OBE: False Start

Another mid-work-week OBE.

OBE: False Start

Awoke at 4am and then ended up aware in body hearing noises-off. I heard my husband above me working on an a/c vent. Looked and saw him on ladder. Knew I could exit and so moved my body to see if I could. I moved completely to one side of my bed. It felt too solid to me for some reason and so I moved back into my original position. Then I began to hear voices and knew without a doubt I could exit. I automatically opened one of my astral eyes and saw my room. It was dark and I lingered there for a while experiencing the ability to see through closed eyes. I could feel my physical eyes and astral eyes which was really cool.

I shifted and rolled out of my bed coming to a standing position next to it. I saw the room was very crowded with furniture. The dark was broken by sudden light and there was furniture lining the walls, furniture I use to have when I was young. Then I saw my husband by the door smiling. I saw the door and all I could think of was getting out of the cramped room and away from my sleeping body.

As I neared the front door the furniture was more dense and there was a fish aquarium right next to the door partially blocking it. I saw my husband and asked him about the furniture. He said he liked it that way. I thought it needed to be cleared out. The desire to get out of the cramped space was strong.

I pushed past the aquarium and squeezed through the door. On the other side I saw my mom kneeling next to my daughter. She said hi and I waved as I went downstairs.

When I got downstairs I ran into my husband again with our youngest child. I still wanted out of there and the urge to get to the front door was strong but I felt held back as I stood there looking at my husband and child. My energy then shifted quickly and I was back in my body with very strong, hectic energy. Once I settled in I opened my eyes a bit disappointed that the OBE had been so short. It was 4:33am.


When I woke I knew I was suppose to pay attention to what I saw. The cramped room and the feeling of wanting out of it made me realize that it was reflecting my current feelings. My husband’s stuff crammed into my space is very much how I have been feeling lately. I have also been trying to get away from the feeling of being cramped in life or burdened with all the responsibilities I have.



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