Increasing OUTput

Something in the energy shifted over night. I will say that it is not a bad energy, but it is one that demands we get our shit together pronto. Or maybe that is just me that needs to do that, but I highly doubt that.

When I awoke this morning I felt heavy and depressed about what is coming. It is not because what is coming is bad necessarily but that it involves getting back on the 3D Train – interacting with people outside my family on a regular basis again, playing the 3D game.

I recently read that the Universe gives back what you give out. What you give, you receive. I believe this and have seen it in action. My journey has been focused inward for the past year. Though I give of myself to my family and some of my friends, my OUTput has fallen far below that of my INput. It’s time to balance that out whether I like it or not.

Tomorrow I have a job interview. Today I have a session to help me clear up some of the confusion that has come with the varied spiritual experiences of my transformation. I just need some clarity and am hoping that I find it. If I do end up working full-time again then I will not be online as often. But I feel I need a break from the web and social media anyway. Some distance will do me good.

My tummy is not happy with me today. Probably because of all the change I sense coming my way. Just thinking of working full-time again makes me nauseous. Yet I know that I need to take that step even if for a little while.

The sessions I will be doing will hopefully take me into some as of yet unseen past lives or even into lives I already know exist but need to be inspected more closely. I need answers and they can only be found within. Up until now I have been unable to find them on my own. Perhaps with some guidance and time dedicated to myself for this specific purpose, I will find the missing pieces to the puzzle. Too many distractions have led me into a semi, spiritual stagnation. You all may not see evidence of this, but I do.

Honestly, today I feel like disappearing completely from the worldwide web. I guess you all will know what I decide soon enough because I will just stop posting and interacting.