Lucid Dream: My Everything

This was a post I wrote when I had taken a short reprieve from writing here. I keep being reminded of what I was told in this experience and so looked back in my blog for it. I found I had written it privately and believe it should be shared now. The date of the original post is April 23, 2016. Enjoy!

Lucid Dream: My Everything

I was outside on a veranda of some sort that reminded me of a very large, white gazebo. The setting was somewhere in the deep South. It looked like a plantation estate that I had visited when I was in North Carolina. The sky was clear and a deep blue. There was a slight breeze and the green of the grass and trees indicated it was Spring.

I sat at a long, white table looking out at this beautiful place as I did my homework. On the paper in front of me I was writing numbers. Each number was in the millions. I was counting the places and trying to remember if millions had six zeros or eight. So I was looking back in my text when he arrived.

A man wearing a white dress shirt and black trousers approached from the lawn in front of me. He had come to see me and I looked up at him briefly as I did my homework. I was kind of dismissive and he said, “Oh, excuse me, you are busy. I will come back later.” Then he was walking out onto the lawn and away from me.

I stopped what I was doing and yelled to him, “No. Wait! I want you to come back. Please!” He stopped and turned, looking at me briefly and then walking onto the gazebo to stand next to me.

He said, “Really?” and sounded thoroughly surprised and hopeful. Still facing my homework I said, “Yes, of course.” I reached my left hand behind me and touched his pant leg and then apologized because I worried it would be unacceptable. I pulled myself up via his leg to stand up next to him.

I looked up at him this time and realized he was quite old. His hair was completely gray but thick and unruly. His face was kind but etched with deep wrinkles. The feeling I had was that he was the professor who had been teaching me. I knew him as my teacher. I did not recognize his face, I recognized his energy.

Then I reached up and kissed him on the mouth. The feeling from him was that he was very completely caught off guard by my behavior but that he had wanted me to do exactly what I was doing. My lucidity was full-on by this time and I could feel the kiss in all ways – very real!

I wrapped my arms around him. He hugged me close to him and nuzzled his face in the crook of my neck. I remember thinking, “I love him”. And fell into him, feeling absolutely no resistance.

Heart Bliss Explosion

With this came an intensity of desire that shot into my heart chakra and poured into all of my lower chakras. It was the most exquisite feeling I have ever felt.

I woke up and the energy intensified and poured through me. I did not want to wake up yet even while awake the energy was coursing through my heart and lower chakras. My root and second chakra were especially active but my heart was beyond exploding. The feeling is indescribable. It is passionate and tender and beautiful and all encompassing.

The appearance of the old man confused me. Who was he? My first thought was that I was just going to have these heart-connections with everyone I met now, that I must be a spiritual slut of some kind. lol It sure felt that way. Yet there was the man’s voice in my head and it was the same voice I have always heard – my Companion’s.

I realized that my Companion is my father, my brother, my son, my uncle, my… get the point. He is all of them. There was a complete recognition of him in this way, too. He is my everything. With this I saw him as pure, golden energy – swirling and pulsating. A Golden Man.

The energy continued to explode into and out of my chest. He was speaking to me the whole time, asking me to focus on him and what I was feeling and what I remembered of our interaction. I knew he and I had been discussing some things. My life, my hopes and dreams, my spiritual progression, etc. As I recounted what I remembered, I fell into this bliss-gasm and my heart felt ten, no a hundred, times its normal size. And the beautiful feeling, OMG I can’t even describe it.

And I knew he was drawing me towards him, embracing me. I suddenly felt as if I shrunk and became a child-version of myself. I was looking up at him and his appearance was more familiar. His tan skin and long, braided hair was distinct and my recognition of him was complete. I again realized he was everything to me – father, husband, son, uncle, friend, teacher, guide. I knew without a doubt he had always been with me, is with me always and is a part of me. He told me this as well. Communication was a constant. And the love was unlike any I have ever experienced.

Then I realized we were in a hot tub together. I saw him sitting across from me with a big smile on his face. I yelled, “Steven! It IS you!”

I remembered then why he gave me a name he gave me not long ago: Moab. The name meant “ancestor” in Hebrew but also meant “father” and numerous other things. It all made complete sense now. He was my Moab – my everything. My spiritual counterpart.

We discussed then what was going on and what would commence now. The whole time the heart bliss is exploding through my physical body and pouring down my lower chakras. I kept thinking, “Push it up” to keep it out of my lower chakras but at the same time I was receiving permission to allow it to go down – that it was OK to feel pleasure, passion, desire. I felt my crown and third-eye blaze at this time, so I knew the energy was beginning to rise.

I’m not sure how I was able to communicate through it all.

I kept asking for the completion of US; for the energy to complete it’s rise up through my crown and beyond. I was told it was not yet time, that I have work to do on many levels first. My physical counterpart was mentioned in this. Part of my completion is assisting him with his. My Companion also said that We must work on my life, tweak it and this alarmed me. He said, “Baby steps” and I felt the progression would be gradual, the changes gradual so that I would not overreact.

I then recalled a dream I had before meeting him on the gazebo. We were looking at a small Christmas tree. I had just made an ornament and put the name of my middle son on it. The branches were full and I saw that my son already had an ornament on the tree. In this I knew that my middle son was a “gift” to me. I felt such love for my middle son and knew he was also part of me – husband, father, son.…. My children are very, very important to me and to this life and my purpose here.

This is by far the most amazing experience I have had to date.


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