Mention of finding my power spot in my recent reading with Eric Starwalker reminded me of a map I was given by an astrologer back in 2007. The map indicated areas that were ideal locations for me to live in. I had not known what the proper term of such a map was until a friend mentioned astrocartography. I knew instantly that was what it was.

I was able to find the original map. I thought I had been told the most ideal living location for me was near Los Angeles, California. Upon inspecting the old map, I did find that for the purpose of career, livelihood, fame and fortune, that location would be a good location for me. Apparently, San Francisco is also a good location, but for a home-base and ideal for the purpose of self-healing and healing abilities. I remember him telling me that if I located myself between L.A. and San Francisco then I would be able to enjoy the benefits of both locations. He recommended California if I intended to magnify my spiritual abilities and career options (this was my goal at the time). I also recall the astrologer telling me the other good locations were near Chicago and Central Texas (where I am located now). The map confirms it but I made no notations as to why these locations were a good fit for me. Wishing now I had taken more notes!

I generated a free map on It is interesting to me that this current map has way more lines across it. It gives much more detailed information than the one I was given in 2007. On this map it actually looks like Knoxville, Tennessee is a good place for me to locate to, depending on my goals that is. I have never been to Knoxville but I was very close when I was in the state recently. Florida and Northern Georgia may also be good spots. The Knoxville area has three lines, two of which intersect directly over that area. The two that intersect are Venus, labeled DS and in green, and the Moon, labeled MC in blue. The other nearby one is Neptune, labeled MC in purple. Florida also would have the influence of the latter of the two plus further influence by Mercury. The Northern part of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina would have the influence of all four. Based on the map, it looks like Augusta, GA falls right in the middle of all four lines. gives explanations of each of the lines on the map to help you understand what influence those lines have on the location.


Venus is symbolized by a circle which is located above a cross. The circle represents the spirit, which has conquered and transformed the cross, the symbol of matter. These two different principles combine in a new form to create a synthesis of earthly limitation and spiritual completeness. Thus Venus is seen to be the search for unity and a balancing of opposite poles.

Venus located along one of the main axes ensures an extremely pleasant and relaxing time. Social life takes precedent, and meeting people is a more harmonious activity. The more balanced level of energy at these locations promote mutual understanding, and allows for new friendships to be formed. Love relationships are intensified, in fact, these are perfect conditions for getting married and enjoying one’s honeymoon.

Venus energy lines are great for one’s outer appearance and a healthy sense of self-worth. Sensual appeal and erotic powers of attraction are intensified, and inhibitions disappear. We seem to trust the flow of life in a relaxed and easy manner, and delight in earthly pleasures. The danger, of course, exists that our love for hedonistic indulgence makes us passive and indifferent.

Venus energy lines inspire our creative abilities and talents. This leads us to discover a world filled with beautiful art which, in turn, inspires us to be creative ourselves. A more refined sense of aesthetic pleasure could seek expression in music, pottery, sculpture or in painting.

In these regions, the fashion and design industry fare particularly well, as do any skilled trades. Furthermore, financial enterprises could hardly find a more lucrative environment.


Mercury assumes a special place amongst the planets. In mythology, Mercury is the Hermaphrodite, a double-natured being, whose sexuality is neutral. It is the only sign to be symbolized by three basic elements: the cross, circle and semicircle. Body, spirit and soul combine to form a united principle, which is Mercury’s task – to be a mediator between body, mind and spirit.

The four main energy lines, when combining with the planet Mercury, become places for communication, trade and every form of human contact. The idea is to communicate with others, form new contacts and expand one’s knowledge. These places, therefore, lend themselves to the exchange of information, correspondence and publishing.

Thought processes are stimulated, and the use of our mental and verbal abilities is increased. There is more interest in social activities, to learn foreign languages and a willingness to abandon old points of view. Flexibility is more apparent at Mercury energy spots, and we are more open other points of view. Neutrality and flexibility are key words.

Generally speaking, Mercury favors methodical procedures. Being able to differentiate, ability to take in clear details and being dexterous, predestined these places for every type of career and business enterprise.

These are the places for journalists and authors. The latest and greatest on any topic or trend can be found here. Ideas abound, and the ability to grasp concepts rapidly aid both work and solve attending problems.

Mercury lines ensure movement and change; there is rarely any boredom. There is more likely to be a certain level of stress and nervous tension. This increased pace also leads to superficiality and prevents deeper connections. This lack of connection can often be in the way of putting ideas into practice, and they remain as ideas only.

The Moon:

The Moon is symbolized by a semicircle, which represents the soul and the emotions of the individual. Its round form reminds one of a harbor which offers shelter and protection. At the same time, this also represents the sign of the waxing Moon which reinforces the great force and changeability of this cosmic principle. This symbol can also be seen as a type of hollow mirror, which collects the sunlight and sends it back to Earth.

