Hundreds of Butterflies

The 9.9.9 portal energies are kicking in with extreme ferocity. I was hit with major heart chakra energy mid-afternoon along with a major outpouring and realizations that hit me all at once. I happened to be driving to the gym at the time. Why do these things happen to me while I am driving? Probably because it is one of the only times I am alone.

I made it to the gym and struggled through as intense a workout as I could muster. Despite squats, lunges, presses, etc at the heaviest I could bear, my heart continued to blast and my eyes continued to water. Usually extreme physical fatigue shifts me out of my heart for a brief reprieve, but it wasn’t happening yesterday.

On my way home I was back to struggling when I began to notice hundreds of tiny, orange and yellow butterflies flying across the road. At first I thought, “No way those are butterflies!” but then at a stop light I saw them up close and personal. They were no more than an inch long and fluttering about in groups. It looked like they had just emerged from their cocoons in mass. They were spectacular!

I thought, “This is a sign. I need to pay attention.” And I did, but it was not enough to make me feel better. I know butterfly = transformation. I am about DONE with transforming now. How about you? lol

As I drove the final few miles home I was met by more and more of these tiny, beautiful creatures. I even began to worry I would hit them and tried to slow down to give them safe passage across the road. Unfortunately, there were casualties. There were just too many of them. Hundreds!

I had forgotten all about the butterfly message this morning when I went outside to ground and settle the crazy energy I am feeling. I went over to the side of the yard and there in front of me were two of the same tiny butterflies I encountered yesterday. Just two of them and they were circling and dancing around each other right in front of me. They were unafraid and came within a few inches of me doing their dance. Spectacular.

What is interesting is that right before going outside I was reminded by my guidance to “pay attention to the signs we send you.” Gotcha.

I believe the species of butterfly I am seeing is called the Painted Lady.

Rather than go into detail about the message of the butterfly, I will link my favorite go-to site for symbolism – What’s Your Sign.