Hold On

Yesterday I went to get my hair cut. I wanted to cut it all off again, like I did in 2014, but my daughter talked me out of it. While I was getting my hair cut, a song came on the radio station they were playing in the salon. Right as it came on I heard my guidance say, “Pay attention to the song.” So I did and smiled when I recognized the song. It was a song I use to listen to my senior year in high school. The song was Hold On, by Wilson Philips.

The song happened to be one that I was listening to around the time when I was having conversations with myself about my future. I was feeling isolated and alone and finally prayed to God to send me someone to love. Though I was not aware of having guides at that time, I did receive answers. I thought I was talking to myself and left it at that. My answer at the time was that it would be a very long time before I would meet “the One”. It wouldn’t be until my 30’s (to a 17 year old this is a looooong time). I remember crying about waiting so long and that is when I prayed to find someone sooner.

At the time, the song Hold On, was not in the forefront of my mind. I didn’t look for signs or synchronicities at that time. I didn’t even know what a synchronicity was then. But when I came home from the salon and read the lyrics to the song my heart flipped-flopped in my chest. I laughed at my Team thinking,”Oh wow. Are you kidding me?”

Dream: The Little Engine that Could

It was a sunny and warm day. The sun was bright overhead and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. I waited near a railroad track with others of my own age group. We were all probably 10-12 years old. One member of my group laid down on the track. I remember thinking it looked comfy. I warned him that the train would run over him if he stayed there. Then we heard the whistle of the train, he got up and we boarded it. The train was only the engine part, though. There were not any train cars attached to it. It was one of those steam engines and reminded me of the story The Little Engine that Could.


Dream: Going to Prison

From the train dream I shifted into another dream where I was entering into an enclosure with a handful of other women. It was a low security prison with low fences and appeared more like a home than an institution.

We went through processing where we were each given blue shirts and pants. Then we met our prison guards, both women, and were taken into our living quarters where we were shown the kitchen. It was explained that because we were in the 4-5 group that we would have our food prepared for us each day. Once we got into the upper level groups we would have to prepare our own food.

After some time passed I received news that my sister from Alaska had requested a transfer to my prison. I was excited and shared the news with everyone but the guards were suspicious. When I met her, she looked just like me.

My sister seemed to disappear from the dream at that point and then I was learning that the guards who normally watched my group would be gone. As we waited for a breakfast of pancakes, my attention went to the back fence. In the distance I saw a beautiful white peacock flying down from the sky, its wings and tail spread. As I watched, it crossed over the prison fence and landed. When it landed it morphed into a woman wearing a jacket and a skirt that resembled a folded up peacock tail. The skirt was not white, though, it was tan.

The woman approached me and I saw her clearly. She had blonde hair but her hair was long on one side and super short on the other. In her hand she held a handgun. One guard saw her and alerted the other guard but the peacock women seemed almost to have magical abilities because she instantly immobilized the guard that came toward her. The male guard in the tower shouted something at her but did not advance.

Then the woman spoke to me. I don’t recall all the words spoken but I do recall seeing in front of me images representing our conversation. In the image was a young man with dark hair who I identified as my friend/boyfriend. He was standing a short distance away and seemed to be glowing in yellow light. The information passed on to me was that he would be away for three days. I kept thinking he was in Alaska but in the discussion I mentioned that his time zone was a hour ahead of mine and so the time for him would pass faster. I saw the time as 11:00 and knew he was ahead of me. I kept focusing on the three days and it seemed like an eternity to me. The woman said to me, “Just hold on for one more day.” Hearing this peaked my lucidity and I became emotional. I began to cry and woke up in tears.

I was able to recover from my upset fairly quickly. The song Hold On was going through my mind.


The first dream is giving encouragement, saying, “You can do this” via the story of the Little Engine that Could.

The second dream represents how I am feeling: Imprisoned in my life situation. It is a low security prison, which to me symbolizes that I am not feeling overly restricted. The sister from Alaska is representative of the me from that time in my life. That time in my life was similar to this time in many ways. The peacock symbolizes Spring, birth, new growth, longevity and love. The peacock turns into a woman. Her hair stands out to me here and I see her as being representative of an integrated or Whole version of myself. She is carrying a gun and helping me to break out of the prison. Her message is a significant one – one of hope and perseverance.



2 thoughts on “Hold On

  1. herongrace says:

    Wonderful straight forward symbols Dayna beautifully expressing their message of hope to you. I am picking up that the white peacock is your interpretation of seeing the dazzling light of a Light Being.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Dayna says:

      Thanks. I wish I had felt encouraged when I awoke, but instead I was crying. 😦 The white peacock could have been an angelic being, but she looked a whole lot like me when she morphed into a person.

      Liked by 2 people

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