OBE: Lights Inside

Eventful night last night. I was awakened at 3am from a series of dreams. There was so much Knowing that it took me a while to fall back to sleep.

OBE: Lights Inside

I knew there was a possibility of projecting but didn’t care one way or the other. I ended up in dream set in a shopping market. I had a load of groceries I just checked out and then the lights went out – power outage. I went toward the exit and it was really dark. A woman approached me to make sure I had paid. I showed her my receipt. It was for $66.

I went home and watched a movie which morphed into my dream. I watched a man swimming through thin air. This triggered my lucidity and I knew I was dreaming. I took the opportunity to exit my body. When I sat up I was very heavy and it took a while for me to get OOB. I saw the place where I had been sitting – my old sofa in the living area of my house. I knew I had to move away quickly and headed for the front door. The entire time I was talking aloud to myself. As I reached the front door I heard myself say, “I want to be more IN my body.” This caught me off guard and I changed it to “OOB”.

When I opened the door and went outside it was dark. I made sure to close the door behind me, pulling hard on it and listening for it to shut solidly. Then I flew out across the street, still talking to myself. I was saying, “I am going to see the truth” and “I will do this.” I am not sure what I was referring to at the time but now I think I was looking for answers to my life’s issues. At the time I could tell I was very lucid and was struggling to control my energy and stay stable enough to explore the area.

Across the street I saw a very bright light. When I looked closer, I noticed it was inside a house that was completely covered with lush, green, twisty vines. In that moment I knew the house. In my memory I saw it – it was a one-story house that was abandoned. It’s exterior all gray and crumbling. When I looked at the house in front of me, though, it was obvious someone lived in it. Not only was there a brilliantly bright yellow light on the left side but the rest of it was lit up as well. Curious, I went toward it to investigate.

But I stopped short, hearing my inner guidance suggesting there was something I needed to see here and pay attention. I knew I was way too lucid at this point and felt the energy swirling around my astral body indicating re-entry. I did not resist it.


In considering this OBE and the dreams preceding it, I am entering into a period of clearing a very deep and previously untouched/avoided area of my subconscious. There is a fear here of the unknown but also a curiosity.


I lingered in the in-between for some time after returning to my body. I like feeling the energy shifting. There is something comforting about it. Plus, I get to hear my guidance more clearly and receive messages from them.

It didn’t take long for the messages to arrive. The first was a very clear 11:11. Then my vision flashed and I saw a digital clock which read 3:11. I blinked and the time changed to 13:11.

Then I was standing in front of two, glowing yellow circles. The one to my left was my circle and inside it was my energy and that of my counterpart. I felt to be IN that circle but also outside of it observing. Then, to the right, was another circle. At the base of it I saw faces upon faces of children and other people I did not recognize. There were perhaps a dozen crowded in the base of the circle and their faces were very clear, though now I have no idea who they were. Above the crowd of people and in the center of the circle was a Styrofoam cup filled halfway with lemonade. There was a white straw poking out of the top. Then I saw blue writing on the cup. It said, “THIS IS YOU”. This brought me out of my reverie quickly and I knew the circle with the lemonade was representative of: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Very funny, Team! I didn’t get mad at them at least. They are right. Doing the best I have with what I got right now.

I got many other messages but being I am up so early in the morning and am gone most of the day now, I just don’t have time to write them all down. It was hard enough to write this OBE down. Where did all my time go??? Thankfully, I was able to scribble down some of what I remember from this morning while at work. Maybe eventually I will get a chance to make a post out of it.


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