for something good to happen. I told my Team, “Please. No more agonizing tears and heart intensity. I just can’t take it!”

They didn’t listen.

I found myself dropped into the middle of a military operation with hundreds of other recruits. I was new and did not know what I was doing. They were doing a morning stretch – calisthenics and yoga. All the recruits were women. The one in charge said to the group, “The new recruits from out of state have just arrived.” Was that me?

Then I was transferred to another part of the facility. I was to be a part of a team. I realized they were trying to find a place for me and figured I would do better as part of the cheerleading squad. I outright rejected this. When I did the warm-up with this group I gave up. They were doing advanced yoga poses there was no way I could do.

As I left this new facility it began to rain and I got out an umbrella and walked toward another building. The storm intensified. High winds began to pick up my umbrella and pull me into the air. I was carried about ten feet and then dropped. Others were being tossed about, too. I was able to make it into the doorway. When I opened the door, a boy was reaching toward me. He asked me, “Are you blind?” I didn’t know why he asked that and ignored him. Then I saw that he was feeling around and that his eyes were white. I realized he was blind and wanted me to help him down the stairs. I took his hand and did just that but it seemed that he was me. That I was the blind one. I also had a single Hershey’s kiss with almonds in my hand. I remember thinking that peculiar.

Then I was inside with a bunch of others who were standing about in shock about the storm. One woman who was dressed very nicely, had her hair done up and was wearing expensive jewelry, was upset. I asked her why and she said, “I was separated from my partner.” I reached out to hug her, saying “I was separated from my partner, too.” She put her hand out, rejecting my sympathy. She said, “I guess a century apart has hardened me.” I felt bad for her, completely understanding her situation. I leaned in to hug her again and this time she let me saying, “Not completely hardened I guess.” She hugged me back tightly and I could feel her very physically accepting my love and support. With that, I began to sob uncontrollably, a gut-wrenching, painful welling-up of emotion coming from my heart and all my lower chakras.

When I awoke I was again beside myself with concern. Two times in one night!? And what is up with the woman being apart from her partner for a whole century!? Where was I? Am I really a recruit of some sort being prepared for something, a battle? A confrontation? A mission?

My guidance is of NO help whatsoever. All they say is, “Listen to your heart.” But my heart in such a twisted knot and hurts so much that to listen to it is agonizing. They did send me a familiar song phrase over and over, “I’ll never be the same…” What the hell did I sign up for in this life?








8 thoughts on “Dream: Standing Rock

  1. Laura Moore says:

    Do you feel called to stand with the Water Protectors at Standing Rock?? If so, I would find a way to support you somehow! Amazing dream to have Thanksgiving morning!!! I have considered going myself… even just to take supplies and stand for a day or two. My reality doesn’t fit with it though. Not right now. 😥

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    • Dayna says:

      I never felt called until after I had this dream but now, hours later, that call has subsided. It could be that the dream was asking me to take a stand in my own life, to stand in my own power. There is lots of symbolism but I have not had time to really dig into it yet. The emotion spoke of all that is connected to what Standing Rock represents, though. It makes me wonder if maybe I am tapping into the collective unconscious somehow during dreamtime. It feels almost like I am being stalked at night these days. It doesn’t seem to end. 😦

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  2. sophia.kuzminski@hotmail.com says:

    Day na, your Dream of Standing Rock is so powerful. I felt all same emotions as yourself as I read your journey. To me its is such a deep Love …Love Humanity …Love Mother Earth.
    A Group of Us are planning on Going to Standing Rock In March 19-21…for Deep Prayer Cermony …..Give Thanks …And Yes,
    ” Give to Sacred Water Blessing on that Day”

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  3. herongrace says:

    When I did my little vision quest I think September 17 lunar eclipse, I was sure i had joined up with a group of Indigenous peoples north west of your country. I connected with them and felt it was very significant. At that time I had no knowledge of anything happening I just felt it was. I later read of the protest. So I feel that we are there and supportive quite a bit on an astral level.
    I have been feeling a bit emotional re: world state and have a feeling things will come to a head next year.

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    • Dayna says:

      I was surprised by this dream and my reaction to it. Am still not sure what to make of it really.

      It has been a particularly difficult last couple of months for me. Never have I been so emotional, even during my three pregnancies! I am ready for it to end. I am exhausted.


      • herongrace says:

        I’m getting a major Neptune download at the moment. I find it interesting. Yes you have gone through a major download. Remember your harbinger roller coaster dream Lol?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Dayna says:

        I’m wanting Neptune to go away now but unfortunately he is a part of my chart and not going anywhere. I had chosen Saturn as the worse of the two but now I am thinking the opposite. I miss my job and my stability this week! I want to go back just for some sanity!!

        And yes, the roller coaster dream is perfect here. Up, down, Up, massive drop. lol


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