Apart from the Sun, the Moon is the most important component within the horoscope, and in Astro Maps, its lines are also considered of major importance. The Moon’s energy lines really affect the emotional and psychic domain, which creates an internal focus.

Under its influences, we become aware of our past. Of interest and concern are childhood, parents and family. We remember the past, which creates nostalgic sentiments and may tempt us to daydream. We meet the past to work through unresolved issues, which can be well finalised.

Deeply hidden needs and desires are awakened through the contact with the Moon’s energy lines. Emotions determine action and push aside rational thought. At times, we feel and behave like a child. There is the danger to have a somewhat dreamy, too simplistic and naïve view to life.

Since the Moon embodies the female side, it really depends on where this rather passive, soft and submissive side is shown in life. Especially males with traditional patriarchal views on life won’t find life too easy at such locations, and will probably experience more intense confrontations. But, in the final analysis, these experiences could prove both healing and liberating.

The Moon continually changes. After a period of growth, a change occurs and “development” leads into the opposite direction, at which point, the cycle starts once again with the New Moon. Moon energy lines are great to use to initiate change or to create a new start. The effectiveness is greatly enhanced if a connection is made to the appropriate place during the corresponding Moon phase. A simple rule applies: a waxing Moon is good for those enterprises and projects requiring growth. The waning Moon supports processes requiring change and finalization.


The planet Neptune was discovered in Berlin in the year 1846 by the astronomer Galle. Its icon, of an upturned cup, symbolizes both the Moon and the soul. The cross which extends through the semicircle points out the unity to the world. The arrows, pointing upwards, symbolizes a higher sphere of body, mind and soul.

Neptune’s energies are extremely subtle and non-material. Its effects are difficult to discern, and act as undercurrents, which usually escape the rational mind. In an Astro Map, Neptune points out regions of intense and transcendental qualities. Meditation, spiritual practices and a more contemplative lifestyle become more intense at such localities. If you are keen to get in touch with these spiritual dimensions, and to step into another reality, then this is definitely your place. The borders between the subtle and the material planes are never more permeable than at these locations. Boundaries disappear, the world becomes full of secrets, dreams and reality appear to merge.

Artists appreciate the inspiring and sensitive nature of these surrounds. Both romance and nostalgia can become a source of new endeavours. The subtle qualities of this higher plane promote intuition, and inspire creative processes. Melancholic mood swings interchange with feelings of cosmic connectedness.

On the other hand, these places do not lend themselves to the more material aspects of daily life. There is no solid base, so a danger exists for unrealistic thinking, the consequences of which can be self-deceit, intrigue and losses. Illusions and false hopes can foster a desire to escape from this world, or can take refuge in the use of alcohol and drugs.

Neptune embodies the universal principle of love, whose energy goes beyond the fixed boundaries of the individual. We are more open to greater connections, and are willing to overcome egotistical needs. A deeper sympathetic tendency exists for the plight and suffering of fellow mankind. Neptune places are most suitable for the service to others, and also for work undertaken in a charitable organisation.

My Current Location

The reason my current location is so good for me is because my sun and Jupiter intersect fairly close to where I live now. So I am in a power zone plus I have very good luck in general. On an astromap, Jupiter represents a pleasant and easy life, encourages a sense of being relaxed and optimistic about life. The sun represents integration, wholeness and self-realization. Those two positive indicators make Texas in general a good place for me to live, raise a family and have a generally good life.

Power Spot

I have yet to receive anything from my body as to where my power spot might be. I discussed Mt. Shasta with Eric – how I was super relaxed and slept better than I have in a long while. He said it may be one of my power spots. Unfortunately, I have no desire to relocate there, even though it is located close enough to the lines of healing and career success for me.

My draw now is to an area I have already been in several times. It is located only 20 minutes north of where I am now and I lived there for a year while in college. If my career pans out (which I think it will) it would be a good location for me I think. Being where I am located now serves me well, I am sure 20 minutes north would as well.

However, I have been extremely drawn to northern Florida for a while now (over a year), as well as Tennessee. I have been to both so cannot say for certain that either would be a power spot, but then I have not paid attention to my body and her reaction to either location. While in Florida recently I experienced a very calm, comfortable feeling at the Tampa airport. Considering I had a very stressful trip, it was a surprise to me. While in Tennessee I was overwhelmed by the energies and felt very unbalanced for the first few days of my trip and then very spiritually expanded and open toward the end. I felt relaxed but did not sleep well. It was as if I received a jolt of super energy or entered another dimension. Whether this is a signal that it was a power spot, I don’t know, but I did feel very powerful while I was there. So, maybe it is one?

For the astrologers who read this blog, any input about my map is welcomed. 🙂