Find Your Focal Point

Yet another late morning. I seem to be integrating all the intense energies, purging and Shifting that has been my life for the last week. The full moon is also fast approaching and I typically feel the energies associated with it a few days before and after. Apparently, this full moon is a super moon in Aries. Get ready to feel the fire and get your butt burned into action! lol That’s all I need, more fire in my ass (rolling eyes).

There has been quite a bit of talk about it being decision time right now. Do we choose to stay enmeshed in 3D and our typical life patterns or do we take a leap of faith and embrace 5D? I can see this clearly in my own life situation right now. I feel like I am walking a tight rope. My balance is wavering with each step and the other side, my destination, seems impossible to reach. I hear my guidance reminding me, “One step at a time.” Sounds familiar. I have learned this lesson before. And it works to just look far enough ahead to take the next step. Looking too far ahead can be intimidating and throw you off balance. I think tight rope walkers know this better than anyone! Find your focal point and keep it and you will reach your destination in no time.

Reminds me of certain yoga poses like Tree Pose. I always lose my balance if I don’t have a focal point….

Funny, I was feeling really disheartened before I wrote that last paragraph and now not so much. Makes me laugh how my guidance comes through sometimes.

So my car is acting up again. What is up with that!? This time a light continues to flash. It is the airbag light. When it flashes it means the airbag is malfunctioning and I should take it to the dealership so they can hook it up to a machine and flip a switch and then charge me buttloads of money. If I consider the symbolism behind it, I think of how right now I feel like I have no safety net to catch me. Like I am taking a huge leap of faith into a deep, black abyss of the unknown. Thankfully the seat belt is not malfunctioning, just the airbag. Airbags just give you black eyes anyway, right? lolol


Dreams and Symbols

I continue to have tons of dreams and the symbolism continues to amaze me. Last night I had cats in my dream again. This time they were found hiding inside my black pick-up truck. The cat was black and purring. It had been hiding in the wheel well and then jumped into the truck and joined several other cats. I remember petting it and wanting to take care of it. This is in stark contrast to my past cat dreams where I always wanted them to go away  or they were injured or starving. Guess I am embracing my feminine aspect finally. Yay for me!

In another dream I was taking a test and got flustered so went for a walk. I ended up sitting at a desk outside a classroom holding my head in my hands. There was a teacher there, an old coworker. In real life this cowoker had made a bad decision which cost her her job. I showed her I had completed an entire page of my essay but the feeling was that I was distracted by another assignment that I had yet to complete and it was getting in the way. The feeling was of total exhaustion and a desire to give up. I eventually left the room and could barely squeeze out the door which had somehow shrunk in size since I had gone through it. Feeling stuck and preoccupied with past due assignments. lol

In another dream I was in a white car that had no driver. The car was going very fast and then stopped at the theater. I went inside, knowing I had a ticket in my back pocket. I had to get in line to give them my ticket. As I stood there, I was joined by a dark haired man who took my hand. I knew he loved me but I felt uncomfortable, unworthy of his love. Yet at the same time I wanted to hold his hand, so I did. That is when I turned and saw the obese man and woman. I knew them. The woman was me even though she looked the complete opposite of me – dark hair and eyes and much shorter. I felt disgusted when I saw them, total rejection. A thinner version of the woman then appeared in my mind and told me that they had to complete a contract before they could continue with their own. I saw this contract as a highway construction job. There was also discussion about them losing a lawsuit because they had signed the papers with “Mr. and Mrs.” She told me it they would have won had they remained separate.

I also woke up crying from a dream in which I was being unfairly criticized for not following the crowd. When I woke up I was thinking, “Why are people so mean!?”

Overall, my dreams seem to imply that I am on the right path but I can’t rush the process. There remains an assignment/contract yet to be completed and I can’t leave it unfinished because I want to work on the next/current one.




One thought on “Find Your Focal Point

  1. herongrace says:

    Dayna I like your tree/ pose image. I am getting the sense that literal grounding @ the time of the full moon may be helpful for you. If you can find a good tree nearby and sit with your back to it and allow your restlessness to be absorbed by the earth and yourself absorb strengthening energy from the tree.
    There is a lot of power we may take on this moon, but a lot of restless nervous electricity as well with the moon so close to Uranus.
    I hope this might help you a bit.

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