Symbols: Star, Caterpillar and Butterfly

Some very interesting messages in the form of symbols coming to me over the past week.

5-Pointed Star/Pentagram

About a week ago while at the playground with my son, I found a silver ring laying in the pebbles. It was a ring with a silver star on the top. I kept it, thinking I would give it to my daughter but it was too big for her. Adult-sized. I lost track of it but it kept showing up in my path, daily and multiple times.

Then, my son brought me a tiny star eraser two days ago. He tried to stick it directly into my eye. Then he put it over his own eye over and over again asking me to look at him. At this point I felt I needed to pay attention. Not only to the star but also to my son. It was like someone was telling me, “Your son will show you things. Pay attention.”

I told my guides, “Okay, if the star is a message, then send it again.” This morning, the star ring showed up in my path again. And near the star ring was another little star eraser.


Around the same time as the stars started showing up, a caterpillar showed up. At the playground my daughter spotted a tiny caterpillar in the grass. He was only an inch long and greenish brown so I don’t know how she saw him. He was very well camouflaged. My youngest came and watched as she inspected the tiny creature. We had a discussion then about the life cycle of the butterfly and how the caterpillar would turn into one eventually.


Image of the page my son was obsessed with. He kept pointing from picture 2 to picture 4 over and over and also to the page numbers.


Similarly, butterflies began to show up. The monarchs are migrating and every time I go to the park with my son we see monarchs. One day, however, there were so many flying overhead that I remember knowing it was a sign and to pay attention. It was beautiful to see them in mass like that! I hadn’t seen so many since 2003 when I was on a lake in North Texas and ended up in the middle of a mass of them. 2003 was the year of my initial spiritual awakening.

Additionally, my son brought me a plastic toy butterfly a few nights ago. He kept putting it on me and talking about it, saying, “Butterfly” over and over.

Then last night he brought me a book about butterflies and asked me to read it over and over and over again. The book is about the life cycle of the butterfly. It’s called Busy Butterflies. The specific part he was obsessed with was the pages showing the four stages of the cycle. He kept saying, “Caterpillar. Butterfly. Caterpillar. Butterfly” pointing to the pictures of each in the cycle. Then he would point to the page numbers. Page 9. Page 8. Page 9. He was obsessive about it.


Toy butterfly my son was playing with and showing me.


The pentagram or five-pointed star is symbolic of the four elements and Spirit. It can symbolize mind/spirit over matter. Rather than go into detail, this website gives a good explanation of the pentagram symbolism and use. This website is also useful.

Personally, however, I have seen the star as a message before. A very long time ago – 2005 or maybe earlier – I was shown the star as a symbol of myself and my spiritual progress. At that time, I was shown that I was in between the points on the star. I really didn’t understand the meaning of this other than to show my progress and at the time I was very disappointed because I was not at the topmost point where I knew I should be.

Add this to the APEX dream I just had and it appears my guidance is trying to show me that I have made it to a point on that star. Whether it is the topmost point (representing Spirit or the I AM) or not is not clear yet.

The butterfly and caterpillar messages are clear. A transformation is occurring/in process or maybe already complete.

Numerologically speaking, 8 is my lifepath number and 9 is the number of completion in numerology. This year, 2016, is a 9 year (2+1+6 = 9). The way I see it, the 9 indicates a transformation is about to be complete. Thus, the butterfly is about to emerge from its cocoon.




Mission: Illuminate Mankind

Wow, where to start. Lots to write about…..

Okay, well, I will likely have to split this all up into two posts to make any sense of it.

Dream: White Winged Unicorn

I was at an amusement center of some kind. One of those indoor kinds with video games, food, bumper cars, etc. People were everywhere. Kids especially. I was with my family, but none of them were recognizable except my middle son. There was a place where there was suppose to have been a bowling ally put in but it was not there and someone directed me to the restroom. Inside it was very cramped and two women came in and got into a shower fully clothed. The shower was literally right up against the back of the toilet and positioned above it so that the person on the toilet was underneath the shower. I got sprayed by the water and got grossed out.  I left as soon as I could. Amusement park is enjoyment of life. Shower is renewal and forgiveness.

I went outside and everyone was talking about this new ride. I saw a billboard sign of the ride but can’t recall the name now. My guides tell me the name was “Apex” so I take their word for it. We walked to the entrance and I looked up. I saw a horse-shaped orange statue high above us. Then it moved and I knew it wasn’t a statue. One of the kids pointed and yelled to look. The orange horse creature then moved and as it did it morphed into this brilliantly white winged unicorn.

I lost the family group then because I was staring at the winged unicorn. It became very large then, as if I or him shifted positions so that we were much closer. He was on this ramp leading up at a very steep angle. He could not go anywhere but up because he was pinned in by railing on both sides of the ramp. He was up on his hind legs kicking at the railings and trying to get out only to get stuck and have to stay on the ramp. His horn was exceptionally long and he was using it like a sword. He was neighing very loudly and snorting in anger. Eventually he reared up and took off, galloping up the ramp at breakneck speeds. I watched him reach the end, leap up into the air and fly off into the distance. It was magnificent. He was the most beautiful creature. Winged unicorn is a mixture of unicorn and Pegasus. Pegasus is swiftness and bravery in a stormy relationship. Unicorn is high ideals, hope and insight into a situation. White is purity.

Stunned, I walked into the APEX ride location.  I was late. It was meant to start at 11. My family group was already inside. The ticket agent asked for my ticket.  An old man from my group gave it to the ticket lady. She looked at the ticket and said, “This is a very old ticket. Ancient.” My interpretation of this was that it came from the 1980’s and I saw in my mind this very old and tattered ticket stub. A ticket is the start of something and the price one has to pay to gain admittance. This one is old, like I’ve been trying to gain admittance for a long time.

I went inside but had a gallon water jug with me. I set it on the floor because I couldn’t take it with me. As I went in, I saw a grouping of chairs with at least a dozen jugs of water on them. Contained or controlled emotion.

Inside was pitch black. It was like a movie theater without the screen. I felt around, calling for my group. The old man grabbed my hand and said, “We’re sitting on the floor” and led me away from the first grouping of seats. I wonder what kind of ride this was. It felt like a screen was located on the ceiling.



I woke up with a start knowing the dream was a good message. I saw it was 5am. I had slept straight through the night, not waking even once. The winged unicorn was very vivid in my memory. I loved winged unicorns as a child. In fact, I was obsessed with drawing them (and horses) until we moved in 1986.

I fell into the in-between. Here I saw a black stallion rearing up and neighing loudly. He was kicking his feet at masses of clutter and several people that were surrounding him. The scene was very colorful. The clutter was very bright, especially the color red.

This vision brought me out of the in-between. I noticed the contrast between the white winged unicorn and the black stallion (one of my all-time favorite childhood movies BTW). Too tired to think about it, I attempted sleep.

This time I entered a scene where I was floating or moving through a tunnel filled with various designs and geometric shapes. It was as if I was flying through inter-dimensional space or some kind of wormhole. In front of me written very clearly was the word, “Pleiades”. The E, I, A, and D were bright white and the other letters dim in comparison. Then I both saw and heard, “Illuminate Mankind”.

I came out of my reverie and felt different. I can’t explain it really. It was clear to me that I was being communicated with by my group. They were informing me of my mission but also of their mission. The Pleiadian mission is to illuminate mankind. It couldn’t have been made more clear. lol This is also my mission (finally! Thank you!). I wonder now what is meant by “illuminate”. Does it mean to “make bright” like the letters in my vision? Or to “make lucid or clear”? Or “enlighten as with knowledge”?  Probably all of them.