Full Moon Dreams


Very random but vivid dreams followed me through the night last night.

Dream: Traveling for 4 Days

This dream seemed to last most of the night but it went on tangents that then converged at the end. It began as a trip with friends through a mountain pass. A woman was driving very fast and I was afraid she would crash the car. I was imagining her taking a curve too sharply and losing control. I could feel the entire scenario as if were happening.

She turned to me to confront me on my thoughts/feelings, telling me that she could feel what I feared. She told me she would have to slow down now because what I feared would manifest. I understood but was still afraid. I remember looking up at the sheer cliffs of mountain rock on either side of us. It was as if we had cut straight through the mountain and even though the car did slow down, we were still going uncomfortably fast.

Then I remember driving through the countryside, the rolling hills much more soothing and in contrast to the mountains we had just been in. We were heading somewhere foreign and in the dream it felt like France. I remember liking it and wanting to stay.When we arrived, friends were waiting to show us the apartment they had leased. I was taken inside and given a tour. It was very modern, high tech and clean. What was peculiar was there was a chair that looked like a giant spider. It took up an entire corner of the living room and was black and gray with tiny hairs making it resemble a tarantula laying on it’s back. I remember thinking it would be creepy to sit in it but wanting to.

Then it was as if I took a detour and transported somewhere else temporarily. I was with an older couple but mainly focused on the woman. The women had lost her driver’s license and much of the dream was about how to resolve the situation. I recall I was trying to buy her a souvenir and someone was showing me mugs with Christmas themes. The one I was encouraged to buy was a mug in the shape of Santa. I remember thinking it was too expensive and wanting another one but the man kept insisting I get the Santa one. The elderly lady was talking to someone about her license saying she was being forced to renew it every 15 years. The 15 was repeated and I almost became lucid because of it.

Then I was inside a car again with my family group and we had stopped for a break. We were on day 3 with only one more day of travel left. I told them I needed to go to Home Depot and asked them to wait. When I got there I kept asking questions of the store clerk  about the steps to change my name. I sat at a long table and filled out paperwork. I remember asking if they sold jewelry. The clerk said yes and pointed to the display which was right next to me. It appeared that the name change and jewelry was linked to preparing to be married and I remember being confused by this because I knew I was already married.

When I returned to the car my family had left to go to a water park. I was stranded at the car alone and could not reach them by phone. I recall the phone number flashing on the phone. It read 111 and then 1111.

Dream: Wedding Dress

I don’t recall much of this part of the dream except talking to someone about my upcoming wedding. I was wearing a brilliantly white wedding dress but when I looked at myself in it my entire body was black, like I had been burned to crisp. Seeing myself this way shocked me to the point of waking up.


The driving part of the dreams is symbolic me feeling like my life is speeding out of control. The me driving the car relays to me that my fears will manifest, slowing me down. I understand but still feel the fear and the car is still way too fast. The fact that the road is cutting through the mountains seems to indicate that the typically steep, treacherous terrain of the mountain has been leveled allowing for faster progress. This may or may not be a good sign. lol

The apartment in the next dream section indicates that I am headed in the right direction and things will quickly improve. The spider symbolizes mastery, power and growth. Since it is in the form of a chair and seems to invite me to sit in it, I suspect I am being invited to relax into my own mastery, power and growth.

The dream section about the elderly couple seems to indicate that I am reviewing my “old” self and making adjustments to my identification of self. The lost driver’s license further suggests a loss of identity or Self. The selection of a mug is indicative of love, nurturance, rejuvenation and healing. The number 15 relays the message that some much needed changes are being made and transitions are occurring.

The Home Depot part is funny to me because I instantly knew Home Depot was a place where I could find what I needed to get Home to mySelf. lol I suspect I was being instructed by my guides at this time on my changing identity and coming spiritual transformation. The fact that I returned to the car and found my family gone, off having a good time without me, suggests I am feeling alone and alienated from my family group (soul family). The inability to contact them by phone was also evident of feeling blocked and unable to communicate. The 111 and 1111 for me represents manifestation as well as my connection with my counterpart.

The wedding gown represents an evaluation of my personal relationships. The fact that I have black skin that appears burned suggests that I feel unworthy or could indicate there is a “death” occurring in regards to the relationship I am evaluating.