Beckoning: Life Form, Life Tunnel

It has taken me most of the day to remember the guidance I received this morning. I have been preoccupied with writing about my time in Tennessee. You can read what I remembered about my walk-in experience here if you are interested.

Dream: No Identity

Firstly, I had an odd dream. In it I was in a grocery store with unfamiliar people. I was disoriented and somehow lost my purse. I found it at the exit just laying on the floor. Concerned that it may have been snatched and all my valuables stolen, I picked it up and went through it. I found everything in its place despite it obviously being moved around. I remember looking around and feeling watched and unsafe. There were dark men on the sidewalk passing me by and it made me nervous.

While outside sitting on a bench, a stranger came up to me and asked me if I needed a ride home. I didn’t remember where home was and was quite confused. I remember telling the woman this and her telling me she would take care of me.

I got into her white pick-up truck and watched out the window as she drove us to her house, looking at the small country towns we drove through and still wondering where I was. I remember entering the town, even was told the name, but I can’t remember it now.

The woman took me into the house and introduced me to her father. He asked me some questions and by this time I remembered that I had a husband and looked for my phone, which I found. Unfortunately, I had no idea how to contact him or communicate with him. Somehow the father of this woman was able to get my husband on the phone and his response was negative, like I was a nuisance and it irritated him to have to come and get me. Toward the end of the dream I seemed to get more and more confused and disoriented. There was an 18 year old boy, the brother of the woman who helped me. He was especially interested in me and was commenting on my appearance. This woke me up.


When I woke up it was 5:45am and I was wide awake. My first thoughts were on the amazing time I had just had in Tennessee and an overwhelming amount of love for my counterpart flooded my heart. I had questions and was asking what was going on with my energy. How had I changed? What was going to happen next? What, if anything, should I do?

I remember shifting into the in-between several times. The information that came to me was that I was heading into “the next stage” of this journey/transformation. I asked what it was and didn’t get an answer that made any sense. My guidance kept saying that I would be taking a “step up” and that he (my counterpart) was there to help me, as I was to help him. Thinking now it could be that we will both be asked to “step up” as part of this next stage.  I asked about how my energy had changed. I sense I am different. I fell into the in-between again around this time and saw a very bright sign with huge yellow letters on it back lit with white light. The sign read:

Life Form
Life Tunnel

This woke me up and I wondered what it meant. I got up to write it down because I realized I was losing most, if not all of the information that was coming through.

My thoughts returned to my counterpart and what was ahead for us. My heart chakra was so lit up with bliss energy that there was no way I could return to sleep.

Right before I got out of bed I began to hear a song in my head and sang along. It was Pat Benatar, “Love is a Battlefield.” I use to love her when I was growing up. 🙂 I hadn’t heard the song in ages. The specific part that was repeating was:

We are young
heartache to heartache we stand

no promises no demands
love is a battlefield
we are strong
no one can tell us we’re wrong

searching our hearts for so long
both of us knowing love is a battlefield

I don’t know if this song as a message is a good one. lol It’s sure making me think I have a battle waiting for me. I like the song, though. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It’s from 1983. 🙂


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