Shoe Troubles

Something really weird happened at work today. I was given the job of crossing guard as soon as I arrived to work. So, I set off to my assigned location. On the way, my foot felt strange. I looked down and saw that one side of my shoe was flaring out. When I got to my location, I inspected it closer and saw that the entire sole had broken off and part of the toe was exposed. The shoe was falling apart! I didn’t have a walkie or my phone with me so I had to play crossing guard for 20 minutes with a shoe that was barely staying together. Then, halfway through, the other shoe started to do the same thing! By the time I hobbled back into the office both shoes were nearly in shreds. I had to take them off and go to my first class lesson in my socks! Thankfully, it was with kindergartners and they didn’t notice. No one did really. My husband, bless him, brought me another pair of shoes without hesitation despite it making him late for work. 🙂

The strange thing is, these shoes were practically brand new. I rarely wore them and they were a good quality shoe. When I looked at them closer I noticed that the sole was literally disintegrating! It was so brittle that pieces of it crumbled in my hands as I inspected the shoes. So very odd!

When this happened to me I immediately thought, “If this was a dream, what would it mean?” So I looked and found that shoes in general represent a person’s outlook on life. If a shoe falls apart like mine did it indicates that situations and/or people in your life which you feel you can rely upon are in danger of failing. The suggestion is to look around and find things that may be broken and in need of fixing. lol Well, I can see a lot of that…. But when I thought about what it could mean while it was happening I was thinking, “This is not a good sign. My life is about to fall apart.”

Here are pictures of my lovely shoes after they failed me and broke into pieces. It is just mind blowing to me how quickly they fell apart.

Overall, it was not a bad experience just a surprising one. I had a good day and enjoyed myself with the kids and successfully taught my first guidance lesson to kindergartners. It was really fun. 🙂 Tomorrow I get to do it again. Hopefully, this time, with shoes in tact. 😉


2 thoughts on “Shoe Troubles

  1. Stepping out if the OLD and into the NEW quickly… Boom!! Kinda funny actually… If you had gone on with bare feet or socks that would have been awesome!! Heart to heart love

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