Dreams this Week

Some dreams from earlier in the week. I have been inundated with vivid dreams that invoke strong emotions. In these I was upset or angered by the dreams.

Dream: Many Faced Man

I entered into a house on a hill. It was big with lots of space. In the center of the room was a long, rectangular, white table. There were people I knew gathered around it. Someone then collapsed onto the floor. The person was left there until morning. By morning the body had begun to decay and it smelled awful. There were flies everywhere. The feeling was of disgust.

Then I was with a man I knew. He was very interested in me and kept me close. The strange thing was that the feeling from him was indecisive. This showed in the dream as his face shifting. It was like he had ten or more faces in one face and he would show me one of those faces and then another based upon what he wanted. I rejected this and was not interested in being played this way. The rest of the group was encouraging us as a couple and I became restless, wanting away from them and especially the man. He was very happy and loud and talking to me quite a bit. All I recall now is that the feelings he sent me were too confusing. One minute I thought he was one way and then he would shift to being another way. I didn’t like it.

Dream: Healing Lodge

The next thing I knew I was in a car with my friend Sophia driving. I was still upset by the man, feeling manipulated by him and not wanting that to continue. I didn’t know what to do about it. The discussion here was that I needed rest and healing and Sophia said, “Why don’t you let me drive you to the lodge?” I remember accepting this and going along but still felt unsettled.

We got to the lodge which was on a mountaintop. Inside, Sophia took me to the restroom. She entered into the middle stall and began to change her clothes. I went into the first stall and just sat there staring at the closed door. Then I saw my friend Eric come in. He said, “Welcome Dayna! So good to see you here!” He then entered the third stall. I just continued to sit and stare at the stall door feeling absolutely nothing.

Dream: Full House

In another dream I was partially lucid and in my grandparents old home. In the living area there was a sofa that was old and tattered. I was to stay the night there but the floors were grotesque. They were covered in dirty spots and smelled like urine. I sat on the sofa and it was just as dirty and I tried to curl up and sleep but the smell of urine was too strong. There was a show on the TV. I remember only that it was the show Full House.


Then I shifted into the in-between. There I saw three brand new tablet computers on the floor. One was at my feet as if given to me specifically. I looked down at it and heard/felt it to mean, “Communicate”. I was not interested in listening to this suggestion.


Corpse – An aspect of Self which has died; a feeling of deadness inside.
Flies – Filth, dirtiness or the breakdown of a plan of action.
Face (shifting) – A person in your life is untrustworthy.
Lodge – Feeling stuck in life; not knowing what to do.
Bathroom – Need to relieve one’s self of a burden; need for healing/purification.
Urine – Unwilling to confront certain emotions; having a pissy attitude (lol)
Carpet/Flooring – Foundations; since these are stained and ugly indicates unwillingness to confront an issue.



2 thoughts on “Dreams this Week

  1. sophia.kuzminski@hotmail.com says:

    Day-na,…Day-na,….if only you knew…..You saw me in a dream and I saw You, too…..

    I am actually getting my drivers permit..so yes I will be driving soon again.

    Healing Lodge :
    I was thinking about you this week. Concern about your relationship with 2 men in your life. Then thinking and visually saw you transporting to Mt. Shasta for “healing” during our gathering in July 2017. Energy was me saying to you ” you need healing”….a break from those male energies.
    One week were you can be You.
    Yes, I felt you needed healing and purification and wanted to bring you with my travel in cosmic time travel energies.

    This morning I thought about you and purple flame was very heavy
    in my heart in regards to me feeling concern for you and healing.

    Changing my clothes:In Bathroom Stall :
    Soon I will be changing my location of where I live..cleaning up my life..flushing out old and allowing new to take over.

    This evening my daughter gave me a gift for my BD and for helping her babysit grandbabies, she gave me a healing pendant…
    It was a ” Purple Flame ” necklace……I thought about my prayer for you this morning…..
    G-d is good Day-na..be strong..sending you love and bright light of energy…
    ( wish I lived closer to you I help watch your children, while your working…I see how difficult it is raising a family , going to work and living a life in highter frequency.
    Blessings my friend…I will be waiting for you at Shasta, when I am there for entire summer….@ the Healing Lodge
    So 💜

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