Question and Answer Session

Another post from my short break from WordPress. This one was written on April 30, 2016.

Question and Answer Session

I needed some answers so I figured I would just start asking my guides and see what they give me. I use to do this after my first awakening. My journal during that time if full of question and answer sessions just like this one will be.

We are glad you are seeking our council. (I received a major blast to the heart that made my stomach drop and covered me with goosebumps)

Wow, I wasn’t expecting that!

We know. We have been waiting for you to appeal to us. It is about time.

I guess you already know what I am going to ask then.

Of course we do.

Why does my heart do that? What are you doing to me? It makes me feel like I am losing my breath.

Your heart is responding to what it knows. We know you. You know us. We are family. Always together.

Who are you?

We are the Many, you are the chosen. Is that settled now? (this made me laugh)

Who are the chosen? Why do you use that word to describe me/us?

The chosen are those who volunteered to be of service to Earth during this time, the time of the ascension. We are able to communicate through those of you who have been selected as candidates for contact. This you are and this you know.

This is not what I had in mind when I wanted to talk with you. I’m a bit caught off guard here.

Would you like us to explain? 

Explain what? I have forgotten what I was going to ask and my mind is blank.

In another year’s time you will not need to ask us the questions you wish to ask. You will know. We have already explained this and established it as fact for the time being. However, if you would like us to explain it again so you can have it in writing then we would be agreeable to that.

Okay then. What is happening to me in regards to my physical counterpart? Why is he so frequently in my thoughts? I feel like an obsessed idiot and it seems it was just forced upon me out of the blue.

We understand you have many questions and upsets regarding this matter. As you know we are limited in what we can reveal to you of this process because it is so very important that you do not booby trap yourself along the way, and you will indeed do this for you have too much emotional investment in the outcome. 

What you are experiencing is a melding of two consciousnesses. One which resides in you and the other which resides in him. You are similar but not identical. You were made from the same cloth and from this was cut the pattern from which you both created the lifetimes which you have lived. Each of you has created your own tapestry of experience and within each of your own experiences are pieces of one another’s. In this particular tapestry of experience you have chosen to join your two individual tapestries. With this comes a Remembrance of that which you Are. In this Remembrance is much detail and emotion. Lifetime upon lifetime upon lifetime. In this Remembrance you have both chosen to integrate all aspects of yourSelf for you have selectively created aspects across many different timelines simultaneously in order to create your own unique tapestry. Ultimately your tapestries will become one, a grander more elaborate version of the individual pair which composes it. 

So how does this go along with my human experience because what you are describing sounds more like something that is going on at higher levels.

There are no ‘higher’ levels, there is only You.

Okay, well then can you explain it more from the human perspective?

From your perspective it would seem that you were being invaded by another. In a sense, you are as his energy and yours are intermixing, although this is not visible to your human eyes. In the process of this exchange you will become more of the other and as such also more of yourselves. 

Is this the Wholeness I keep hearing about?

Yes, it is.

How many times will I be experiencing something like this in my lifetime?


Thank God. lol But then can it occur more than once?

If it were to happen more than once, it would be with other aspects and not with another occupying a human body as the aspects themselves exist outside of space and time. They are interconnected within the fiber of your being. They in fact compose that which is You. 

How do I avoid the almost obsessive thoughts? It is strange to me and I do not know what to do about it.

There is only the monitoring of thought that will bring you relief. In this we remind you to remain in the heart and as the observer. If you accomplish this task then the thoughts you are referring to will be nothing more than echoes reverberating in your head. They are of no consequence. Do not give to them more weight than they carry for this can lead to mental and emotional exhaustion. This you have already witnessed firsthand have you not? (they are laughing at me)

So the path to wholeness, as you call it, does it require his participation?

Yes and no. Yes in that he must consciously agree and no in that there is not a specific path or steps that he must follow in order to help you in becoming Whole. Consider yourselves to be on similar paths, parallel to the other yet intricately intertwined. What one of you accomplishes, so too will the other.

Do we have to meet physically for Wholeness to occur?

No, you do not.

So what is all this energy? Specifically from the heart but also the third-eye.

The heart energy you are experiencing is your connection to All. It is your finite body reacting to the infinite being that you are. It is like putting similar ends of two magnets close to one another. There is a pressure, a resistance, felt as the energy of both sides comes in contact. This is also how it is when you place the infinite up next to the finite. It is simply the energy of  You, one limited and one unlimited. 

Wow, I wasn’t expecting that explanation but I like it. It makes sense. And the third-eye? Is it the same.

Yes. With each vortex of energy there comes the sensation you are experiencing. Each is connected to the physical body but also to other aspects and other times. When one is active as you call it, then you have access to the other aspects and times via that particular vortex.

So, you mean that if my third-eye is active then I have access to the intuition – the vision – of other aspects of me on other timelines?

That is an appropriate rendition of what we have just explained, yes. 

I know there is more as I see what you are showing me but it is hard for me to understand the layers upon layers and vast connections I see. It is like a matrix over a matrix over a matrix.

It has been referred to as “fabric” by many others because of its resemblance. What you see is the tapestry we formerly discussed. What you see is intention and creation. What you see is the building blocks of God/Source.

I think it may be just a bit over my head, but then you know that. I guess I would just like to know how much more of this heart connection will I be subject to?

As much as you can handle and then some. It is not going away, Dayna. It is part of you. It IS you. This you have already concluded for yourself so why are you again asking us this question? 

I was interrupted by my youngest several times during this session so I ended it here. I was getting a bit overwhelmed by all the information that was coming through.

I must admit I am shocked from the amount of energy that was coursing through my heart during this exchange. It is like heart fire on steroids. lol And the imagery I was shown- wow! The very vastness of each of Us is beyond compare. There is nothing on Earth or in my limited human experience that even comes close. The “tapestry” is the only analogy that makes sense as it appears in interwoven layers of color. I could see the stars and the universe within its “fibers”. That is how big We are and I am sure We are even bigger than that.


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