Dream and Kundalini

Not even 8 hours into my cleanse in preparation for the full moon and I am already having experiences suggestive of what is to come.

Dream: Water Bubble

I woke up at 4am crying. I wasn’t sobbing but it was enough to get my pillow wet. In the dream I had been flying over a mountain looking down. The people had created new banks for the river and it was snaking around the mountain. I recall asking what would happen when it flooded and was told it would be diverted without causing overflow. The river was beautiful and clear.

Then I was at the river and going into it. I watched as a speed boat jumped the small channel that separated the river and the lake it was going into. There was white sand and the water was sparkling and clear. I followed, walking through the shallow water.

Above me was a ride of some sort. People were getting into these bubbles that were completely filled with water. As the water filled up and covered their noses and mouths, a tube would be inserted into their mouth. It was like a respirator. Then off they would go, their little bubble attached to a metal track above, just like a roller coaster. I watched a young girl get in and I tried to talk to her but she motioned that she could not talk. There was upset here. She was frightened and I was trying to help her not be afraid. I felt her emotions and the feeling of the tube in my throat and the inability to speak despite wanting to.

Then I saw someone I knew. She was in a sour mood and I made a joke to try to make her smile. She got very upset with me, though, and another girl came in to intervene, explaining that I loved her and was only trying to help. For some reason, though, the rejection by this girl was very upsetting to me. I felt powerless to change the situation and make her feel better. I felt guilty for saying anything to her in the first place and making her feel bad. The guilt was overpowering. This is when I woke up in tears.

When I woke I knew the dream was about healing, specifically my throat chakra. I could feel my heart in my throat. The emotion was so intense that it felt stuck in my throat. It was a familiar feeling. Every time I get really upset and cry I have the same feeling in my throat.

I could not go back to sleep and lay there for some time with energy in my heart, crown and throat. I was made aware of things in my life which make me feel like the dream did. At one point I felt I needed to lay on my stomach and returned to sleep.

Lucid to OBE: Kundalini 

I entered into a room I had selected out of many. I felt very tired and so laid down on a mat on the floor, stomach down. As I lay there my lucidity began to increase and I became aware of multiple dreams occurring simultaneously.

In one I was talking to someone about my mom’s gray cat. Back in July I had a dream about him. He was injured badly and walking around with skin peeled off his back and hind legs, blood everywhere. I told my mom about it and about a month later she accidentally ran over the cat. In the dream I was talking about how the cat would come visit me to tell me things. This particular message was that my younger sister and my mom had a misunderstanding about something. At the same time I was sitting next to that sister at three computer monitors. Somehow I had logged onto all three and could not log off. It turned out I was controlling all three from one central area.

There was superimposed over this another scene. I was in the jungle somewhere with a group of people. We heard a strangled sort of hoarse crying out. I felt to avoid it and walked away to safety. Then I realized what the sound was. It was a tiger and I knew that had I gone to investigate it would have surely eaten me.

While witnessing these “dreams”, I heard chanting. It was very calm and very relaxing. I liked it. It was familiar somehow. The sound made my entire body warm and vibrate. That’s when my root chakra began to swirl and intensify. My entire lower back was a swirling mass of warm energy. The energy sparked energy in my heart and I could feel the chakras sync up, almost like they were communicating. It was a wonderful feeling, not at all sexual, but very calming and soothing.

Then I heard what sounded like someone going through a bag. I could feel them touch the right side of my head and my right arm. It was feather light and made me curious. The sound was so audible that I recognized instantly that I was OOB.

At the same time I could feel hands on my lower back. The energy was swirling with such intensity by this time that my awareness peaked. I felt guided to calm down. To “allow”, though I did not hear any words. I could feel a guide nearby and assumed he was the one “touching” me.

Eventually, the chakra sensations brought on full lucidity and I could not just lay there without seeing who it was that was above me on my right. I lifted myself up to have a look, but no one was there. The energetic sensations in my root was so strong by this time that there was no “allowing” on my part, though I did focus on my third-eye to avoid putting too much focus on my root.

Then I heard, “That is enough for now” and I came back to my body fully.