Astrological Reading 10.23.16

Here are the notes from my reading yesterday. I did not include another part because of its personal nature. However, it was helpful and gave further insight to my current life situation.

Numerology – Life Path Number 8

Path chosen to evolve your spirit. Avenue through which to advance your soul’s potential. Will encounter others in life which demand the very best out of me, starting with my father. This was accurate. Eights are born old and get younger as they get older. Old souls in a child’s body and not comfortable with it. Want to get on with mission right away. Connected to their own personal power. Word is your gold. If you can’t trust someone’s word then there is an issue. Has the ability to recognize the talents of others and place them in positions that favor this. Core intentions is to leave a legacy. Lead as a teacher or example. Respect is more important than love is – this is true in my working relationships.

2014 was my 1 year in the cycle, so huge shifts occurred. This is true. This is my 3 year, so am becoming conscious of the intentions set in 1st year. This year I find my voice. Frequency shifted in 2014 and am just now catching up to it, mentally. Connecting with new people and letting go of those which do not resonate. Marriage will reflect this. Relationship with husband will either have been strengthened or weakened. 2014 direction sets the stage for the entire 9 year cycle. Finding voice and communicating it this year. Sharing my story and being more open about who I am. Need to create an identity that is unique to me.

Need to find my power place, the place where my physical body feels comfortable and rooted. If you don’t feel comfortable where you are then you’re not in your power spot. Going into 4 year – the Mother Power year. Needing to anchor and fully incarnate, to bring all of Self home to this environment. Until I do that I will feel wobbly and disconnected.

Natal Chart

Aquarius rising, Sun in Leo, moon conjunct Neptune at highest point of chart. Bottom half of chart is Earth, top is sky. 4th house area is my foundation/roots. Also suggests previous incarnation stuff brought into this incarnation. Bottom of the chart is very closely conjunct the Pleiades. Chart suggests that I came in from another world. Jupiter is very closely conjunct the Pleiades. Suggestive of me coming in via the Pleiadian frequency. Confirms my experience/memories. Pleiadian society is very Utopian and so my mission here is to bring that frequency to Earth. Moon-Neptune conjunction in Sag suggests a connection to Higher Angelic realms, the realms in which higher worlds are created into Being. In the Pleiades these higher realms actually manifested in the physical to create beauty and ascendency of the personal creative self. I came from a very Utopian world making it a big shock when I arrived on Earth. The trauma embedded in Earth was very difficult for me to handle. As a child I would have had a difficult time adjusting. This disharmony in the human experience is a shock to me because the Pleiades is very much in line with the higher realms and lives in harmony with their physical planets. I’m like a time traveler to set a wave in motion that has already been dreamed into creation. Often a sense with me that the other shoe is about to drop.

A particularly powerful point in my chart was in the mid-80s. I would have experienced a spiritual awakening during this time. I don’t recall this, but I was only 10 years old in 86′ when these changes came about. He says Kundalini first awakened then. Theme would be to follow Self rather than to follow what others wanted of me. I would have felt a different kind of power than I was use to. Sun and moon both conjunct outer planets. This creates a feeling of being overshadowed by a greater archetype which can eclipse my individual right to pursue my own goals. Particularly with Saturn I can feel that my responsibilities outweigh my right to achieve my own personal well-being, creative self and happiness. With the moon conjunct Neptune, there are always those at a greater need than myself. It would cause me to feel that I need to be there in a compassionate way to serve selflessly rather than realizing my own emotional independence and well-being. It is easy for archetypes that are carried like that to overshadow the self. Challenge for me to disengage myself from my greater mission to serve in order to address my own personal, individual, creative development. The more I have the courage to put my own well-being at the same level as the well-being of others, the more balance will be achieved and then I won’t be defined by the greater mission. I will be defined as a human being who is a living example of those archetypes. Ear ringing here as confirmation.

Saturn this year has made for an excellent opportunity for me to bring forth the Higher Realms into this physical world in a tangible way. Also a personal mastery of the higher frequencies and manifesting those dimensions here in the physical without being drawn OOB. Anchoring those higher frequencies and becoming more able to hold those frequencies. This year is about following my joy, meeting new people and having new experiences. Follow my joy. Find the lightness of my being. Learn how to enjoy my experience. Everything doesn’t have to add to a particular goal, some things are just to be enjoyed. Communicate, talk, share. Public speaking very good right now. Share as a living experience rather than just on my blog. Spread my wings and fly.


Pluto in Libra. Wherever Pluto is we face our petty tyrant. Demands that we take our power back. In Libra I tend to marry those who I have had issue with in past incarnations. Who may have been my enemy or contrary. Through compassion we bond to incite healing together of these past issues. I need a partner who really knows himself and stands in his own power. I push my partner to see how deeply his resolve to love is. To see if they are movable or will compromise their love. You can’t really know what a person is made of unless you push them really hard. This I do, do. lol I am looking to completely lose all boundaries and have an alchemical union with my partner. I need to feel safe enough to let go. This is why I push, to test them to see if I can trust them and feel safe enough to let go and merge with them fully. In previous incarnations I may have not felt I have met someone who had matched my power. Since I do not have past life memories of either of my husbands, it is hard to say if this is true or not but likely is. Since I have not felt my power has been matched by my partners in others lifetimes, it left me with the secondary choice of recognizing my own personal power. Queen in support of King without fully engaging the King. I have the opportunity to really transform myself and my partner now in this lifetime. I’ve been going through the cycles of initiation as a schooling to understand the inner workings of the human experience in relationships so that I can achieve my goal of alchemical union with a partner. I have reached a point, as of 2014, where I know enough about what not to do so that I can achieve this goal.


1st house since 2003 spiritual awakening. The particular agreement I had from that time is now becoming fully conscious. In a way there is no turning back in regards to the greater mission I have chosen to accomplish, becoming an angelic presence here on planet Earth (guide told me “turning point” in January of this year). This turning point would have been going on all year. It’s as if I entered a saintly period of my life. People will be more drawn to me. Learning how to physically handle those higher frequencies. This is why I need to find a power spot to really anchor to otherwise I will feel disconnected. I need to be stable for the next stage of the journey.

My primary focus now is to talk to my body and get into communication with her, asking her where she wants to be. Ask her to show me where her/my power spot is. I need to get rooted and feel safe to be the Mother Power and make my nest. Locate my true power spot and be able to incarnate my full potential.


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    You are an angel of Divine Light and Love, Day na .
    Blessings from Above,
    Angel of Prayer,

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  2. Awesome Dayna! Nice to surf the Zuvuya with you. 🙂

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