Visitations of the Insect Kind

Yesterday I got visited by another swallowtail. This time a Giant Swallowtail. Prior to and during my trip to Tennessee I had several visits by butterflies. I guess then it shouldn’t be a surprise that they are still visiting me. 🙂

Not long after I encountered a very large moth. Here is a picture of him:


Then today, while outside with my children enjoying the brisk, Fall weather here in Texas, I got visited by a dragonfly. He actually landed on me multiple times and was content to just sit on my arm despite me moving around and getting very close to him. He was a brilliant blue. I didn’t have my phone so no picture, but he looked something like this:


The messages of these three visitors are not dissimilar. The moth was seen during the day resting on the side of the house. I nearly didn’t see him at all since he blended in so perfectly with his surroundings. Therefore, I suspect his particular message to me was to blend in. The moth reminds us to”use our environment to our advantage, blend in when necessary, adjust and adapt when the situation requires it.”

The dragonfly has visited me before. His message is to pay attention to what we think, especially those thoughts which arise via meditation and the dreamstate. He reminds us to be mindful of our thoughts for they produce our reality. This has been a near constant message from my guidance since my return from Tennessee. Keep the mind chatter to a minimum. Don’t think about “what-if’s” but instead focus on what is in your heart and your Knowingness.

The butterfly is, as always, all about transformation. Whenever I see the butterfly, I am reminded of something my guidance told me recently:

Like with all transformation, the transformed often do not notice how they have changed until they are well outside the parameters of the completed metamorphosis. Does the caterpillar know it is changing into a butterfly whilst it is inside the cocoon? When does it know that it has transcended the limits of its cumbersome body? Is it when it opens its wings for the first time? Is it when it takes its first flight? Or is it when it is up above its Earthly home looking down on what once seemed to be the insurmountable obstacle of its existence?