Welcome to the Jungle

This song came to mind yesterday morning. The only words I heard were, “Welcome to the jungle.” I immediately played the song to see why I was getting the message. As I listened, I knew it meant that a decision had been made regarding the job I interviewed for the day before. Jungle = back to work, back to the 3D grind. I knew I got the job.

I let it slip my mind and went about my day. At 5pm I got the phone call. My daughter had asked me the day of the interview if I was going to take the job. I told her that I would know when they offered it to me because the answer would just come out of my mouth and there would be no hesitation or feeling of dread. This is in fact what happened.  When the woman said, “We would love it if you would come work with us”, I replied, “I would love to!” And you know what? I actually felt excited. Good sign! Yay!

The excitement remains with intermittent moments of concern at the idea of having to get up early and come home late every day. I am so spoiled now with my routine of wake up whenever and do whatever I want all day long. Yet my guidance and heart tell me this is what I need to do for now. I need to get back into the work routine. I need an outlet for my creativity. I need to be productive and contribute to the world via direct interactions with those who need me the most – the children.

When I follow my guidance and heart, things line up like dominoes for me. It was within a week of knowing I needed to take this step that this first domino was presented. I had not even applied for this position but someone at HR thought I would be a good fit. When it was offered I immediately knew that even though it is a temporary, full-time position that it would lead to a permanent one if I took it. I also knew that if I wanted it, it was mine. When I got to the interview and met the two women who interviewed me, I knew again that the job was mine. My answers just flowed out. I had not prepared nor even thought about what I would say, yet with each question the right answer emerged. There was even one time I responded and what came out of my mouth surprised me because I had no idea why I answered the way I did. Then later, one of the ladies gave me information that confirmed what I had said was correct.

This is the domino effect in a nutshell. I’ve seen it happen enough times now to know that it is no accident. Now it is just a matter of letting the dominoes fall and lead me to my destination. To question the path or try to look too far ahead does me no good. I must trust that I am being led in the right direction and thankfully my past experience shows my trust will be rewarded.

My guidance reassures me that this path is “clear”. I was shown it in a dream last night. It appeared as a brilliant white, spotless, paved path. It veered to my right and I could see a good distance down it. There was another path, to the left. It was also white but my attention was directed to the path on the right and I heard distinctly, “The path has been cleared.” I also received “Uranus” as part of the message, saying the planet is directly influencing this part of my journey.

Though I awoke feeling a big apprehensive about the future because of the heavy change ahead, my guidance continues to reassure me, asking me to be optimistic and Remember who I am.

Since I begin work sometime mid-week next week, I will not have much time to blog. The hours I will be working are 7:15am – 3:45pm with a 20 minute commute one-way. This makes for a long work day and an early morning (ouch!). However, I will have the typical school holidays – one week for Thanksgiving and two weeks for Christmas – which will be nice.

Note: I already have a contract position and turned down an assignment that would have started November 1st. It did not feel right to me at the time. I am still technically employed by this employer and could received a contract at any time, but have the option to turn them down. The job I just accepted runs until the end of January.