A Significant Shift

Finally, whatever clearing/purging I have been going through is lessening! I woke up this morning actually smiling and with thoughts that made laugh. One of the first things I thought of was that when I came home from Tennessee my daughter’s Beta, Betty, had mysteriously disappeared. I ended up almost in tears laughing about it (poor fish) because I know that my youngest likely fished him out of his bowl by the kitchen sink and promptly deposited him in the garbage disposal. LOL There were other thoughts that made me smile, too, but this one topped the others.

Despite nearing a lull or completion in my clearing, my solar plexus is a giant, uncomfortable knot. All day yesterday I had indigestion for no apparent reason. The only thing that helped was being outside. The thing that helped the most? Cleaning my car. lol Maybe it was that I spoke in Light Language the whole time. Or it could have been all the water, especially since I was covered in it after my youngest decided to spray me and my cleaned and dried car. lol Yet another thing to make me smile.

It also helped that I have been communicating with newfound friends. FB, though not my favorite place to visit, has its advantages. Messenger being my favorite. Did you know you can video chat and call people via FB? I haven’t used these features but the messenger (text) feature is really convenient and has been a great way of staying connected. I typically retreat into myself in difficult times, and this has not been any different, but yesterday I reached out – twice. And you know what? My energy dramatically shifted almost immediately both times. I was speaking Light Language and feeling more like myself than I have in almost a week. Thank you Bobbi and Robyn! I love you!

Finally, there has also been an issue with my car since I returned. I rarely have car issues. My car was not starting up straight away indicating it needed a new battery. I didn’t drive it for two days because of concern that I would end up stranded. Yesterday my husband installed a new battery and it is all better. A friend suggested it was symbolic of my energy/state of being. I suspect she was right. My car got “new life” yesterday and this morning I feel like I did, too.


Dream: Packing His Bags

My dreams also indicate a Shift has occurred.

In this dream I was handed what reminded me of a shoe organizer. My husband then gave me money and items to insert into each of the slots. He was taking a trip with some others of his group and wanted me to organize the luggage. I remember taking my task very seriously and divvying out items and clothing. What was weird is the clothing being packed was our clothing and not the clothing for his group. My clothing was used for the women of his group. It felt like he was trying to help his group by doing this and I had no objection.

As I was going through the clothing he had chosen, I noticed he had included my socks and underwear. This bothered me and I began to pull all of these items out of the pile and set them aside. I told him that it was okay for him to let them use my clothes, but not my underwear. It really bothered me that he would assume I would let them use something so intimate and it kinda grossed me out. lol He did not object but made some excuse and I suggested he tell his friends to bring their own underwear.

I saw in my mind their destination. It was one of three islands and familiar. I had a previous dream where I went to one of these islands and it came through in this dream very vividly. His destination was the island on the far right. The middle island was off-limits because it was being mined for resources.

The end of the dream was of me making sure he had everything he needed and noticing he had packed no pants. I showed him an almost empty duffel bag and suggested he put in a couple of pairs of pants. He seemed not to hear me and left with a female member of his group, the duffel bag still practically empty.

Dream: Childhood Home Remodel

This is perhaps the most significant of the dreams I recall.

I visited a beautiful home that was owned by an older lady and her husband. She gave me a tour of the home, showing me the upgrades to it. She explained it had been totally renovated from a house they selected which was a fixer-upper. I recognized the home almost immediately as my childhood home.

She showed me that all of the interior walls had new drywall. Then she showed me the carpet. It was a lush, white, very expensive carpet that felt velvety soft to the touch. She brought my attention to the ceilings as well, which seemed much higher than I remember and had large, dark brown, wood beams across the top. I couldn’t remember if my childhood home had that or not and resolved in the dream to ask my mom about it. I still can’t recall if there were beams in the living area and it bothers me that I can’t remember!

The couple had moved the entire house to the mountains and the remodel and all the time/effort/money they had invested in it had made it worth millions. I remember being completely in awe of their accomplishment.


Both dreams are very positive. The first is suggestive of big changes ahead and the letting go of past issues and/or relationships. The socks symbolize the willingness to yield to another’s wishes. The underwear represents respect and privacy. It appears I am taking back my power, respect and privacy.

The house remodel is symbolic of triumph over major adversity and the ability to look at life from a new perspective, replacing old ideas and habits with new ways of seeing the world. The carpet is symbolic of foundations. The condition is new and luxurious suggesting a positive, new start. The drywall symbolizes privacy and protection.

The house dream reminded me of an OBE I had a while ago. In it, I was told twice, “The goat will bite you.” In this particular OBE I was in awe of my childhood home because the living room ceiling was covered in Valentine’s cards, the scratch-n-sniff kind. The cards hung down in front of me and were all addressed to me.








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