Another Beneficial Conversation

I had another productive conversation with my spouse yesterday. I find it quite curious but welcome such conversations. For some reason I end up channeling information out of the blue in these conversations and it leaves me feeling awed and inspired.

The Council

These conversations are challenging because my husband is not on the ascension path with me. He is not familiar with the terms I use and finds it difficult to relate to my spiritual experiences. However, it is the very challenge of explaining certain concepts to him that creates the perfect opportunity for Spirit to use me as a channel.

To my surprise, my husband brought up a memory he had of what he called “the Committee.” He described this committee as a group with a dark agenda who made him feel small, insignificant and afraid. He encountered them while in session (similar to hypnosis) and described having multiple memories of this committee. He described the time related to these encounters as “folding in on itself” – as if time was nonexistent. Each time he recalled an encounter he felt judged by them. Finally, however, he recalled confronting this group. He said they told him what he would do and he said to them, “No, I will not do that.” He said then he felt freed of them and relieved.

I smiled in recognition and told him the time element was likely nonexistent because encounters with such committees (which I told him I called the Council) occur between lives and beyond the realm of Time/Space.

Then I shared with him my experiences with the Council. How when I first encountered them I also felt afraid, small and insignificant, like a child being sent to the principal’s office. However, after many experiences and discussions with them, I realized that this feeling was brought about by my Forgetfulness while in a human body and by the largeness of their energy. It does make one feel small and overpowered. There is a sense that what they say is what must be done and a sense that my own choices are faulty in comparison to their great wisdom.

Then I explained to him that how the Council appears to us is a direct reflection of us. If we are highly critical, judgmental, doubtful, fearful, etc – then we will perceive them through those lenses. As we become more aware of our own power and potential, the Council shifts dramatically from an authoritative or dictatorial group to a democratic or mentoring group. I congratulated him on his successful recognition that he was the director of his own life and no one, not even the Council, had the authority to tell him what to do unless he gave them that power.

Dreams as Teachers

The conversation then shifted to dreams and how I interpret them. I explained that I see everything in my dreams as a reflection of myself. Dreams are, to me, a gateway to the subconscious/superconscious and through them I am able to reach into a deeper, unseen part of myself and initiate great healing and growth. I explained that I am seeing my experiences in the physical in a similar way now. That each person, situation and event that comes into my life is a mirror of mySelf offering great potential for learning. He seemed to grasp the benefit to this.

Divine Connection

The conversation shifted to soulmates/twin flames/Divine counterparts (you choose your term). He wanted to understand what it was. I told him, “So do I!” I began by asking him if he thought it possible that his Higher Self could experience many lifetimes at the same time. He was curious to know what I meant.

Since he was in agreement with me that we exist outside Space/Time as Spirit, I started there, explaining that if we function from outside that boundary that we could in fact experience many lifetimes in many forms all at once. I used an octopus to illustrate my point. I told him to imagine that his Higher Self was the body of the octopus and that each of his legs extended into a different Space/Time. Each leg connects to an individualized consciousness that then experiences an individual lifetime. When that lifetime concluded it would retract back to the body of the octopus and be integrated there into the Whole. I explained that from where we are (in a human body) it would appear that we are the body of the octopus but in reality we are just one aspect, one leg, extended forth into a timeline to have a separate experience.

He seemed to relate and understand so I continued. I said, “What if two legs were on the same timeline? What if three or four or even more were on the same timeline? Is it possible?” He agreed that it would be (so do I). I asked him, “What if two of those individuals met? What do you think it would be like to meet yourself?” He thought about it. He didn’t answer but his face showed that he realized it would be an exceptional experience. Then I said, “That is the closest I can come to explaining the (soulmate/twin flame/Divine Counterpart) experience.”

The image of the octopus has stayed with me ever since this conversation. I see it as purple for some reason. The idea resonates with me and I can’t help but smile when I think about it. I hope it was helpful to you.

Teachable Moments

There is something educators are very good at: taking advantage of teachable moments. A teachable moment is an unplanned opportunity that arises in the classroom where a teacher has an ideal chance to offer insight to his or her students. It is a fleeting opportunity that must be sensed and seized by the teacher. Teachable moments have maximum impact.

As I reflect on this most recent conversation with my husband, it is obvious to me that it was a teachable moment. I have had many such similar moments with others, also. What is exceptional about these moments is that the teacher also becomes the student whether they are aware of it or not. It is the same from the student perspective, also. The student is also the teacher. The more we allow ourselves to take advantage of teachable moments in our lives, the more potential there is for growth on all dynamics.




9 thoughts on “Another Beneficial Conversation

  1. Karin says:

    Beautiful explanation. Thanks for sharing. I did not have any twin flame encounter and always wondered what this was about.

    I like the octopus analogy. I think of the whole universe as an octopus. Like a giant puppeteer with a puppet on each one of his arms. For some odd reason, the coloring of the octopus in my mind is transparent light blue and the body-mind puppets are red, whereas your octopus is purple.

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  2. herongrace says:

    Happy super duper Taurus full moon Dayna et al! x

    Liked by 2 people

  3. kittyasmith says:

    WOW! What a helpful and timely post. When you said, “each person, situation and event that comes into my life is a mirror of mySelf ” it hit me right between the eyes.

    On 11-11 I said I would be watching what came up for me that day. A video about Cathy O’Brien who had escaped deep mind control (she was a government sex slave and mule) popped up. Her story was a mirror of my life. (Her abuse was far more intense and brutal, I shudder when I realize how close I was to her. It is highly likely my father was in the same circles hers was. I needed to learn this so I can remove the mind control factors of my childhood from my (sub-conscious) mind, although this is the walk-out’s experience it still affects me in some aspects.

    The octopus is a very helpful analogy and one I resonate with. I never heard a twin-flame described this way but it feels right.

    Teachable moments, I have been having many, especially since taking a job. Never thought to use this term to describe it. Again- PERFECT.

    Thank you a million times!

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  4. Fascinating Dayna. I think that the entire country has had it’s assemblage point shifted bigtime and is in a collective “teachable moment” right now. I pray that we learn well. Is teachable moment your phrase?

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