Dream: Aderito

My dreams continue to be abundant, complex, and chock full of messages and symbolism.

Dream: Aderito

I was teaching a class to two students. For some reason I thought I was teaching them Spanish. I could see a brightly lit classroom and the two students, one male and one female, sitting in front of me just behind an overhead projector. We were practicing speaking a language and I was giving them words/sentences and they would repeat them back to me. I can’t remember all that was said now but the two students began to speak among themselves in a language that resembled Spanish but obviously was not. I interrupted them because I knew enough to know they were talking about me. I thought I heard the word, “Abuelita”, so I said the word to them and they both looked at me, their faces showing their humor. I couldn’t figure out why they were referring to me as a grandmother. I kept questioning them and finally the male student said to me, “Aderito”. Still confused, I woke up wondering why I often speak Spanish in my dreams anyway and why I was being called a “granny”. Weird!

I almost forgot about the dream until I began writing a post and it all flooded back into my mind along with the correct word the two students were saying – Aderito. What was that? What does it mean? Is it even Spanish?

Well, apparently it is Italian! No wonder I was confusing it with Spanish – the two languages are very similar. And upon looking it up I found that it means “Joined” in English.

I don’t remember any part of the rest of the conversation that the two were having about me probably because I was fixated on thinking they were saying I am old. Which I am, kinda. lol Not a granny but then who knows when you are in dreamland! Hahaha

Dream: All Red

I had a dream in which I was in a house that was completely red. Everything was red. Like the whole house was painted in blood. I don’t recall the specifics now. I only remember that I was in the house with my husband.

Red – Anger, aggression, raw emotion.
House – One’s own soul and Self.

Dream: Lodge

I visited a huge log cabin. Inside the walls were made of wood paneling and the ceilings were huge round logs reminiscent of a mountain lodge. I was with a woman and we were discussing various things that made no sense and so have been lost to me now. I remember sitting and looking at the lodge. It was vast with more rooms than I could count. It was comfortable and I remember thinking, “I like it here.”

Then I was outside with the woman and saw the ranch surrounding it. There were residential cabins all around it for the workers and visitors. There were people scattered about doing various jobs. It was like a sustainable community.

I wandered to the front drive in a car and then turned around to re-enter. I was thinking, “I like it here. I would like to live here someday.”

The gate was partially closed and I ended up on a bicycle, pedaling in. I saw a school bus approaching and as I pedal in tons of children both on foot and on bicycles surrounded me. I saw a woman caretaker in the background dressed in a dress standing behind them. They said, “Is the bus coming!?” I said, “Yes, I just saw it.” I knew some of the kids went to public school while others stayed and were homeschooled. They ran toward the road but some stayed with me, so close I couldn’t move. They were full of love and I felt comforted by their presence. A tiny baby was on the ground in front of me and I worried he would be squished. One boy said, “He’s bigger than he looks. See!” And the baby got up and walked right through all the bikes.

Lodge – Feeling stuck in life.
Log – Transformation.
Ranch – Needing to take stock of your life and determine what you want.
Bicycle – Desire for balance.
School bus – About to venture on important life journey necessary for personal growth.
Small baby – Worries that others will detect your vulnerabilities.


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