Stella Nova

At one point last night when I was wide awake after an especially vivid dream, I became aware of a stream of consciousness entering my energy field. It was directed at me and spoke to me. I knew it was Pleiadian and it felt connected to my guidance,though I could not determine if it was from one specific individual or all of them. My heart and solar plexus were especially sensitive and my entire energy body felt different, though how I can’t say.

My awareness of this consciousness stream seemed to initiate a communication that was both complete Knowing intermixed with telepathy. I knew that the stream was coming from a space craft of some sort. I also knew I was part of the ground crew and they were checking in – passing on information or mission notes to me.

I asked for the name of the vessel and heard, “Stella Nova.” I thought about it and wondered what their mission was. I heard, “Colonization of…..” The planets that were mentioned were not familiar and I cannot recall their names now. I do remember they had letters attached to them, like “A” followed by a numerical sequence. Some of them were actual names, but none of them from the Milky Way Galaxy, at least not that I know of.

Then I heard that I was receiving the transmission at a frequency of  2.878 Hz. This went completely over my head.

There was an exchange here involving mathematical equations. I saw them, understood them at some level, and was discussing the formula in algebraic terminology. I remember balancing the equation, but why I was doing this or what the equation was for is lost to me.

In recalling this exchange, I felt the need to search for brainwave frequencies to see where 2.878 Hz fell. Turns out, that frequency is considered to be within the range of Delta waves – 0-4 Hz.  Those who have high amounts of Delta brainwaves while awake are more empathetic and tuned into the unconscious. They are also associated with an all-encompassing bliss state, intuition, paranormal experiences and OBEs/astral projection. Sounds like me in a nutshell! lol

In researching brainwave frequency, I came across the Doppler Effect and equations that were eerily similar to what I remember balancing during last night’s exchange. The wavelength equations on this website are the most similar except the variables were not the same.

It was not until this morning that I finally understood the meaning behind the name of the ship. Stella Nova translates to “New Star”. If you read yesterday’s blog post, you will see the connection. As I was researching Stella Nova, I came across this article. When I read the part entitled, “A Star is Born” I knew without a doubt that the name of the ship was directly connected to yesterday’s message.

I wanted to add that throughout the night and into this morning I have had an odd feeling of newness. A trepidation that is becoming very difficult to ignore. The feeling must be akin to how a fledgling feels when it’s brothers and sisters have already jumped from the nest and taken flight. The little bird knows it has wings and knows they are used to fly, but has never flown before and doesn’t know if it can. The drop is scary and the nest is comfortable so it wants to stay where it is safe. But eventually it will have to leave the nest and fly out into the big, wide, new world.

I feel like a part of me is dying. It is a very real feeling and one I have felt before. But this time the feeling is much, much bigger.

Image credits: Birth of a Star


Dream: 38 Special

Another eventful night. What is going on? Is it just me or are others experiencing something similar? Perhaps it is the up and coming new moon in Scorpio? Preparation for new beginnings. Clearing out the old to make way for the new.

I have way more to messages/Knowing than I will have time to write about. I’m experiencing another information overload….download….whatever you want to call it. Half of the time I don’t know it is happening. Well most of my waking day I don’t notice. At night it’s another story.

Dream: 38 Special

I woke up with a start from a dream sequence about guns at around 11:30pm. I was handling all kinds of guns, looking them over and  discussing the best one to carry on my person – light, small, easy to use. I had my Dad’s Colt 45 semi-automatic pistol in my hand. It is heavy and difficult to use with a bad-ass kick that could throw your shoulder out if you aren’t careful. I put it down, knowing it was no good for me. I then looked at a Ruger 357 Magnum revolver. I knew this gun and said, “Hell no.” My ex-husband had one and I knew enough to know it wasn’t for me. The man then showed me a small revolver. It was black and compact. He gave it to me and I heard, “38 Special”.

At this time I had memories of my past seemingly hit me all at once. Each gun had a story and the 38 Special had been a gun my mom owned when she and my father were going through a divorce. It had been suggested that she have one for personal protection and I remember seeing it as a small child and then later when she showed it to me as a teenager and told me her side of the divorce drama. My Dad’s gun was found after his death stored in a locked box, loaded and cocked. The serial number was filed off of it suggesting he had not wanted it to be traced. That was just how my father was back then. The Ruger was my ex’s and the gun he took on camping and hunting trips just in case a bear showed up. He loved that gun. I don’t think I ever fired it.


1970’s Colt 45 similar to the one I have.

Returning to the dream I began to think of which gun would be best for ending a person’s life. I was told any of them would do. There was discussion then about my own life and I had a wave of melancholy wash over me. I have been considering selling my Dad’s Colt 45 but had not done it since the serial number was missing. I had been planning on buying a 9mm pistol or some other small handgun. The topic of suicide was brought up and I was reminded of the consequences of such a decision. This I knew and knew well.

The guns then disappeared and in their place were hamburger patties on a grill. I remember thinking, “WTF?” lol The man I was with was laughing and talking about the “game” and how nice it would be to just enjoy it.

I woke up hearing the song Litost. The specific lyrics running through my head were, “But if you stay. If you just stay for the night…” I was reminded to keep going, to hang on and remember my mission. Things would get better and soon. I rolled over, ignoring my guidance because I have heard this message before and their idea of “soon” is never near what mine is.


Dream: Turtle Pool

I had many other dreams but this is a vivid one. I was visiting a house that had an above ground swimming pool. The pool looked like a pond, though, with murky, brown water and even a tree growing in it. The woman who owned it said it was purposeful and pointed to two, large snapping turtles. They were enormous and swam toward the tree. I remember thinking they were a pair.

We walked around the banks of the pool and I saw another turtle in the distance. Beside it was a fawn and I pointed to it saying, “Look, it’s a baby deer!” At that moment the deer moved and morphed into a small, blonde monkey. It dashed across the island toward us and I remember thinking I had it all wrong. I became lucid then, trying to figure out the meaning of the symbols in the dream.

When I woke up I thought about the monkey and the Chinese zodiac. Just so happens 2016 is the year of the Monkey. I am a fire Dragon but I don’t know much about it other than what I have read on those place mats at Chinese restaurants. lol My idea of the monkey, though, is that they tend to make decisions without thinking first and this can get them into trouble. Sounds familiar. lol They are definitely NOT patient and wise like the turtle.


There were other dreams, but I won’t go into detail here. My considerations regarding these two dreams are that I am surrounded in protection and being reminded to take my time regarding my current path and decisions. Slow and steady wins the race. Patience is a virtue. Don’t give up. Etc, etc.

Life reviews have been a dream pattern since my return from Tennessee. If I have vivid dreams, there is usually at least one section where my past returns to me all at once and cycles and patterns are revealed in an instant. The Knowingness that comes with it is beyond my human ability to completely digest. It is an all-pervading Knowingness that comes replete with a Divine connection to Source.