OBE: Seeing Stars

Today is my first day home since the 25th of September. I may write about my experiences at a later date. So much happened and I am still processing everything. However, this morning I had an OBE so I will share it despite it being quite short and seemingly insignificant.

OBE: Seeing Stars

I woke at around 5:30am wide awake and hearing a song in my head which made me smile and then requested help to return to sleep since I have been sleep deprived while on vacation.

I entered into a lucid dream in which I was standing in my bedroom facing a woman who was laying in bed. There was a sense here that she was terminally ill and dying. Standing next to her was a golden retriever and together we were teaching him how to communicate with sign language. lol As I became more aware I wondered about what was going on. My youngest came into the dream then and was playing on the floor in front of me sitting in a pile of Legos. I realized I was OOB at this time, noticing a strangeness in my energy body. It was dense and very large, larger than I have ever felt.

I thought, “I’m OOB” and immediately took over. My vision blacked out and I found myself in my house in my bedroom. I quickly moved downstairs and away from my body. Then I relinquished control to my guidance without thought or consideration. When I did this my vision turned on suddenly and I was floating face up outside staring at a the stars above. They were spectacular and I just floated there staring at them in awe.

I began to feel myself falling down, down, down, with great speed. Not use to this, it peaked my curiosity. Usually I am pulled up toward the stars and away from Earth eventually ending up in space looking down on a spectacular view of Earth. This time I was being pulled seemingly into the very center of Earth. I could feel myself getting closer to Earth as I watched the stars get closer when they should have gotten farther away.

I spent what seemed like an eternity falling endlessly into Earth. I never reached her center. Instead it seemed that the Earth and space were actually being pulled into me. This was unsettling. Without words I indicated to my guidance that I was uncomfortable with the experience and took back control. My vision immediately blacked out. When it returned, I found myself outside an unfamiliar house in the dark. I heard a cat mewing and went in search of her, heading towards the house. I could see the cat in my mind as if I was familiar with her. She was an orange tabby. For some reason I wanted to get to her, which is unusual because normally I withdraw from cats in my dreamstates.

I never made it to the house. Instead I felt pulled back to my body where I found that both my hands were completely numb and folded over my chest as if I were in a casket. I had a very odd feeling upon return but shrugged it off.



8 thoughts on “OBE: Seeing Stars

  1. MollyB111 says:

    Not insignificant!! Travel (astral) indeed! Welcome home, on many levels! Wow! ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Michael says:

    Welcome back. Ive missed you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. herongrace says:

    Welcome back Dayna! I hope you had a wonderful break. I am sooo envious of you having an OBE floating and looking up at the stars and then back at Earth!
    I love this…”I could see the cat in my mind as if I was familiar with her.”
    Maybe she is your Familiar Ha!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow we are gridding our star planets into the Earth with some trepidation as the light is so strong for earth… I have had nothing butt amazing experiences in dream state since Australia. Heart to heart Girl We got this!!

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