I know, funny title. I actually saw it on a billboard last night when I was driving home from visiting my sister’s house. The 11.13 was a date of some spiritual meeting, a church event of some sort. I didn’t pay much attention to the entire billboard because my eyes were drawn to the 11, 13 and the word “Spirit”, so that’s all I paid attention to. I took note of it and zoned back out into my own thoughts and musings for the rest of the trip home.

Fast forward to this morning. Waking up, I was in a sour mood. Not sure why. I can’t recall my dreams really but I felt really low upon waking. As I fought to return to sleep (wasn’t happening) I saw very clearly the billboard from the night before. I knew I needed to take note of it. As soon as I recognized this, the number 33 popped into my mind’s eye painted in glowing, green.

The number 11 is my near constant companion these days along with 111 and 1111, so I’m not surprised it is showing up again.  The number 11 itself is a message to Remember who we are – our purpose/mission. To be guiding lights to others using our unique abilities, bringing illumination and awareness to others.

The number 13 is not so optimistic in my opinion. It’s like my guidance putting a giant post-it note on my forehead that says, “Rough times ahead, hold on!” It’s all about upheaval, karma and spiritual growth. Sound fun? Not to me. Yuck. Probably why I woke up grumpy. Not a message I wanted to get this morning.

The number 33 symbolizes guidance. Ask and you shall receive is it’s message. It also reminds us that anything is possible. It is a message from my guidance that all the changes I am going through are purposeful and worth it. Then it reminds me to be courageous and optimistic.

The word Spirit is likely a reminder that these messages came from my guidance. Or maybe to help me Remember that I am not this body or physical experience. That this is an illusion of my creating and to be mindful of my thoughts for they will manifest quite quickly.

Pleiadian Message

As I become more cognizant of last night’s adventures in dreamtime, I am reminded of a message I received. It actually just came through, as if something I wrote triggered it. I was told, “Remember your Pleiadian origins” and my “mission”. Of course, I don’t remember my mission but in receiving this message my focus instantly went to my heart and the word “Hope” came to mind. I felt surrounded on four sides by Beings who were loving and exuded a gentleness, unconditional love and understanding. It was as if they were cradling me in their combined energy.

There is memory here also of reception of information about my family/soul group. Whoever was speaking to me used the word “Pod” to describe these groups. I immediately thought of dolphins and how they travel in small family groups called pods. The recollection here is that my pod is composed of 5 members and that we have been traveling together for many, many lifetimes. Mostly I have memory in images of how these pods work and interact. Interestingly, it is very similar to dolphin pods.

The word “pair bond” came up also as well as a recognition that such bonds do not only exist in one reality but in all dimensional realities. So if one is pair bonded in one dimension, they are also in all others. There was complete understanding on my part of the purpose of such bonds at the time but I struggle now to make sense of it. All I know is that a pair bonding is purposeful, agreed upon by both parties and long-lasting. In terms of spiritual contracts/agreements, my understanding is that a pair bond supersedes all other contractual obligations.

There is a connection here also to pair bonds in science (molecular geometry), though it is hard for me to interpret. My draw to it suggests, however, that the scientific explanation is the more accurate explanation. Being that everything at the macro level also exists on the micro level, one would think what is seen in the atom is simply a smaller version of what is seen in Spirit.

Based upon these pieces of information and memory, I suspect I am receiving intense, specialized instruction during dreamtime. Hopefully eventually my understanding will improve, though it may be impossible at the human level.



7 thoughts on “11.13.Spirit

  1. Michael says:

    11.13 is my birthday!

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  2. truthcodex says:

    Awesome about pair bonds! It was channeled my wife and I were pair bonded right before our wedding. That night she (my wife) had a dream that we were being married on multiple floors/levels. Your description of this matches our information and experience as well. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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