OBE: Snowy Landscape

Extremely tired! I couldn’t fall asleep last night and probably didn’t get to sleep until midnight. This is a normal sleep pattern for me when I am working. 😦

Woke up at 4am with several visuals left over from a dream I can’t remember. The first visual was a scene of being in a room with a wedding dress and being told I couldn’t put it on or wear it yet. The other was a visual of a white infinity sign. It was very large and then got smaller until it was about the size of my hand. It was pulsating and seemed alive. When I woke up I knew the Union or Kundalini rising had been delayed for a while. I was receiving a “break” as indicated in a recent dream.

OBE: Snowy Landscape

I must have fallen to sleep but do not remember. I remember being in a hotel room looking at a clock and talking with someone. The next thing I knew I went OOB and out the window of the hotel room. It was dark and I lifted very quickly into the air. The speed was such I thought I would be lifted into space so I yelled, “Stop! Stop!” I stopped and hovered very high up. I then flew as fast as I could across the sky looking down at a snow covered landscape below. I dipped down and saw a couple of young boys on a snow covered hillside. There was a blizzard coming and it began snowing. I threw snowballs at the boys. It seems I was in the “Child” persona. I went down to the oldest of the boys and kissed him on the lips. He seemed to freeze and then ran off taking his brother with him. The last thing I recall is looking at the scene and thinking it rather cold and dreary.

False Awakening

I felt myself re-enter my body. The energy swirled and shifted and then I was in bed. I did not fully awaken, though, and was back in the hotel room. I kept looking at the clock and tried to turn on the lamp so I had light to write down my experiences. The lamp wouldn’t work and the clock was stuck on 7:00am. When I went to investigate the clock was unplugged and the lamp was plugged in. The lamp still didn’t work.

The scene shifted and then I was talking to a man about the OBE and the meaning of the visions. Somehow we ended up inside a gym and I saw this man as very muscular and blonde. I remember talking to him about us going into the bathroom to make-out. I believe I was trying to get the K to rise, to remember any of it that I could. It was not meant to be.

When I woke up the number 313 was given to me. I was confused initially, thinking I had actually woken up and written down my experiences. It took me a while to fully realize it had been a dream. I rarely have OBEs when I have to wake early for work!

Since I don’t have time to write my considerations, I will save those for later. Just wanted to document these experiences for the time being. Off to work now.


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